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First wheelie!!! woo hooo

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. End of last week I got my bike serviced for the first time...

    All good and mechanic said he was relaly surprised by how cheaply I got the bike he said I should have paid $1000 more than I did and that it was one of the best condition ZZR's he's seen in 10 years! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Anyway - having said that he *did* say that he thought the 2 into 1 aftermarket exhaust on the bike was limiting the bikes low-end power a bit and questioned whether or not it impacted my ability to get away cleanly at lights. (He did admit it looks good and sounds awesome)...

    So intrigued and slightly concerned that my bike isnt the 250cc powerhouse racing machine that it should be (ha!!!) I though I'd test his theory a bit on my way to work this morning.

    Each set of lights I stopped at I excercised the throttle a little more than usual and pulled away pretty quickly. By the 4th set of lights I was getting into the hang of it and bike was nicely warmed up - I gave a little twist and lo and behold the front wheel lifted, very briefly, off the ground. :grin:. I should point out at this stage that I'm quite convinced theres a lot more throttle twisting that *could* be done if I had the stones for it - so I dont believe I'm anywhere near the bikes limit!

    So a question then: If I can qutie easily wheelie away at the lights - can the bike be considered to be starved of power? Whats the point in more power - faster more intense wheelies? :shock:

    Perhaps Mr Mechanic has his judgement clouded by comparison with his 1200cc bike?

    Any thoughts?
  2. I did my first mini one accidentally too. Half way through the intersection, decided to give it some juice. Gave it a teeny bit too much and all of a sudden steering got realllly light and up came the front hehe.

    Needed new underpants....

    That could be the difference between a 250 and bigger bikes? You'd need to dial in some revs on a 250. But with something bigger, just having a limp right wrist will do it.
  3. My zzr would wheelie.. it just needed near 12000rpm to clutch it up :S Was easier from a standstill though. Never had the conviction to try them more than a few times. Dropping the clutch real quick on almost any bike can make it wheelie.
  4. Well, two things;

    (1) If the nose is coming up, leaning forward in a racing crouch can help keep it down. (Similarly, keeping your weight back can provoke a wheelie)

    (2) The extra power is for once the bike is out of the wheelie/wheelspin region.

    If you just dump the clutch while the bike's stationary, you can wheelie easily. Bit harder to do if the bike is moving, even harder to do if the bike is doing 50kph.

    Better technique will help keep the front end down. *nod* Feeding it in carefully, keeping your weight forward, etc. Better technique will allow you to accelerate faster without the front coming up. :)
  5. I find with the VTR, if i am almost out of petrol and take off quickly from the lights the front wheel will lift, and drop down again on the other side of the intersection.
  6. now that you are a hoon we need to confiscate your bike. please drop it off at your nearest police station tomorrow.
  7. :LOL:
    It's easy to do from a false neutral as well. Hmm, going round a roundabout with front wheel off the ground, can't be a good thing :shock:
  8. You can get the zzr250 up at 6-7k rpm, i have a mate who use to wheelie at every set of lights. When you take the front end off them its so damn easy to just bounce it up and use gas to get the wheel up. I've done with over a hill in 4th gear, it was only up for a split second though.
  9. Howcome they didnt teach me this this shit at the stay upright course? :p :grin:

    I hope we're not gonna see a thread in the next few days " First fall - It fcuking hurts" :grin:
  10. If you crash doing a standard wheelie you should just give up riding.
  11. - I did have a silly moment this afternoon actually I came in a little hot to the last turn into my residential neighbourhood road (zero traffic - wide leafy boulevard type of thing) and dropped down a gear a bit too late..

    I kind of got in a muddle and didnt want to coast on the clutch whilst leaning round the corner so rushed a bit and ended up with a wee bit of compression lock giving the back of the bike a very distinctive and pronounced 'wiggle' resulting in a serious 'puckering up'. I got it back under control in just enough time to lean hard round the corner... :shock:

    I then yelled at myself for the last 200m of my journey for being such a twat! :p

    A little too much excitment for one day I think - I'd better try and calm down a bit!!! :oops:
  12. puckering up hey... Feels more like a bucking mule at the precise moment wouldnt you say? : ) Or maybe thats just me shitting myself over what most would see as a 'gentle swank of the rear wheel to the left or right? I did the exact same thing (compression lock) on the first day I had my bike. I thought I was in 3rd dropping to 2nd..., but was in 2nd. I wouldnt have known that I shat myself as I was more concerned about my heart stopping and arms become rigid steel poles.

    anyway, a question: It may be a shocker, so feel free to tell me to get the " basic bike riding for dummies 2008 edition' and go away if required or add some reasonable commentary.

    I just dont understand what stops a bike from flipping over or fall to the left or right as the front wheel lifts? How does it all work?

    I have seen a few fellow bikers at traffic lights take off/show off with impressive displays of clutch dumping and higher speed wheelies after take off, and it freaks me out a bit. I cant comprehend the technique and physics of it all. Cant be very safe? (or legal for that matter?, but neither is J walking, bla bla)

    How do you judge it, balance a fast take of with no front wheel lift, see where the hell you are going when you do it etc? What the worst thing to do and or the best thing to do if you get lift without trying? Im kind of intriuged/curious but nervous about it at the same time. (knowing that I may try it once, and HELLO!! there goes Kermit rolling down the street with out me on it..)
  13. Take any aluminium mountain bike.. Put on a helmet.. put it in first gear and then take off with about 80% Effort while seated, the front wheel should lift about half a metre off the ground, and if you control the amount of power it will stay at a constant level and slowly drop as you get faster.. Well thats what i remember when i use to do them after school trying to impress my mates (had a few times were i shot the bike out from under my bum lol). I is the same on a motorbike, probably the scariest bit is that the steering suddenly feels so light, it is about 100 times worse on a mountain bike as the steering just pivots back and forth as you lean lol. I have never tried to purposly do them on my motorcycle though.
  14. congratulations. you no longer need to wear a cardigan as a representation of your riding ability.