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First weekend on a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ewok2000, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Just had my first weekend on the bike, and here is a summary of the experience:

    1) Improvement in skills?

    Definitely! From being nervous on Sat morning to being much more confident by Sun evening. At first, I forgot just about everthing they taught you at L-school, but when I got used to turning, shifting gears, turning on (and off!) indicators etc., I had more brainpower to remember to check mirrors before stopping, getting my stopping distances right etc.

    2) Near accidents?

    Had two! One was when a lady was turning right into a street I was on. I think she saw me (but it didn't register with her for some reason), but pulled out anyway and then realised I was there so stopped right in front of me in the middle of the street. Luckily, I had slowed down by then and managed to stop the bike and give the lady a nice stare as she started driving again (which she ignored).

    The second wasn't a near accident but was a scare. I pulled away from the lights and was bit slow in changing gears to 2nd as the bike went to neutral instead, so a taxi went AROUND me at speed on a narrow street with cars parked on the either side. If I put my right hand out, I reckon I could have nearly put my hand inside the taxi, he was that close!

    3) Future thoughts

    Was thinking about commuting to work, but after the near accidents not so sure about riding around in Sydney traffic. Being a regular user of taxis (work pays for them), I have been on a few crazy taxi rides where the taxi drivers think they own the road. Lots of taxis in Sydney + crazy driver = not a good place to commute.

    Might stick to weekend rides instead....

    Not sure if my first weekend was typical, what was your first weekend experience like?
  2. glad to hear your still alive :LOL:

    Stay away from TAXIs.

    Keep riding
  3. Taxis = Evil.

    I think that you should eventually ride to work. I think eveeryone should, but maybe not every day.

    However, at this stage of your riding experience it probably isnt a wise idea. When you're a bit more comfortable on the bike maybe set a goal of once a week (casual fridays are a good day).

    Plus of course, then you can get all the office babes to come check out your motorbike and cool leathers.
  4. Taxi's are bad. where abouts in the inner west are you mate? I spend a fair bit of time there... Nice bike :wink:

    If you want someone to ride with you to help get your confidence up, or just someone to ride with in general, PM me! I'm free most nights and weekends...
  5. Well done on the purchase. Watch out for crazy cagers and stay safe :)
  6. Glad to see you survived... I remember the first time I went on a road ride after training... Man it was a buzz :)
  7. Nice...

    Yeah Taxi drivers... but wait until you meet a Female P Plate Driver who's on the phone. Your paranoia level will hit you like a big hammer...

    I've met a few and trust me, these ones are too busy on the phone, they think the road is empty and they think they are faster than you...
  8. Good to see you made your choice, you couldn't have gone wrong with ethier bike.
    You have also tasted the adventures that are a common occurence when riding, good luck with it and keep the rubber side down :grin:
  9. You're too diplomatic, that's not what I would have called her! Yeh, just because they're looking at you doesn't mean they see you.

    IMO stick to the weekends at least until you're confident. I hated Sydney peak hour when I lived there. Personally, riding a bunch of straight roads, broken up by countless traffic lights and jams doesn't thrill. Although you do learn to have pretty good reaction skills...
  10. I've spent far to many hours at work looking out the window (I've got a window seat on the 27th floor of the Rialto) watching bikes navigating peak our traffic. I think I'm going to spend the first few weekends getting used to everything before I brave the same... :)
  11. Yeah Sydney traffic is a bit hectic. When I leave uni I tuck in my mirrors and let loose. Sometimes I forget to tuck them in, but am quickly reminded with lots of smacking noises.. sorry if I've gotten you!
  12. Hehe, all of that sounds familiar, it's only been two months for me :) Give it some time, and maybe find some quiet areas to practice your changes, steering, etc, so they become second nature.

    Taxi's -really- suck when you're on a bike, just make sure you think about being seen, don't fall into blind spots or blocked from view behind other cars, etc. If you have the sun behind you near the end of the day, be extra super hyper turbo careful.

    Commuting in city traffic is probably the least fun you can have, especially on a slow bike (guessing it's better on a fast bike), so I'm leaving it for a while too....maybe in a few weeks. Went through the CBD in peak hour Monday, and didn't find it too bad, especially once you break out of a herd of cars...until you see the next one up ahead :? There's something very, very satisfying about getting through King Street in a 1/4 of the normal time though :grin:
  13. hahahahaha best way to get through the king st carpark is to ride between the parked cars and the stopped ones (SLOWLY)... I try and avoid the city during rush hour, but at the end of the day i'd rather be doing it on the bike than in a car..
  14. city riding and taxis are taxing (pun intended :p)

    i once saw a taxi using an indicator properly, but no one believes me
  15. Do you already drive or just use taxis? Riding to work isn't a bad thing once your used to the basics of your bike (stopping, starting, turning, merging etc.). I kinda chucked myself in the deep end with traffic and think it helped me to learn a lot quicker. I had 2 years of drivin behind me though, and traffic didn't faze me terribly, would obviously bee different for someone who hasn't spent any time in traffic at all before.

    In terms of close calls, you'll learn which situations look bad and get outta them before you get into em. You'll learn to keep away from those taxis and 4wd with women behind the wheel :p . I have no where near the amount of close calls as i did when I first jumped on my bike. I don't think its that thee cagers are driving better, I think i'm riding smarterer, only comes with practice.

  16. Sounds like you had alot of fun Ewok! Glad you made it through fine. I just bought a bike last night (and only just got my L's) and looking forward to my first weekend riding too!

    Matchstick, your signature is hella funny - ever used it successfully when stopped by the cops? I daresay they should let you off just for the laugh!
  17. ihaveduff - will take you up on the offer for a ride sometime soon, work is killing me at the moment. Also can't PM for some reason yet, I think it has something to do with number of posts.

    Matchstick101 - Yep, already drive. My other vehicular transport is a Mazda 3 SP23 (great car as well by the way). It's not so much the traffic that fazes me as much as when you see idiotic driving. My main issue though with riding in traffic is really getting more bike control, especially at low speeds. Doing a HARTS post-learner course this weekend, so hopefully pick some tips/ techniques.
  18. Oh, read your post as well Gummi, congrats on the bike! Hope you have fun with it this weekend.