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First weekend of riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MikeH, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Got my bike and had a good chat with Wedge on the weekend, thanks so much for the tips:)
    Did about 220km's this weekend getting used to the bike, how it is on the roads, working on judging corners, round-abouts etc; getting a feel for everything really.
    Just wanted to say I had such a blast, loving it so much! Can't keep the smile from my face :grin:
    Anyway, just saying hi, and keep up the helpful info, it really does help a lot and is very appreciated.

  2. Good work mate. Dont do what i did and rush out to the cotter. Almost stacked it on the first corner. Once you get some experience up though its a great ride out there.

    What are you riding? I might see you out riding around sometime.
  3. Got a blue GS500F, loving it so much! (Thanks again Wedge!)

    Yeah heard some horror stories about the Cotter so stearing clear of it for a while, plenty of great runs around anyway;)
  4. lol i remember my first ride. kept slipping the bloody gears from 1st to neutral all the time :p
  5. Hey Mike, good to hear your getting out there already.
    Sounds like your doing the right thing and getting comfortable on the bike. Keep up the riding, when i get my new bike i'll have to go for a spin with ya.

    Kepp those cats off the bike mate :wink:
  6. Yeah there are alot of good road around the ACT. The cotter is definatly one you should hit up sometime. Take it easy first time thou.

    I see lots of blue gs500's around Canberra. What are they like to ride?