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First upgrade. Advice please!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Antiwarclan, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Hi to all riders here,

    I have been riding my VL250 for a year and due to the trouble with this bike is difficult to warm up in the cold weather (or should I say It doesn't like cold weather) and lack of power, I have decided to upgrade.

    Currently, I'm looking at sport tourer with 700cc and below. any recommendation?

  2. Suzuki GSX650F (or if you're on restrictions the FU LAMS version) - Smooth inline 4, fuel injected, faired, comfortable riding position and seat. It fits the sports-touring mould.
    I just bought the LAMS version and it is really good to ride. Because of the fuel injection cold starting and warm up are all managed for you, no choke to put on and off.
    It's a decent size too, not cramped like some of the other bikes I tried.
  3. What's your budget? New or used?
  4. Thanks for the input pwbike. That's the bike that I'm looking at now. Was at Mick Hone last weekend talking to the sales man. Hopefully, I am able to try one of the GSX650F this weekend.

    Regarding question from titus, I'm looking for a used bike. If there is any fuel efficient bike (new bike) that comes under 10 grand, that will be great.

    Beside the GSX650F, I'm kind interested in the V-strom 650 tho. It has good size panniers and top box. I travel alot during work and most of the time, I have to carry my laptop and my suit around.
  5. The gsx650f is fairly heavy! I have a preference for lighter bikes like the Kawasaki ER6 or the SV650. Even the Vstrom 650 is lighter! Despite its funny name, the Gladius looks good and is a lot lighter.
  6. I wanted a V-Strom, but they aren't LAMS compliant. Kawasaki Versys 650 comes in a LAMS version if you're looking for that style of thing, or the Suzuki Gladius as mentioned by twistngo.
  7. I assume you DON'T need LAMS, why not get a VFR-800 Honda? The 'Swiss-Army-Knife' of motorcycles :LOL:
  8. Thanks for the input guys and yeah i dont need LAMS. I'm trying to find some review regarding the VFR-800 (mentioned by Hornet) and Kawa ER6 or SV650 (mentioned by Pwbike). Hopefully I can test ride all the above and see which one suits me more. I guess at this stage, finding a bike that I like and it suits me will be a priority.
  9. If you want more in the way of touring, at the expense of sport, then add the Honda NT700V to your list.
  10. Have you considered the Street Triple? There's a few second hand ones in VIC for around/under your $10k price.

    Seriously worth considering.

    This one's up in Bendigo - but look at it! Whack a little bikini fairing on there and you have all your bases covered...

  11. Thanks guys for the input again. The Honda NT700V looks good. I have shortlisted 3 bikes that I am intrested so far. They are as follow:

    1. VFR-800 (Crossrunner)
    2. GSX650F
    3. V-strom 650
    4. NT700V

    The street triple is good but it is not my type of bike. Hope the above bikes are fuel efficient, so that the it takes care of the warm up procedures for me. Hopefully, I am able to test ride them in the coming weeks also have to consider which dealer offer higher trade in value for my VL250.
  12. Yeah, the vstrom and the VFR would be your best choices I believe.

    Have you considered selling your VL250 privately? You might have to wait a little bit longer... But you'll probably get more for it than you would from a dealer.
  13. There's a theme developing here. In that case you should have a look at a Triumph Tiger 800 (probably not the 800XC unless you really want dirtability).

    Word has it that the NT700 is designed for outstanding fuel consumption, albeit at the expense of extra thrills.
  14. Sorry guys, cancelled by test ride trip on last saturday due to the weather condition and more important is that day was a good day to sleep in! Will try to get my bum on those bikes asap so that I am able to provide some feedbacks.
  15. You could also consider the Versys 650