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first try at some editing

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by steltzer, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. hahah such a noob. but here is my 2nd run on the black spur yesterday, and what happened ](*,)

  2. all thats pretty normal dude
  3. I liked how you told a story and the thumbs down at the end was funny but I found that the scene changed too often.

    Just trying to give some friendly feedback.
  4. no problems, i appreciate any feed back, need all the info to collate and make better ones.
  5. I liked it. Situation normal, though. It's one thing to go to the place, it's another to get a clear run. You get that everywhere.
  6. i didn't top more than 35 behind those idiots. Who takes 2 bikes onto the spur, seriously! even if it wasn't known for what it is. stupid thing to do, there were about 40-50 of em all the way along the spur into healesville
  7. if its annoying u too much just pull over for 10mins, man up and overtake those mofos or just chill and enjoy the scenery
  8. yeh true, i reckon i would have needed a decent 1.5 hr wait and chill out to let then through the spur
  9. I do either-or. I stop or slow to walking pace, and wait for the next group behind to catch up, then go again. Or, if the opportunity's there, and the group I've just caught isn't too big... One nice thing about big bikes, and this goes for the big nakeds and sport-tourers as well, you're not on the wrong side for long.

    On the down side, that can mean you're travelling awful fast when the d*ckhead you're overtaking does a U-turn or pulls into a driveway on the right or something.
  10. make more , it was good
  11. As previously said, situation normal. Unless- You get chummy with the dirt bike, road working hippy on the spur who has the ability to hold cars for on a stop sign and let motorbikes through for a clean run...I love that guy :D
  12. ^ does that guy exist!?! awesome if he does
  13. liked the way you told a story with the text.

    Gotta say though, you built it up and up and then.....nothing. i was expecting a crash at the end or something (not that i want you to crash or anything).
  14. heheh yeh, after watching it a few times, i got that too, just some guy running a light out of a servo LOL, if only that was the worst stupid thing i ever saw.
  15. Dam straight he existed, was cute too.2 weeks ago, on my last run through the spurs(last for a long time dammit)

    3/4 of the run from roadhouse to healesville was not one car. Bless his cotton socks ;p