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First trip to twisties (aka "get out there noob")

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by juniorvtwin, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. I've had my bike and licence for a couple of weeks now, and haven't ridden on any twisty stuff apart from a few runs around mt coot-tha.

    So i decided to get up early this morning and do a mt glorious run. I am very glad i did, i gained a heap of confidence from 'throwing myself in the deep end' so to speak. My cornering has improved greatly and i have a much greater feel for the bike.

    It was such a nice day for a ride. There were heaps of riders up there, i was fortunate to have very little traffic to contend with. There were quite a few of the blue and white incl. an RBT and rego/lic. check just after mt nebo. But thats to be expected on a day like today.

    Policeman to rider next to me at rbt - "anything to drink today mate?"
    Rider - "a beer would be nice, what have you got?" :LOL: :LOL:

    I had a great time today, it has greatly improved my riding. I know what i'll be doing next weekend!!
  2. Days like today are what its all about hey.

    Good to hear you're loving it.
  3. I'm sharing your sense of excitement too - I also had my first run through twisties this weekend. Took a nice run up to Kinglake. Love the big yellow sign that reads "caution, next 6km twisty roads" or something to that effect. That made it official. Anyway, loved every minute. Now I can see where all the energy comes from for all the netriders.
  4. Re: My first trip to the twisties

    haha that's gold.. gotta try that next time..
  5. :grin: its nice to hear something positive about riding.
    enjoy it and have fun!
  6. Re: My first trip to the twisties

    Well, whaddayaknow, another S.E.Qld'er. Where abouts are you exactly? Put your location in your profile so people in your area can contact you for rides.

    Glad you had a great run through the twisties. I've yet to do a Glorious run. Hard to justify riding so far to ride twisties when I've got heaps of 'em right in my "backyard".

    Love the RBT quote! :LOL:
  7. Beaudesert
    Mt Glorious

    Pfft...... nothing to it!! :shock:

    I'm pretty much right in the CBD. Half an hour and i'm climbing mt glorious..

    I'm very keen to check out Tamborine but hear it can get very busy on weekends..

    Need to get some 250 rides happening in the south east (qld that is..) early in the new year.
  8. I used to live near Tamborine, and my advice is to get there early to beat the families puttering up and down the hill...
  9. Why exclude those of us on bigger bikes? We're all riders and I'm always happy to ride with bikes of any size. The Sept group ride had 250's, 600's, my 1100 and Muttly's 1300.
  10. Fairy Muff

    Didn't think the bigger bikes would want to hang around with the quarter litres..
  11. Only wankers, who've forgotten that they used to ride a 250 too, exclude smaller bikes. Hit me up next time you're heading down this way.
  12. heya junior. welcome to the qld netrider nutters :D

    the group we have here are always up for rides with anyone of any ability mate. like cookee said. we all used to ride 250's. and its not about who can get there first. we do have one crazy man on a 250 bandit here though ;) he he. wonder how tomm is going with the poor girl.
  13. It's not?

    *makes mental note for next group ride*

  14. Another great day for a ride.

    Many thanks to the pine rivers shire council for the road sweeping crew out past Mt Glorious that were sweeping rocks and leaf litter off most of the corners!!


  15. i had my first crack at some twisties today...and loved it...

    Church point bends rock!!
  16. I will 2nd that, went up there today, all the way down through Akuna Bay up to Terry Hills and down Mona Vale road.
    Very fun!
  17. twistys

    hey im a real newb at net rider is twistys a certain place or just descriptive ?
  18. azza ... twistys usually refers to a road that cuts back and forth, making it a 'twisty' road.
    This is not an actual place, but just a description.

    juniorvtwin ... looking at the photo and just imagining your helmet falling off the bars and rolling down the hill ... lol.
    Looks like a fun road though
  19. Sound great, juniorvtwin. I am very jealous - can't wait to get out there myself - except I'll start near Melbourne if that's OK :) . Have ordered my new VTR250 like yours - arrives first week of Jan. Mine is black and I was thinking of a matching black helmet - so I like your taste! Got my wife a red VTR like yours too!

    Just descriptive of the winding roads bikes love to ride, methinks!