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First trip through Black Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bugeater, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. I thought it was about time to give the Black Spur a go. It has such a reputation that I had to see it. And to make sure my first couple of passes were reasonably slow I took the significant other along as well. She freaks out a bit if I go too fast or throw it around too much. She says it makes her sick :shock: Having thrown up once in a helmet myself, I suppose it's not something you would want to experience :LOL:

    Anyway we went up the Tulla onto the Western ring road and through Diamond Creek and Kangaroo Flat. Then to Yarra Glen. I went the wrong way and headed North up the Melba highway. Eventually there was a turnoff to Healsville, though it was certainly the long way. I think it was Chum Creek road. Not bad for some parts though.

    At Healesville I stopped at the Infomation bureau. I think the old lady was trying to prevent me from going to Marysville. She told me someone had died on there today. Not sure if that was true or not. We got coffees and headed out.

    I must say it has an awesome surface and the forest is amazing. I did get caught behind a line of cars that I eventually got past, but it was annoying. A full speed run would be amazing. There was a busa and a R1 coming the other way at full pelt. Looked fun though the missus wasn't impressed with them :roll:

    Anyway, some of the run was fun once I got to go at a comfortable speed and throw the bike around.

    Marysville is cute and once again I consulted with the old ladies at the "I" kiosk. Apparently Lake mountain was open to traffic, so I headed up there. It could be fun, though once again I was stuck behind a car. There is also a lot of bark and leaf litter around and one section seemed very damp and slick. I'm wondering if a big clump of snow is stuck in the dark part of the forest, since it was also very cool in that area.
    The top of Lake mountain was a bit of a downer, since there aint much there. I did see a wombat run into the bush though.

    So we headed back down, got a coffee in Marysville, chatted to the coffee shop guy and headed back though the spur. I got caught behind another slow group of cars :mad: Anyway i headed straight home after that. The only concern was the oil across one part of the spur. Not sure where it came from, but it seems odd. It is signposted which is good.

    In total almost exactly 300km. The g/f did enjoy herself. I did too, though it would have been way more fun with a group of bikes and no cars around. Now I have to work out how to get out there when there are no cars.

    I also need to check out Reefton Spur. A guy at work did say it's a bit crap now though since they resurfaced it and it is covered in gravel or something.

    Overall I am amazed with some of the places within an easy drive of Melbourne. The Yarra Valley and the region we went through today are just beautiful.
  2. You ain't seen nothing yet!
  3. Cool report ,sound like you have a nice road and places to stop ect.
    I got to ask ,as we Sydney people read about the Spurs all the time.
    How far is the spurs from the city?

    And what is a Spur ,is it a nic name or just the name of the road or the area ........Black spur ..reefton spur.

    Because SPUR sound like it's in reference to twistys?
  4. Black Spur is a reference to twistys - you can read more about the area/roads on this page:


    Haven't been myself - just got my L's and gear - bike is on the way :)

    It does have a bit of a reputation for being pretty fun for throwing the bike around a bit though.
  5. About an hour and well worth it. Both the Black and Reefton spurs are a bee's dick from the outer subburbs. :grin:
    It's the name of the spur. A spur is a lateral ridge projecting from a mountain or mountain range. The Reefton and Black spurs feature awesome twisties. :)
  6. Sounds like you had fun bugeater. :) The Black spur is great fun. :twisted: :LOL:

    If the turn off to Healsville you took was at the top of Mt Slide (twisties up a steep hill and turn right at the top) then you either came down Chum Ck Rd or Myer's Ck Rd. If it had a high crown and dropped you near the Ampol it was Myers. If it was a flat surface and cool twisties, putting you into the Southern end of Healville then it was Chum Ck. :)
  7. Sled, ya gotta get down there and ride both those roads. There's nothing like them anywhere within hundreds of kays of Sydney, if at all.... :wink:
  8. Glad you had a good day Bugeater. Sometime try doing the spur, alexandra, yea, seymour, yea, then back down the melba hwy. Takes a comfortable 8 hours and round trip is about 450k's.
  9. Sounds like you had a fabulous ride - except for the odd slow tourist or two. I haven't riden the Black Spur yet. I'm hoping to find a mentor for this. The Reefton Spur i'm planning to ride this coming week.

    Your right, it is really beautiful up there. I think there have been many car ads made on the Black Spur for this reason.

    Mithel's suggestion sounds good. I haven't been to Seymor (only to Yea) but that sounds like a good loop. Although I don't think my ar#$ would be up for 450kms yet :?

    I've always loved living in my neck of the woods but since having a bike I'm having second thoughts . I'm at least an hour from anywhere :(

    Happy riding

  10. Black Spur pt II

    Well after having such fun yesterday I decided to do it all again today. However I ditched the ballast this time :LOL: and went by myself.
    Had a bit of fun in the Black Spur, but got stuck behind a really long line of traffic this time. Some idiot clearly shouldn't be driving since they were still going 60km/h in a 100 zone once we got onto the long straight part of the highway after the spur.

    Anyway, stopped at Marysville and nodded hello to Mr Plod on his bike. I decided I was going to head towards Lake Mountain, but keep going past the turnoff. That was a good descision. Barely any traffic and great windy roads. A bit narrow though, and the few cars coming the other way tended to go over the middle of the road. I also misjudged a few corners and rather than just try to lean it harder I hit the brakes. Not a good thing to do since that almost guarantees you run wide. I got to some sign that pointed to Warburton and decided to turn around and have another go. I was much better this time since I knew what to expect and really fanged. Made it back to Marysville and had an Iced Coffee.

    Decided to go for the third pass and keep going, since I thought that was where Reefton Spur was. The third pass was pretty fast too (for me), though it got a lot harder once in the area I assume is called the Reefton Spur. I actually wasn't enjoying it as much because it just seemed to be hard work and a few of the corners really jumped on you (decreasing radius?). The road that goes past the Lake Mountain turnoff was more fun. The one advantage of the Reefton Spur was barely any traffic at all. And the views were magnificent, though there was barely an opportunity to admire them.

    Eventually the roads on the way to Warburton opened up and then there was sand everywhere. I'm not sure what the story is but it was somewhat annoying. Anyway, almost at Warburton another biker signaled to slow down, so I plodded along and met the local Mr Plod. He just pulled all the bikes over. Someone looked like they had been done for something. They breath tested me, told me to take it easy and let me go. They did mention someone got airlifted out after hitting a tree.

    Anyway Warburton is a beautiful town, though the irritatingly low speed limits and lots of traffic was a bit annoying. I wanted to go up Mt Donna Buang (I assume that is the big mountain over Warburton) but it was getting late so I decided to give it a miss this time.

    Headed back to Healesville then Yarra Glen and Diamond creek, Ring road, Tulla and home.

    I think the best bit was the run between what I assume is the start of the Reefton Spur and Marysville. Very nice and relatively traffic free. I've got to say I woundn't be comfortable driving a car through there, it is so narrow. The Reefton Spur itself was a bit intense I think.

    And I think I spotted two other netriders - Pinkxie and xxsteve.
  11. Long weekend folks... lots of traffic in the fun places to ride.

    Sounds like a good ride report.

  12. Re: Black Spur pt II

    Mate you should try St Andrews/Kinglake rd. Its even skinnier than the reefton....... and tighter.

    Gee its good to hear some positive ride stories amongst the stack threads.
  13. *Ktulu wants to hear the 'throwing up inside a helmet' story...
  14. Yeah the stack threads are pretty thick today. It's a bit of a worry.

    There isn't much to the vomiting in the helmet story. I'd often get up too late to grab breakfast before uni - I like sleeping. So once I washed down some vitamin B capsules with Coke. Jumped on the bike and about 10 minutes into the ride to uni, the capsules burst in my stomach. My stomach didn't like it much and wanted to purge the toxin. The result was vomiting with a helmet on....... while riding. I actually held it all in my mouth, pulled over, took the helmet off and spat it all out :eek: Yeah gross I know. Tasted horrible too - the liquid centers of those capsules were foul.
    Question is - if I had eaten breakfast, would I have vomited at all or would I have just vomited more (with the rather more disturbing consequences)?
  15. Re: Black Spur pt II

    I thought that was you... twice! I went out on Sunday with Raven and my bike cop friend - getting tips from both. Then today Raven took me out again. I absolutely loved it!!! Sunday I worked on my line, as well as looking around the corner, leaning with the upper part of my body, trusting the bike, braking etc.

    Then today I added shifting my bum to the side, and boy does that make it fun! I ended up going a lot faster, yet also having a much bigger safety margin. Sweet! Oh, and my left peg briefly discovered road surface :shock: ... Raven, who was patiently nannering along behind me previously, suddenly had to concentrate. Although when he took me on the back of his bike... Ha ha.. I have a long way to go. Once all the techniques work together it will be better, but at least I'm having fun now.

    I seriously had no idea riding could possibly be this much fun :grin: :grin: :shock: :grin: :twisted:

    For the record, I went along Reefton Spur (gravel & road ripping up), Lake Mountain (gravel & bark, except for fun bit coming down), Black Spur (awesome quality road that begged me to go back again and again and again...).

    It's great to finally enjoy twisties. Previously I'd been up Mt Dandenong, but something kicked in and I had a little too much fun for my skill level. Nothing went wrong, but I didn't have any spare. So I avoided twisties until I got some instruction (HART Toolangi) and some guidance from others. Now I know I go faster, yet also have more awareness to stop me being stupid, and some skill to make it safer. Can't wait for more.

    This Saturday I'll be going on the HART Reefton ride. Will see what else I can learn.

    PS Raven lost a few CCs (850) while he tested out my bike on Black Spur :LOL:
  16. Re: Black Spur pt II

    See if this link works?...The baby blade felt tiny after the Blackbird but I was very impressed with how well it cornered...and man!...14,000 revs is a whole new experience :shock: .
    Thanks for the run on your bike, Caroline. :)


  17. i think ive seen that bike around my area (chaddy/ashwood going up power ave?)
  18. Have to admit, it was great working out of Marysville and Alexandra for a while - I got to know the spurs pretty well, rain, hail, snow and shine.

    If you don't mind travelling on some dirt/gravel roads, you can continue past the Reefton turn-off and head towards Matlock, there's a very nice but short section of asphalt there. Then head on to Woods Point, Aberfeldy, then Erica via the dam wall or via Walhalla. Or head up to Mansfield. Although that's not a trip for the faint hearted (or worried about gravel roads)

    Always watch for log trucks if you're riding from Marysville to the Cambarville - they come out from Cambarville and head towards Marysvile - and they need to take every inch of the road to get around some of those corners.


  19. That was from Lenna's VFR. All the bike's fluids drained across the road after her crash, and the cops covered it with sand and dirt and signposted it.
  20. Most likely me. Was I doing something stupid?!