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First trip across town and first 100km on bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Hauler, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Had my bike 4 days and was planning a 30 min drive up the road today and back again to build up my skills a bit but when I woke up the air was still, the sky was blue, I was healthy and feeling good and the bike was calling. So I suited up and made the ride across town to break the news to my folks as I figured it would be easiest that way (and it was). So along the motorway and highway for about 40 mins plus another 20 mins in suburban streets. Trip over was uneventful. Trip back - I had a driver try and cut me off up the right hand lane after turning left out of lights then indicating to change lanes to turn right - she just couldn't wait an extra 2 seconds and had a few people overtake me on the motorway ( I was doing 100) then pull in front rather too close for my liking but otherwise was all good. I dealt with those issues as they happened, no big drama. Just another reminder to stay alert. On top of all that it was a hell of a lot of fun! (except the wind gusts when doing 100 on the motorway on a pretty light bike!)

    Still smiling!
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  2. Good job mate. Your duty as a rider though, is to find a better route to your folks - twisties required. Even if it makes it a 250km trip ;)
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  3. Nice one HaulerHauler, it's so addictive isn't it!? I definitely hear you, wind gusts at speed can be unsettling on a small bike, but I've found it is something I have learned to cope with. Just keep practising, especially with a mentor - that's a sure way to keep building confidence and skill, and it sound's like you're going swimmingly!

    Being cut off like that is unfortunately all too typical - that's why constantly scanning and being aware of that sort of driving behaviour is so important, as is practising road craft to be able to get out of those sort of situations. Well done to get through it. Sounds like you did well to anticipate it. Unfortunately it probably won't be the last time something like that happens. I had a taxi almost do something similar on the way home today. I was traveling at the speed limit in an 80kmh zone and he passed me in the right lane, I reckon he would've been doing at least 20km/h over the limit, and he changes left into my lane way too close in front of me and cuts me off, like he didn't even see me. Two things helped me out of that situation: 1) I had been checking my mirrors and had seen him speeding up behind me, so I knew he was there, and 2) I was on the driver side of the lane and could easily buffer away from him.

    My first few near misses in my first month of riding did leave me a tad shaken. There was one where a car pulled out in front of me in a roundabout and I pulled to a stop just in front of his front wheel. That was a turning point for me though, It was what pushed me to make sure I was integrating all of the practise drills at the weekly learner sessions into my regular riding. Talk about an ah-ha moment! It was after that when I started to have so much more confidence in my skills to get me out of trouble. I still go to those weekly catch ups, even though I reached my restricted license a little while ago. I don't think the learning ever really stops!

    So glad to year you are going well. What trips to do you have planned next?

    Keep on smiling' :)
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  4. Never let your guard down, I know of two incidents where a rider, then an instructor traded paint on the on-road learner test in Victoria.
    Beware the sunny blue sky days, those are the ones the lowest denominators choose to drive on as well!

    Expecting a car to wait a whole 2 seconds...who the hell are you kidding!!!!!
    It will happen on a daily basis, drivers psychologically won't giveway to thing which they don't consider a threat, the insane ones (1 out 2 drivers) will even take on a truck.

    Have fun and remember its not a race, when someone tries to kill you remember its not personal.
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  5. Hey HaulerHauler I'm in the Redlands also, if need a hand with anything learning to ride let me know
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  6. Good stuff!!! All journeys provide opportunities to learn something....
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  7. Good on you for getting out and doing it, keep up the good work.
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