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First TrackDay tomorrow! (now completed!)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Saweet!!! Got my first track day tomorrow. at Queensland RAceway (paperclip) can't wait. Hopefully by the end of the day i'll have riht handers mastered as the track only has 2 lefts! :shock:

    I'm just gonna go out and have fun. not gonna try to be quickest on track or even in my group for that matter! jsut wanna work on my techinque and have some fun :D woot!

    thats all for me. just pretty excited about tomorrow :D

  2. ahh congrats.. dont think you'll be getting too much sleep tonight :wink: . but best of luck tomorrow and keep safe. look forward to hearing how you went.
  3. Cool. Have a great day and look after your baby....
  4. Hope you had a great day, Balmy! :grin: No wheelies down the main straight (like you did when leaving Canungra :wink: ) I hope.

    Hope you managed to keep it on the track and right-side-up! :grin:
  5. :shock: that wasn't me!!! that was matt on his gsxf750! trying to make me look bad ;) ha ha.

    Had an awesome time!!!!! The new baby treated me kindly and gave me a huge rush! For a first track day it was a great learning curve for me and my riding. I really got to know my Bumblebee. And alot more confident on right handers now. Also no chicken strips left on the rear and very little ones on the front.

    All the people there were awesome. very forthcoming when asked for advice etc, and none of that macho 'i can ride better than you' sort of thing that i expected. There were a few semi pro and pro racers there running in engines and adjusting/testing their bikes. was great to watch the quick boys (and girls) in their session while winding down from my own adrenalin rush. learnt alot from watching them too.

    I highly reccommend track days to anyone with their head screwed on to learn about their riding and their bike. if you take it easy and learn the track and practice lines and smoothness you'll come out of it a better rider and more confidence in the little things that you weren't doing so well before. I went into the day treating it like a course where i could practice right bends and get used to cornering at higher speeds than is safe on the roads.

    For anyone that knows Queensland Raceway, Man i love turn 6! coming onto home straight. that corner just clicked for me for some reason. got a great line and great drive out of it. even managed to reach 215 before having to break for turn 1 :twisted:
    Anyways. thats enough for me... huge awesome day. and can't wait to do another.
  6. sounded like a great time! congrats on the new experience
  7. Sounds like you had a great and productive day!

    Where there many on the track at one time? I'm always more concerned about the other riders out there with me? Did everyone have "manners" on the track?
  8. yeah everyone had 'manner' i was in the medium slow group. there was no undertaking. so you only got overtaken on the outside, usually after a corner as they exited faster :p don't know the exact number of bikes at one time... but never looked like too many.... definitely didn't feel like too many on the track.