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First Track Day

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by TheYak, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Loved it, what better way to ring in 1000 posts than to whore it up with some photos :grin: :LOL: A few shots from today's fun at Eastern Creek, I'll be back for more.




    NB: Photographers' unionists/liberationists, yes, I am going to pay for one or more of these. Mods, please allow me one single indiscretion of one pic too many in a post, it's my 1000th post anniversary after all?! :) [/size]
  2. Nice pics man.... :cool:

    Was the track day daunting?

    You look like you were at home on the circuit anyways..

    Oh... and what a way to ring in 1000 posts!!!
  3. I removed one instead of nuking them all with a - Use an external pic host link :LOL:

    Happy 1000

    Cheers :cool:
  4. Nice pics mate, looks like you have the getting off the bike well sorted
  5. Awesome Pics!
    Happy 1000th :p :p
  6. you really need a photo from behind to appreciate just how many fuggin sparks those sliders make! :LOL:

    im jealous ya kahnt :wink:
  7. Looks like you had an awesome day! Is that a MotoGP suit? How do you find it?
  8. Cheers all, really was an awesome experience :grin:

    Stealth, gotta admit there were some nerves, but after a few laps it's all good. Took it reasonably easy with the view that I can always be faster next time, and didn't feel like I ran in hot even once. TWEET, thanks mate, been too long since we rode, hopefully next weekend? Dom, the track doesn't quite tear quite the same chunks out of them as the road, but yeah, still some sparky goodness :grin: Nuff, yep, they're Berik leathers; bought them used and I'd guess a few years old...luckily they fit perfectly. My first set, so can't really comment, but it's real quality gear, and pretty comfy. Congrats on the Daytona by the way!
  9. Who took the photos?
  10. after 1000 posts, you have to change hands
  11. You were doing alright out there.

    Saw you stuff up you line once or twice, bike got a bit shakey but thats ok.

    Picture is crap but hey whatever you were a test subject.
  12. Cheers. Photo doesn't look too bad, is that turn 7 or maybe 2? You must have a decent lens going.

    Yes, I suspect it would have looked rather sloppy :LOL: I didn't really start tightening up the lines until the last session, probably taking 'road safe' lines most of the time. When you say shaky, I'm guessing you mean while getting into position/moving on the bike? If so, I know what I'm doing wrong there and how to fix it, just have to remember to do it :) Also need to steer faster, roll on more, be less lazy with the gears, and a bunch of other fun stuff for next time :p

    Did you ride?
  13. Turn 2. Its pretty bad compared to the others i took that day. Lens is crap, i need a better one.

    Well there was one time that i saw the bike jump around a bit, like a oh shit moment(would have been 2nd session out) and thats all i saw then because i was focusing on another rider. Others times is just because your new to the track.

    Riding, no, never done a track day. Don't really like the idea of it, I prefer the road and traffic.
  14. Well if you like dodging traffic, all you have to do is ride in the slow group :LOL:

    No 'oh shit' moments, did get the rear out a little on a pre-mature down-shift but the slipper keeps that in check...maybe playing around with tackling the double-apex it looked woeful a few times, but all under control.
  15. Looks like mad fun :) I'll have to get out there once I learn how to ride this thing.. :LOL: