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First Track Day & Track Days in Vic

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Guest, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. I am intrested to know what are people thoughts on a P plater (I know I am not one yet) participating in a trackday are. Any stories, experiences, thought or opinions.

    Also does anyone know if the Sandown Raceway have trackdays. Oran Park (I think), have track days that are open to both cars and bikes. Do most race tracks have these or not.



    edit.. Quick question, with RBT's do you have to take your helmet off or not ?
  2. I'd give the operators a call, I don't know if you can do track days until you have a full licence. e.g. Phillipislandridedays.com.au ?
  3. How does your insurance policy deal with track riding?

    If you ahve full comp and drop your bike on the track will they cover you?
  4. Check the fine print of your policy, but my strong suspicion is that they won't cover any damage sustained on a race track.
  5. I'd imagine you'd need a special policy, if you could get one.
  6. Does RBT mean random breath test? If so i dont think you need to take off the helmet, last one i had they managed to put it in through the visor.

    That was with a copper who was friendly and in a good mood though.


  7. You can do track days on your L's.

    No insurance company in Australia covers you for damage on track days. And they also hire guys to go down there and record the license plates of those who race and especially those who damage their bikes, so when the try to do the claim later, no luck.

    The new RBT device is one which you speak into. That can be fit under the helmet easily.

    Although everytime I come to an RBT the police always just wave me through. (on the bike that is)
  8. BTW, Shannons will cover you for approved rider training on the track, but not tracks days.
  9. No Insurance on track days or cornering school ...
    They get u to sign a form waving any damages ..
    my mate rode a track day on his L,s at Broadford ...
    Dont need to show LICENECE at Winton raceway ...
    The Island is a bit stricker where they say u need to be a P, plater & a R.W.C. BIKE unless ur a member of a reconised club that gives u a sorta race certificate ... still the bike has to be rwc ....
  10. That about sums it up! Winton is fairly accessible to most Melbournians I would think, and besides trackdays, the have test and tune days every friday for cars, bikes, and carts, or at least used to (check their site for more info).

    Be aware that for all track days, you'll need full leathers (1 or 2 piece is fine), and boots (gloves and helmet are a give I hope!).
  11. Think about doing a (track-based) skills course before launching into track days. It is a fair bit more expensive, but it is a lot safer, and will equip you with the knowledge to deal with both road and track.
    Plus, it's fun :)
  12. so change the license plate?
  13. http://www.championsridedays.com.au/cgi-bin/dates.cgi#

    There is one on the 21st
  14. To the best of my knowledge Sandown doesn't hold ride days and is not used by clubs for racing either.

    The last time bikes raced at Sandown was many years ago when the Shell series ran with the V8's and while the cars used the short track the bikes were forced to use the now closed long track extension.

    Wouldn't the run over "Rothmans Rise" and into "Dandy Rd" be interesting on a bike :shock:

    Mind you a local bicycle club uses the track for it's rides so remove the engine and stick some pedals on your bike if you want to ride around Sandown. :LOL:
  15. I've done a few ride days at Sandown. Interesting!

    The run down the front straight, then the almost dead stop at the end (it feels like a dead stop after 260kmh!), then some crappy bits, the back straight and then some more crap bits, before working your way onto the straight. Bumpy and boring is the way to describe it.

    The best time was when there was a storm brewing in Melbourne and the tail wind was direct down the straight. First few times into the first turn made the eyes wide!

  16. How long ago did you do it??

    Did you use the long track (hair pin at the top of the hill) or the short track cos the bit over the top would've got your attention.
  17. It was a few years ago. I've ridden both circuits, always found the short circuit (the bith with the infield) really hard to get right. There was the left, followed by the right and it was that bit I always stuffed up.

    Yeah, you come up over a short rise, then have to grab the brakes. Certainly got my attention!!

    The longer circuit was a bit boring, the only interesting bit being a sort of flip flop where you could see how straight you go could.

    PI is definitely my favourite.

  18. The Shannons policy covers this - its listed in the policy wording. All you need to do is ask them.


    6. Club Racing
    If this benefit is shown in your schedule, we will pay for loss or
    damage to your vehicle if at the time of loss or damage you are
    driving/riding or using your vehicle:
    • in any race, pacemaking, reliability trial, speed or hill climbing
    test but only if such an event is an event licensed by the
    Confederation of Australian Motor Sport or other body as
    approved by us in writing;
    • on a racetrack or testing ground or land immediately
    adjacent to a racetrack or testing ground if such
    driving/riding or use is carried out under licence from the
    Confederation of Australian Motor Sport or other body as
    approved by us in writing.

    Additional Excess

    We will apply an additional excess of $500 to all claims under
    this endorsement.
  19. OK I can do track days on my L's or P's, am I able to ride a bigger than 250cc bike or am I still restricted to my licence allowance. Basically, can I buy a 600 track bike and use it when I don't have a full licence?