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first track day - hints and tips?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by toar_rl, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. hey all

    planning to do track day 9/4/07 but want to drive down to PI

    anyone ever used a non bike specific trailer, ie ur run of the mill trailer?

    what is the best way to strap down a bike?

    any hints and tips would be great....
  2. Re: trailer talk

    A propper bike trailer will cost about $30 per day. Pay the money! Quality tie downs will be money well spent too and they will come in handy for lots of things.
  3. also what things should i do to prep my bike?

    do i need to do a RWC?

    i went to a mechanic and they say $500 for a pre race service or $300 for a normal service.... is this really neccesary?

    i'm just worried about scrutineering, don't wana get there and they reject my bike....

    i had a recent off and my right hand intake/air duct is cracked, i've duct taped it and its fine... will this fail scrutineering?
  4. Intake will be fine , Trailer from a local service station would be the best , that way you can pick it up and return it out side of normal trading hours. Lots you can do , as long as the bike is safe is all they will look at. Will Pm you my number , give me a call if you want.
  5. Thats what I paid here in Sale. Walked into the hire place and asked how much for the 3 bike trailer. Did 1000k's and took it back at 9.00 the next morning. What prices have you been quoted?

    EDIT: Even $46 isnt to bad for a propper trailer. Just make sure there isnt to much angle on the ramp. May need to carry a length of timber if there is not enough clearence under the bike when loading or unloading. :)
  6. Regarding the condition of your bike.

    If it is a road bike, running road tyres, ensure they are legal and have tread to complete the day.

    Chain needs to be correctly adjusted.

    Remove your mirrors (if you can). Remove your indicators if possible too. Less silly things to break should there be a small off.

    If you due for a normal service, have it done prior to the day. Only you know how the bike is being ridden, but an oil change wouldn't go amiss.

    On the day they will advise what tyre pressures to run and they have pumps and gauges for you to use. Suspension adjustments can be made during the day. If you do fiddle with the suspension, make a note now of your base settings. It helps when you want to go back.

    If you're driving down for the day, get some good rest the night before. You will be rooted by the end!

    Lastly, have fun!!!
  7. My tip would be not to ride at a much higher percentage of your ability than you would on the road.

    Having said that, you'll go loads faster because you'll know the corners backwards by the end of the first few sessions, and have the confidence of knowing there's nobody coming the other way etc etc.

    What I mean is if you really push it beyond your comfort level you stand just as good a risk of stacking it as you do on the road. So ride fast but increase your pace incrementally and don't overload yourself.
  8. I will be going to the Phillip Island track day on the 9th as well. Will be my second time there.

    About the trailers. I hire one from the servo down the road from my place. costs $36 for a 24 hour hire, and also a $50 deposit which you get back when you return it.

    Before you hire one, check it out to make sure the wheel channels are wide enough for your bike. A lot of them are for transporting dirt bikes. the one i hire just snugly fits the rear tyre of my RS125, but would be way too small for a 600 or 1000s rear tyre. There are some out there for hire that have wider channels which are built for road bikes.

    I just bought some rachet straps, and hook them around the top of the triple clamps. seems to hold the bike there pretty well. just make sure it is sitting up straight, and i always pull over a couple of kms up the road to make sure that the bike has not moved and everything is still tight.

    Bring a lot of gatoraide and more fuel than you think you will use. you can be surprised at how much you will go through in a day. also pack some camping chairs. by the 3rd session, you will definatly be wanting somewhere to sit while you wait the next 40-60minutes until your next session, unless you are like Loz and wander up and down finding another unexpecting person (victim) to talk to haha.

    Dont worry about scrutineering too much. if your bike can be ridden on the road safely, and is in good mechanical order, than it will pass. they are not too strict at phillip island, well when i was there at least. I had an off the day before and had some bush mechanic fixes going on. they just checked that things were tight, gave the bike a shake and the bars a wobble, and i was on my way. there was an R6 running there with basically no fairings as he had and off on the way to the track, and he still passed. This gives you a good idea as to what they expect - http://www.phillipislandridedays.com.au/content/view/8/9/

    Hope this helps. any more questions just ask away and i will try and answer them from what i have experienced at least.
  9. Take a poo in the morning and make sure u gets lots of sleep the night before even though its hard. And last of all have a BALL!
  10. Open your legs and let your balls drop :p :LOL:
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Indeed. Good caution there Loz.

    Don't try and lap faster than everyone else on your first time out, and always ride at your own pace. If someone is going a touch faster than you, feel free to stick on their tail, but don't try to suddenly match someone who overtakes you like you're standing still.

    People are more likely to crash at the track, than on the road. This is not because the track is dangerous, it isn't, but it's because many people throw caution to the wind and get themselves into deep water due to over-confidence.

    Ease your pace up as you go.
  13. Force yourself to go slow on the opening lap or two for each session and on the cool down lap. This is SO important to get your tyres to warm up to the point where they're designed to be grippy.

    Having the guts to go slow on that opening lap when everyone else is 'getting away' is a very respectable trait... you will also make your tyres last a LOT longer!

    Hint: Park your bike in the hot sun, pref on tar... trying to keep as much heat in the tyres.

  14. Skurfer

    when are u heading up? nite before....

    if u have space on the trailer and if its not too much trouble, i'd be happy to share costs for trailer etc.... how many bikes do u have/ does the trailer carry?

    also which BP around the corner?
  15. I have a free track day up my sleeve and plan to head down for the Easter Monday as well. We should see if we can all meet up and make a day out of it. Dave is also doing a track day and is heading sown with me. Just hoping our new "track biatch Kerry" will make the trip :p :LOL:

    Heading to Broadford this Saturday to scrub my new tyres in. Bloody Phillip Island loves eating tyres is you ask me.
  16. hi all,

    i am considering taking my bike to PI (mid this year)... just got a few questions.

    1. are naked bikes allowed? (or are they frowned upon)
    2. should i be doing a course such as stay uprights' cornering and braking course or Superbike school?
  17. 1. Yes, you get all types of bikes at ride days.
    2. No, it's helpful but it's not compulsory.
  18. just strap it down firmly but dont pop your fork seals by having it 1000% tight
  19. Well missed out on a place unfortunatly. Not having my computer and forgetting to book got the better of me and there are no more spaces left for the one on the 9th. damn.

    if anyone knows someone who wants to give away their spot, let me know.

    if you call up handy hire, they can tell you where the bike trailers are near your place - http://www.handyhiretrailers.com.au/ OR

    Handy Hire Trailers VIC
    Address : 853 Princes Highway
    Springvale, VIC 3171
    Telephone : (03) 9562 3915
    Fax : (03) 9558 5873
    Email : enquiries@handyhiretrailers.com.au

    Dont trust the Locations thing on the website. i started to call a few of the servos on the list that says they have bike trailers, and i got to calling 4 in a row that did not know what i was talking about and that did not actually have bike trailers before i just called the handy hire people and they let me know where a few were.