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VIC First track day, Broadford, 10 june (Monday)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dividebyzer0, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Anyone going to Broadford this Monday? I am doing my first trackday. Looking forward to it :)

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  2. Enjoy, I'll be at PI.

    Hope the sun shines and you enjoy your first track day.
  3. Have fun Mate Broadford is a good choice . Warm up your tires and look out for crash corner I've seen so many rides go up the hill it's not funny :)
  4. Yeah, keep an eye on crash corner. It's called that way for a reason :)
  5. Yeah mate. Me too. First day at broadford. Black daytona 675. See you there. Safe riding
  6. What a day! Most fun ive had on two wheels :)
  7. Beaut day and what with all the guys coming off! Glad to stay upright
  8. Sounds like it was a good day, provided you managed to avoid the flying VTR's ;)
  9. I think there was a competition going on to see how far some riders could throw their bike from Turn 1. I think the rider who ended up on top of the hill near the fence won...

    Managed to keep it upright, albeit an encounter with the grass section next to the track coming out of 'crash corner'. Came in hot then turned in way to early, so I ended up on the edge of the track completing the corner.

    Didn't get the 'knee down', but looking forward to the photos to see how close I was. Shame the photographer was only around in the early sessions, I didn't really get the confidence to start pushing it until session 4.

    I Learnt heaps and would recommended it to everyone. What a time to get the track day bug, right at the start of winter :(.
  10. Hey guys. I've only ever been to Broadford once so i'm curious. Which turn is "Crash corner"? Is it turn 1?
  11. T5 I think, blind right hander to g down the hill.
  12. Correct! The blind righthander at the top of the back straight, with the little run off road going up the hill. Technically T5 if you count the kinks in the back straight as turns.
  13. He tends to only take shots of the first 2 sessions, just when everyone is warming up.... be nice if another photo taking type person arrived in the afternoon for the last few sessions