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First Track Day - Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by SamS2, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm gearing up for my first ride day at PI on the 17th Nov, Not looking to try and break any records, just up for the experience and a fun day.

    Does anyone have anything i should be aware of?


  2. My suggestions....

    * Turn your idle rpm up to 2,000. This will pull you through the corners a little more smoothly, less transition from no throttle to some throttle, less chassis attitude change opening the throttle. I have my idle set at 3,000 on my Gixxer thou. The Corona Superbike team had theirs set at 5,000 until they got their slipper clutch sorted.

    * Do everything smoooothly, don't yank on the throttle fast, don't turn the steering fast, don't yank on the brakes fast..... and you will go fast.

    * Don't hit the brakes late, brake a little earlier than you could get away with, this way you can be letting the brakes off as you start entering the corner, you can then forget about the brakes and concentrate on feeding in the throttle for a fast exit.

    * Many riders enter PI corners too slowly and have to compensate with too much throttle coming out, then they wonder why they're shredding rear tyres with slow lap times. Get on the brakes a little earlier, get off the brakes a little earlier, rush into the corner, being very smooth & gentle, get on a little bit of gas and speed out of the corners. If you're in the meat of the power-band (between 10 & 13 grand), you'll be surprised how quickly you'll catch the rider ahead of you on the next straight.

    * Fast corners (turns 1,2B, 3,7 & 12) keep your body low, less effect of the wind on your body making the bike weave. Slow corners (2A, 4, 6, 10 & 11) sit up, the higher visual perspective will give to better idea of your placement on the track, and better control over the bike.

    Remember it is a 'ride day', not a race day, if another rider is holding you up and it doesn't feel safe to pass them, just ease off for half a lap and let them get away, you'll be happy in yourself as you close in on them again.

    What tyres are you using? most tyres I would start at 31psi front, 29 psi rear.
  3. Thanks heaps for that johnny.
    I'm running dunlop qualifiers.

    I'm just looking forward to getting on the track, and i think that i'll be the slow rider that holds people up :p
  4. Yeh I'd stick with 31 front, 29 rear in the Dunlops.

    You'll have a blast! Warning..... you'll get addicted :LOL:

    Don't worry about being faster or slower than anyone else, just be smooth and use full throttle between the corners, you'll be surprised how many riders you'll smoke.

    Come back and post to let us know how it went.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Listen carefully to the rider briefing!

    Join in with the first timers and listen to all the advice the superbike school coach will give you.

    Have fun, you will not be classified the winner at any time during the day, no matter what you do. However you will feel like a loser if you push too hard and crash!

    JO, turn 2 is fast and turn 11 is slow?????
  6. Yeh I said 11 is slow, I think for turn 2 (3rd gear, not so fast) it is better to sit up for the entry (first apex) then start to tuck-down for the exit (and second apex) and the run down to 3.
  7. Sam,
    I was a first timer at PI last week. Listening to the rider briefing is important as I missed the part when he said if you cant make turn 4 and end up on the service road thingy 'Dont U-turn! and go back on the track' :oops: as I did and didn't take not of flags being pointed at me :oops: cos that was explained at the rider briefing too :oops:
    and addictive WOW its the best thing I have ever experienced, I am going back next week :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Ive run Dunlop Qualifiers on track afew times. For a road biased tyre have to give them their due, they do ok! I use 28 rear 29 front with the qualifers.

    As for pointers, its a trackday. Just go out and have fun, if you feel you can go faster, go faster, just dont go pushing hard in the early sessions, its a common mistake form rookies and never ends up nicely :)

    Have a good day and enjoy it! I garauntee you will be addicted...

  9. Riding advice I am not qualified to give.

    General notes:

    Hydrate before the day. Take a hydration pack with you and remember to drink during the day.

    Eat light foods. If you can take your own food, pack fruit, juices, sandwiches, salad etc.. stodge from the onsite catering will send you to sleep.

    Get plenty of rest the night before. If you can go down and stay at 'The Waves', do so. They offer lower rates for PI Ride Days.

    Make sure your bike is tip top. If it's due an oil change, do it before the day. Tyres need to be legal if they're treaded.

    Pressures are a personal choice, but remember if it's warm, even a moderate pace will get them really hot on the day.

    Be realistic about your own pace. If you have never done a circuit before, are you in the correcr group?

    It's a track day, not a race day. However fast or slow you think you are, there will be someone both faster and slower than you.

    You've paid the same as everyone else, so remember your time and space on the track is the same as some track day junkie who gets irritated at your lines. If they're quicker than you, they'll find a way around you.

    Remember, there is no prize for crashing first, so remember to build into your day.

    Lastly, have fun.
  10. +1, don't think about those behind you, just do your thing and people will overtake if they want to, not your duty to think about it at all, at least not in the slow group where overtaking up the inside is not allowed.
  11. get used to having a pee...and the blokes are on the right, not the left, as i discovered after using the ladies most of the day...

    when they ask if you want a garage for 10 dollars, take one. it's no fun sitting on the pit lane looking like you're waiting for a bus.

    being a back straight hero is all very well and good but don't spend the day scaring yourself.

    it's mentally taxing. Apparently most people crash on the last session, so if you're feeling like you're not concentrating, then don't do it. Always another day...

    don't take a brand new cbr600rr, with less than 2000k's on the clock, and crash her at the Honda Hairpin, unlike some people round here... :roll:

    Generally people are happy to help so ask questions...the Superbike people are keen to get some skills in these here heads of ours so they're worth having a chat to...as well as the cornering drill.

    Anyway, i'm on that day as well, i ride a slightly battle scarred black CBR600rr...

  12. And the Waves give away a free ride day to one of the people who stay there the night before. The last couple of times it has been drawn from only a hand full of people(4 last time I was there, and 5 the time before) Pretty good odds! :grin:
  13. Thanks for all the input guys, it is much appreciated, and I will be taking as much on board as possible.

    As for accomodation, I'm taking the girlfriend for a weekend away, so will be up there from saturday.


  14. There is some smu..... Nope, not gonna do it.................
  15. Just go out and enjoy yourself mate and ignore all the other crap that has been posted. A bit like golf.....the more you think (about all the crap that u have been told) then the worse you go. Have a great day. The only advice that I have for you is to make sure that when you pass someone.....try and do it up the inside!!!
  16. Cejay and Johnny O must be related.......or is it that they both try and make this sport harder than it really is?
  17. A bit of advice never hurt :wink:.

    I will be going on a track day some time soon and I believe their advice will help get me prepared...both physically and mentally.

    If you tell a noobie to have fun on the track, I'm sure they'll try and push their hardest and do things that they normally wouldn't do on the road...which is exceeding their limits and stacking it.

    EDIT: Forgot to add...Have fun on the track within your limits.

    Just my 2c

    phong =P~
  18. A bit of advice never hurt :wink:.

    I will be going on a track day some time soon and I believe their advice will help get me prepared...both physically and mentally.

    If you tell a noobie to have fun on the track, I'm sure they'll try and push their hardest and do things that they normally wouldn't do on the road...which is exceeding their limits and stacking it.

    Just my 2c

    phong =P~[/quote]

    That is what it is all about.........doing things that you would not do on the road. Who rides on the road?
  19. Once again, nobody else is worthy :roll: :jerk:

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You obviously don't play golf very well! And if you don't think, you don't ride very well either.

    Do you even ride at all?
  20. No I do not..........there is no fun when there are speed limits or am I wrong?