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Featured First timer sizing for a leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chickenmanic, May 3, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and gals, love the site so far.
    Anyway i'm a new rider whos going for my learners this thursday(CAN'T WAIT) and i am finding it hard to find out what kind of jacket actually fits me. I am around 6"2 with a medium to small build.
    I have gone to my local peter stevens in dandenong and amx in lynbrook and both gave me different responses.

    While i looked in peter stevens i tried out a alpine black jaws leather jacket and it felt comfortable and tight with abit of room around the chest and slight tightness around the shoulders and got told that was great for me as i could also move around my arms comfortably

    But at amx the one they said was good was really tight across the chest with plenty of room around the shoulders and made it difficult to move my arms as much as the other one.

    Whos right or not or am i just missing something.
  2. There may be a tendency for shops to try and sell floor stock. Personal;ly I don't like tight fitting jackets, either shoulders or chest. Bear in mind you may want to wear something underneath so you can take it off when you get to wherever you are going.
    Keep trying different sizes until you get one that suits you, or get one tailor made if you can afford it.
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I don't mind it to much if its alittle bit tight around the shoulders i just worry if its to tight i may stretch it to much, and yer i have abit till im out on the road to find the right one but because of my size im really struggling to find leather jackets that have a good fit for me, the sales reps were to :)
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    Howdy... Try this place , they make their own stuff

    Mars Leather - They're in Elizabeth Street

    I have this jacket from them, fits nicely. (has elbow, shoulder & back armor)


    As they say, can't hurt to have a look...

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  5. Bikemart in Ringwood are usually pretty sensible with sizing etc. Often bike nuts rather than just salesmen. If the fits not good you will come to hate the jacket.
    Custom fit (Tiger Angel) is an option and may be competitive with high end Alpinestars/Dainese.
  6. All good advice above.
    Re. the fit, you should be able to move freely and feel comfortable but the armour in the jacket (if it has any) should not be able to move - which means that a jacket will be tighter than usual - especially around the shoulders and arms.

    In the event of a spill you don't want the armour to twist or slide out of place.

    Also consider if the jacket of your choice has a built in back protector or not. If you are going to wear a separate back protector it's best to try it on with the jacket to ensure you get a good fit.
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  7. the jackets from mars leather look alright do they have any armour and ill call them tomorow about prices.
    Hopefully ill get some spare time this week to check out bikemart to and love to get a custom fit but worried about the price as i dont think getting something really good for starting off is the way to go before getting a good feel for how i like to ride yet.

    and thanks for the info womble will defiantly pay attention to that when i search again, abit unsure if i will get a back armour or not is it a good idea or.
  8. chickenmanicchickenmanic , yes they do have armor, and yes I've come off the bike at speed with it on so can vouch for it protecting my body.
  9. Leather is a (recently) living material and tends to adjust itself to you over time so I reckon that near enough is good enough.
    Some makers do cut better for slim fit. You'll just have to do the homework and leg work on this one.
    As a first jacket, I think something a little more versatile than the Jaws jacket would be a better buy. Just my opinion.
    I'm similarly tall / slim and a big fan of Furygan but these aren't available in Australia.
    If you want a recommendation then I think the Ixon Copper Rock jacket is worth a look.
  10. Thanks jaytee will defiantly check them out then and ive never heard of Ixon are they available down in victoria
  11. It's personal choice, I have a jacket with one built in (textile jacket) and a leather jacket without.
    For trips where I'll be getting a bit of speed up I'll usually wear a back protector but for a low to mid speed pootle I won't bother or may just forget if I'm wearing the leather.
    With both types of protector (build in and separate strapped to the body type) I forget I'm wearing them after a couple of minutes as they fit quite well.
  12. i live on the border of the melbourne metro and gippsland area so i will most likely be doing 80 to 100 most of the time so i might look into it then
  13. According to the interthingy, Bikemart are Ixon stockists.
    Ixon is a French brand of motorcycle gear, along with Furygan and Segura.
  14. hey guys, I checked out bike mart today and it was great they knew there stuff and really helped me out in finding what i need so im all good, havnt bought anything yet but haha waiting to buy the bike first, the the toughest thing sorted out haha.
    i dont think ill get a custom jacket as im still pretty young and i dont want to outgrow it in a year or two and i did ask about the ixon jackets but they didn't have any new stock only a couple of last years on clearance that werent my size ( took a mate with me and he bought a leather jacket in clearance for 250 down from 650)
  15. Nice, glad you found what you liked / wanted in the end.

    Like everything bike related, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. When i tried on gloves it took me an hour to find the right pair. Some looked awesome but were mega hard and some felt like arctic gloves (so thick n warm) but i had no feeling in the fingers.

    Jackets are the same... What suits you , may or may not suit / fit me the same way.

    What you will find though, is that you will eventually end up with multiples of items. You'll have your go to jacket, then you might have your summer jacket or your race jacket ect

    Good luck with it all and welcome to the mad world of motorcycling and apparel shopping :)