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first time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wizzardofaus, May 8, 2005.

  1. Well today I experianced a first,

    Being Mothers day I jumped on the bike and took a little spin from Wagga to Myrtleford to visit my grandmother, nothing unusual about that you might say, and no there isnt.
    But,as I was traveling, I approached a cage that was traveling just below the speed limit and to my surprise the driver pulled over to the side to let me pass!!!!!!! :shock:
    But that is not all.... the same thing happened a second time about half an hour later!!!! :shock: :shock:

    And for the whole 400km+ round trip not one incident with a dick head!!!

    Well what can I say, my faith in cage driving humanity restored.

    Happy Mothers day to all you Mothers out there :D

  2. Bah, you must have been palying MOTOGP on the PS2, thats just not normal to have a dickheadless day :)
  3. They were visiting their mothers-in-law - what's the point of hurrying? Anything to forestall the inevitable.
  4. Mines in adelaide , its bad enough saying hello on the phone , let alone seeing the "domesticated death adder in person".

    There just lulling you into a false sense of security and they will get you next time . ( putting my tinfoil hat back on )
  5. Decided to head up the east coast of Tas for a mothers day lunch with wife, daughter and Mum in Law, friend took his wife and met his Mum in Law at the eatery in Swansea.

    I was on bike, friend and his wife on his guzzi , my wife, daughter and MiL in the wife's shopping trolley. Off we went, me leading, then friends, then shopping trolley.

    We stopped for a "leg break" at a roadside stop for MiL to take photo's, I was about to mention what a nice ride it was and how few idiots in tintops there were despite the number of cars "out for a ride" when the wife says "I know what you mean now, they do seem to be out to get you" (I explained to the wife once that the safest way to ride is to assume all other road users think your invisible, or want to run you off the road.)

    Just goes to show, it's all perspective isn't it.