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First time to wear motorcycle pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeff_o, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Today was the first time I rode wearing my textile pants. the pants fit me snug and it's textile so i was expecting it to be a little bit cooler. however since it's snug fitting, the inner liner sticks to my skin and I begin sweating. Do you have to/ or normally wear something beneath the pants? like a cloth liner/skins?

  2. I've found this too, except with leathers. There are a number of undersuits available for both warm and cold weather, in 1 or 2 piece, that i've heard are pretty effective. I haven't tried them myself yet but was planning to get something for summer.
  3. My pants have a zip out liner. If it's hot, I take them out. Front of the pants have a lot of mesh. Nice and cool.
  4. I tried riding without pants but it was a bit too cool. Needed pepper and tweezers to point the peanut at the porcelain. I might try it again this summer, as long as [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION] isn't around with his camera again.
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  5. :rofl: You been riding with [MENTION=19677]Chef[/MENTION] again??
  6. Yeah yeah, it's all about Kreeper hiding in the bushes with his camera, isn't it...?

    But that doesn't explain you going around the block 4 times KD, with a flaming sheet of rolled-up newspaper clenched between your buttocks on the last lap.
    Now does it?
  7. @minglis: i forgot to mention... i've already took out the zip out liner for winter but it's still hot.

    @hobbsie: i reckon your leathers would be hotter?
  8. I reckon you would be right, although they have some pretty good perf.

    So i have the same problem, but worse.
  9. Try the compression lycra ie 2XU, skins(although the stuff we do is superior and less cost) I wear them all the time under my bike gear, contoured panels(so the fit is exceptional) flat locked seams(no seams giving you the shits) antibacterial,(so they wont stink), super high wicking properties(so when you sweat the fabric deals with that and keeps your body drier and body temp better regulated)
  10. @chicken: what's the difference between compression lycra vs regular lycra (just like regular cycling shorts)?

    Are they cooler/more breathable than cotton? I dunno if there are cotton skins?
  11. will they make me skinnier? I got a bit of a gut, will it help suck that in ?
    please say yes lol
  12. They should hold in any wobbly bits
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  13. So will a girdle!

    I zipped out the lining in my textile pants and just wear them over my work pants or jeans with no problems, also saves getting changed all the time!
  14. +1 for compression gear.

    For the winter commute (if not using the waterproof gear) I wear my Sartso jeans - They offer no wind protection AT ALL.

    I use my cycling "longs" underneath these as a wind-stop layer. Longs are basically just single leg pieces of lycra which run from ankle to groin and keep everything dry and warm.

    About 70 bux for a pair from Uno

    EDIT: Yes, they are as stylish as the look :rofl:
  15. Um yes lol

    We have some bloody awsome deals at the moment on W/S prices, Ill grab the samples(someone remind me this sat) and you can order some if you like. I keep forgetting to bring them
  16. thanks chicken lol
  17. The Sat crew just thought you didn't care 8-[
  18. Which store are you referring to mate?
  19. Aldi compression gear is really good if you can find it. Prevents all that nasty rubbing and keeps you cool. I wouldn't wear anything cotton under bike gear (except tshirt). When it gets wet it stays wet, compression gear is magical.
  20. ok i'll try to find some cooler compression skins. too bad recently aldi had a sale for underlays. thanks all for the inputs.