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first time run out of fuel...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. ive only had my Mbike for 7 months and it alwys got around 230kms without spluttering etc. i hadnt even felt it splutter though, just noticed the levels and how much kms i got. you get a sixth sense about your bike fuel economy after a while.

    well today that went out the window....i did a run which, once we got out of the 60kph traffic for first 30kms, it was top gear, 110 kph, straights and sweepers and rolling hills for the next 80kms. maybe go down to 5th or 4th gear for steep hills, but with my mate running a daytona 600...and me on my 250....i was on full throttle most of the way.

    well 40 kms from home, we were on a 100kph stretch, with him behind me and the thing started to dramaticlly slow down, then it sped up again for another few kms....then another splutter and dramaticlly slowing down so i indicated to pull over and my mate must have been wondering what the hell am i stopping on a dangerous stretch with not a lot of edge off the main road...well my bike despite having a full tank at the start, had only 195kms on the odometer, and it had turned off before i even stopped the bike.

    i wasnt sure if it was fuel as its never gone below 230kms before so i thought i had an electrical problem. changed to reserve tank....and away we went again, till the next station.

    you remember the first time you run out?
  2. Don't want to sound like a smartarse, but running onto reserve is not running out of fuel. If you haven't already, you need to practice the under tank fuel tap fumble so you can swap from main to reserve on the move when you first notice the misfire.

    Running out of fuel involves a long push :D.
  3. Never ran out before, the closest i have come is 0.3L in the tank at fill up.
  4. Unlike a car, I have found small displacement bikes use more fuel at highway speeds than general commuting.

    Something to be aware of for sure!
  5. I have an 18 litre fuel tank... hit reserve and kept going (nearly home).
    I filled it up at the servo around the corner from home and it took 18.4 litres... :-s musta been on fumes.
  6. I always wonder about that, if they tell you that the capacity is less.
    It's amazing how far a car can go with the distance to empty at 0 Km
  7. One of these days im gonna man up and run it till empty, flip the reserve and run that to empty just to find out the absolute numbers.
  8. For that particular day and riding style :p
  9. Yep, I got down the bottom of a hill and I stopped at a stop sign then clunk, stalled, tried to start her up but nothing, at the time I just got the bike so I was like shit I've been dealt a dud bike, and then I remembered about the reserve and it worked, I felt like such an idiot.

    I filled up then took note how many KM I got out of the tank, (around 300km when I have to switch it to the reserve).

    Just started using Fuelly actually:

  10. I've been away from my bike for a while and have forgotten those magic numbers. :( I'm doing a bit of riding tomorrow, so will keep an eye on what happens since it will start on a full tank.

    I only have one thing in my favour, I still recall how to flick the tap when needed. :D

  11. I wonder if it's actually dodgy fuel pumps? I've put more than 10L in mine more than once...
  12. I was told I should get 250-300ks per tank out of my 250, so I tested it out unintentionally thinking I had plenty left in the tank.

    It was on my first 'long' ride and I was doing 100ish down a freeway in the right hand lane when suddenly the throttle became a fairly useless part of my bike. I was slowing down rapidly with cars coming up behind me. Thankfully made it across the lanes and to a safe spot to pull over, switched to reserve and nervously tried to navigate to where I thought a petrol station might be. Thankfully made it without depleting the reserve - but suffice to say that I now try to fill up every 200ks just in case.

    Though on the upside, you can actually look into your tank and get an idea of how much fuel you have in case you aren't sure, unlike a car.
  13. You will eventually get to know the "here comes reserve" lack of power feeling and just reach down and turn the fuel tap to reserve without flinching.

  14. I dunno. The youth of today. Running onto reserve is not a drama (or shouldn't be), it's a normal part of riding, at least on most non EFI bikes. Know where your fuel tap is and know which way it goes.

    Oh yeah, and always remember to ensure it's switched back to main every time you fill up :oops:.
  15. I have put 24L into my jerry can on occasion, according to the pump.

    I've never bothered to make a scene as I'm not sure if there is supposed to be expansion room at the top or something.
  16. No "youth" here, but I remember coupla times running into Reserve on my GS500E doing 100k's on busy Easter Freeway here in Melb, thick padded gloves - just could NOT find the fuelcock while simultaneously wrestling the stuttering bike across 3 lanes to the shoulder.

    Back when I WAS a youth ... I did the fuelcock switch easy on my Enduro DT125, then I "had" to reset the tripmeter, yunno the one which wound from 9999 to 0000, when I finished & finally looked up, the truck in front of me had braked, I swerved like a madman and ended up Fr wheel in the drain!

    No fuelcock messing about these days, just a Low Fuel light on the SV650. =D>
  17. Yep, I've run out of fuel before. It was on my little 250 nearly 15 years ago.

    Fortunately I was in town and near a service station.

    What happened? Well, a couple of tanks before I'd had to switch to reserve and had forgotten to switch back. A mistake I've never made again.
  18. it all comes down to design. a 250 cruiser is not built to tackle rolling hills and sweepers at highway speeds. its more of a plod around the suburbs type of bike, and learn the basics of Mbike riding till a bigger bike is purchased later on.

    when i go riding in the hills with people, i see probably 40% harleys and other big bore cruisers, 50% 600-1100cc full on sport bikes. and a mixture of retro and touring bikes making up the rest i have seen the odd 250 cruiser on the open roads, but maybe a just few times in 6 months of riding.

    if i was plodding along at 'suburban speeds' it would have pissed it in to the usual 230kms.
  19. when I worked at a servo, it was amazing how many people thought their 10L / 20L jerry cans were more accurately calibrated than the pumps. I distinctly remember one guy refusing to pay for an extra 50mls when his 10L can was full.
  20. Ran out of fuel a number of times, not reserve- all.

    Combination of "she'll be right" and a vfr that used to vary it's mileage a lot meant I went through stage of doing it three times in one year. Worse was 20kms short of Raymond Terrace, 20kms that's not even close.

    Love NRMA :) they came and saved me.