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First time riding to work

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Stupendous, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Today was my first day riding to work.

    Wow. Love it! No dramas, all smooth.

    Except the wind. On the Gladesville Bridge. Holy. Crap.

    Hugged the bike real good. Was doing 70 and the wind came in sideways. This is probably nothing for the rest of yous, but strong sideways wind, that's a first for me. But all good!

    I do find the Ninja 300's mirrors pretty useless though...
  2. Windy bridges are always fun my first time across the west gate and bolte here in Vic were fun too but you get used them :)
  3. And I did try to scratch my head. Must've looked stupid LOL.
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  4. In that kind of situation, if you can stick your knee out, on the side the wind is coming from, it will help settle the bike.
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  5. In the wind, stay loose....this always worked for me.
    The first few times I rode in strong wind as a learner, I tensed up every time the bike would go into a sudden lean, so I practiced day after day going for an hour or so ride after work in the strong wind (August) so I could get my head around staying loose, and seeing how much easier it made things for me.

    One way to think of it, you see guys on the freeway all of the time on windy days, and they can manage it, so you can too :)

    Cheers! :peace:
  6. Going along Foreshore drive (Botany) got some bad side winds.....was a bit scary when on a Kwaka Ninja 650L....but when it happened with the Triumph Thunderbird then you REALLY know its blowing.

    Agree tighten up to the tank and stay a bit loose on the bars and it smooths out the gusts a bit better.

    Cheers Spocky
  7. If there is a crosswind, you should be very wary when passing high vehicles like trucks. Going in and out of the shielded area from the wind can move you enough to put you into the next lane if you are not ready for it.
  8. Picked my new (first... yay!) bike up in North Strathfield yesterday and had to drive back East so had the fun trip over the ANZAC bridge... was interesting when I came out of cover and felt the wind hit! Wasn't too strong, so happy for that, but remembered this thread and just tried to grip with the knees and stay loose.

    Did help that I had my partner right behind me in the car, so knew there was no issue slowing down a bit and playing it safe. Was actually riskier for her trying to avoid catching my L plate in the windshield when it came flying off just after the bridge!
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