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First time riding in rain will be learners test!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GemmaG, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. I live in Perth where it pretty much never rains and all my riding so far has been in the dry. My learners test is booked for early next week and the forecast is rain with a possible storm. This will be my first time riding in the rain...HELP!! :wideyed:

    What should/shouldn't I be doing differently?
  2. Try not to panic, you'll be surprised how much traction you have just riding normally in traffic.
    My 3rd day riding on my L's I got caught up in a heavy thunderstorm, I think of it the same way as driving a car in the rain: accelerate smoothly, keep bigger distances in traffic in case you have to brake etc.

    When taking corners riding in the rain I try not to lean too much with my body & let the bars/counter-steering do the cornering.

    Are you doing your learners test to get your L's or are you going for your P's/MOST test? You mentioned you're going for your learners test but also mentioned most of your riding has been in the dry.
    In any case it's all slow speed stuff so the rain shouldn't really make too much difference.

    Good luck!
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  3. Good Luck Gemma, just be more gentle on your inputs, steering, braking, leaning etc. Not sure on the WA test but if you have to do an emergency braking exercise then setup, i.e. come back to vertical and then squeeze gently on the brakes gradually increasing. I tend to use a bit more rear braking in the wet but your front brakes are still the major stoppers. As Yo-Yo said you have a lot more traction in the wet than you think so, confidence and keep the nerves under control and you will be OK. Look forward to hearing from you when you have gotten over this hurdle.
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  4. You'll be fine, just be gentle with the bike. You'll also be on the bike for the day before the test, so you'll know what is going to happen at any rate.
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  5. also be careful of white painted lines on the test course or on the journey to the test and back home again. generally they are slippery when wet but if you've not had much rain they could be extra slippery due to oil and crap that builds up on the road.

    as the others said, just be a touch gentler and more deliberate with your steering, accelerating, and breaking and you'll be fine. bikes and their tyres are meant to handle wet conditions. might also be a good idea to treat your visor to some antifog so you see where you're going.

    best of luck with your test!
  6. When I lived in Perth seemed it never stopped raining in winter. Anyway, best of luck with test!
  7. You will be fine. Have had a lesson in rain and I rode the same way I do around town in the dry, never once felt unsafe. I too have my test next week, regional W.A and it is forecast to rain, goodluck with your test.
  8. Fingers crossed for a dry day for you. Its still a little way off, so hopefully the weather man/woman is just being a pessimist.

    Now if it is we, as already mentioned, keep away from white lines when turning or braking and be smooth with your inputs.
    Also watch where you put your feet down in wet conditions. If you put your foot down in an oil patch or on a white line, your foot can slip which can lead to a dropped bike, so just be conscious of where you are putting yinou feet.
  9. Thanks everyone for the tips, it helped! I didn't get rained on during the test but the road was still wet for some areas
    I passed! :happy:(y)
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  10. How did you go? Did it rain for your test?
  11. Mine not till fri. Looks like I may luck out as chance of rain now only 30% and less than a mm.

    Great to see you passed. Was it flawless or is there areas you could have done better. I am hoping for flawless but won't aim for it as if I put the pressure on I will make an error. Just going to ride for myself and see how we go.
  12. It was almost perfect the only thing the assesor said to me after was I didn't check the traffic in the lane I merged into on Tonkin hwy (even though I definitely did because I saw the red car that was behind us...he mustn't of seen me look?) but overall I was really happy with the ride just took all the advice on here about the wet, and the advice of my instructor and didn't get too nervous (y) you'll be fine if you just relax and follow the road rules
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  13. The head check is my biggest issue, I move my head enough to see but not wnough for them. My instructor and I got into an argument about me not looking at a car on my left when exiting the round about. I was watching them, I turned my head, but not enough for him. So I am going to look stupid come friday when I make sure they see my head move. So many cross streets and roundabouts on my route. Going to look like a bobble head.
  14. Just be careful where you put your foot down, I almost dropped my bike when my foot slipped in the rain. I saved my bike but hurt my shoulder, but my should healed for free by itself :).
  15. Yeah make sure your head checks are stupidly obvious!
  16. mate as annoying as it may be it could save your life one day, it's a good habit to develop!
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  17. I know it is vital and I do it every street, but my head doesn't move enough to please them. I didn't expect to have to look over my shoulder at a side street or a car on the left when exiting a roundabout, given that for most people it only takes a small movement of the head to see these things. Will be hyper vigilant about it on friday.
  18. best of luck!
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  19. Not just for the examiner. Exaggerated head checks are also useful in traffic - they can let other road users know that you are aware of them. It can make them more likely to indicate lane changes, if they know you are looking, or alert them to the fact you are looking to change lanes yourself, and are checking the space before indicating.
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  20. helps to get tailgaters to back off also by turning around and looking at them