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First time riding freeway by myself

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Germaine, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. So my boyfriend encouraged me to ride all the way to his house in Warrandyte last night, to help me build my confidence up, especially after that bit of practice with riding on freeways on Tuesday night.

    Rode all the way to Woop Woop via the Eastern freeway at about 8.30pm and got to his place safely. This morning I rode all the way back to Richmond via the Eastern freeway too, and I must say, during both rides, I wasn't the slightest scared or apprehensive at all!! :D I always kept to the left lane and maintained an average speed of 95km/h, and always checked my mirrors and surroundings for oncoming cars and cars who shift lanes WITHOUT INDICATING (raspberries to you!)

    I'm very proud of myself that I've overcome the fear of riding on freeways by myself as initially I told myself that I wouldn't do it until at least after 6 months of riding.

    Would really like to thank everybody on the Tuesday learner ride, as I've become more confident (but still learning of course!) with my riding and am improving in my cornering and take off as well. Really appreciate the push!

    Also thank you Simon for getting your bike now, or I'd still be on my first 100kms on the odo for like the next 3 months or something! LOL
  2. Well done Germaine,

    Freeway riding can be a bit nervous for new riders, i know it was when i first did it.
    It's good to hear you overcame it and have built up your confidence :) Keep up the practice and ride safe :grin:
  3. haha, the first time i did the eastern was the opposite, n it was to see my gf :p on a gpx, too! :LOL:
  4. I did the Monash for the first time last night on my Madass 125. Although I was more concerned about my lack of top speed than other motorists. More mods need to happen :p
  5. Your boyfriend is a prick for making you do that!!! Dump him and come see me. :oops:
  6. Alot of the things we end up being fearful of, are really just mind-games...
    You can't do it until you are ready, but usually, if you can hold your fear in obeyance for a short while, you'll find that it was'nt anywhere near as bad as what your mind had built it up to be.
    Now you can contunue your progress. :) well done!.

  7. I wasn't too afraid of freeway riding, although I think that was mostly because I had 4 years experience driving a car. I do have a fear of large trucks though, it's full throttle until I've passed it!
    Don't forget to buffer yourself from other vehicles. Give yourself as much space as possible and always be prepared for the car that wants to merge into you.
  8. You call Warrandyte 'Woop Woop'?

    You need to get out more, girl!

  9. LOL!

    Heyyyyyy, in my defence I go to Warrandyte a lot and I love the eastern suburbs. Maybe I should have said "WaZzaa!" instead of "Woop Woop" lol, I only said it cause my mate likes to tease me whenever I go there.
  10. I should try that trick to get my gf to come to my place.
  11. Well done :)

    My first ever freeway ride was with the group to Daylesford last weekend ..

    BUT this weekend I went out on the Western ring rd
    with a friend who got her L's the same day as me ...
    felt good to overcome the " Oh Shit!!! " fear
    and I can't wait to get out more an more now :grin: