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First time rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dagadaga, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hey guys my names Stephan, I'm from Sydney and I just purchased my first bike, a 2014 Ninja 300. The bike is being delivered tomorrow and I'm super nervous/anxious/excited. I'll be using it for weekend fun and a bit of commuting when I'm more confident.

    I've never ridden before except at the prelearner course I did about two weeks ago when I got my license. I drive a manual car so the concept of gear changing was easy but I struggled with using the rear brake in slow manouvering, just felt really weird. And I was a bit wobbly lol.

    I'm pretty nervous about getting the bike tomorrow, I was really pumped for it but it just started raining and the forecast says its raining all weekend. The day I did the prelearners was clear and I'm a bit anxious about the tyres being brand new. I know I should of gotten a used bike or a naked for my first but I indulged a little.

    I really wanted to just practise around my area but its raining and I'm not sure if the first day I take it out I should risk riding in the wet lol. I've read all of the stickies in this section rigourisly but am still pretty nervous. What did you guys think? Should I risk taking it out or wait for better weather? I know I'll drop it some day its just a matter of when but I don't want it to be on the first day hahaha.

    How long did it generally take you guys before you got confident riding on bigger busier roads in traffic?

    Also this isn't really bike related but does anyone know why icant use tapatalk? says I have to speak to a mod?
  2. Welcome to NR

    For tapatalk you have to be premium member (I think).

    Join the learner training sessions at homebush every Sat at 13:00 - great safe place to learn. There is a dedicated thread for that event. Explains where, how and why
  3. +1 for the learner sessions

    I know it will be so tempting to jump on and get out there straight away.
    Better to do it in the dry. There's plenty of challenge without that extra consideration.
    Welcome & good luck
  4. Hi Stephan, and welcome.

    Depending on where abouts you live, I'd suggest that you don't want to be too adventurous, riding on wet roads, new tyres and in dopey traffic.

    If you have some quite neighbourhood streets to play in, yes, I'd suggest that you could profitably, and hopefully, gently, ride around and concentrate on the fairly low speed bits, much as you were taught at the pre-learners.

    Chances are that you'll be fairly tense for the first couple of wee trips, and not get too far anyway.
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    Welcome. I was in the same boat as you 2 years ago. For my first rides I went places that I normally went, that way I did not have to worry about directions, where I was turning etc and could concentrate on riding the bike with out any worries about where I was etc.

    Rain is not a bad thing its just a different thing, you need to be smooth on the gas and brakes. Think about driving I assume you drive differently in the wet compared to the dry.

    Best of luck.

    Cheers Jeremy

    EDIT - Sorry one last thing, I deliberately went for a ride in the rain as soon as I could. I wanted to have my first wet trip under my control with no pressure to be somewhere. I wanted to have done it so the first time I had to do it it was not the first time.

  6. Yup really keen to get out there as Olympic Park is only about 15-20 minutes from my house, just got to practise enough to actually be able to get out there hehe.

    I think I will take it out as I just checked the roads and they're the tiniest bit damp not wet, I know it'll rain more today but if it gets all too much for me I'll hop off and take a breather. A lot of my mates are saying its a good opportunity to practice in the wet and want me to go take a ride regardless of the weather. I'll definitely only be going around my surrounding streets which I know very well and not hitting any main roads :)

    Thanks for the advice already guys, been a long time lurker, endless amounts of info on here!
  7. Yeah mate just take it easy,a little bit each time,no sudden movements,learn the bike well,just gradually increase ur distance,safety first brother
  8. welcome aboard:]