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First time rear-ended, grrr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lefty, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Some 4WD fella was paying too much attention to his radio this afternoon and decided to roll up my backside. :mad: That was his excuse when I got off and said 'hi'. He was 'trying to find out what was going on' (Melbourne weather obviously.) :roll:

    Fortunately it would appear there is no damage. :cool:

    I was actually expecting it since he kept getting closer and closer. :shock: Had my hand hard on the front-brake for that reason. Unfortunately I took my eyes off him for a few seconds... Probably will split next time and get out of there....

    Another experience I guess. Hopefully they're not all this inevitable.
  2. At least you WERE watching him, or your post could be a lot worse. Nice to hear the experience involved no damage to you or your bike.
  3. So you're ok?
    Definitely worth being ready to escape if you can. A couple of here have avoided being rear-ended thanks to that.
    You were out riding today?! I wasn't game to leave my bike parked out in the weather.
  4. You saw it coming, it was a gradual roll forward, and you didn't blip the horn and roll forward a foot or so to avoid?


    Still, at least you're OK and there's no damage :)
  5. Definitely like to leave a good gap between myself and the gage in front at lights,stop signs etc. just in case this situation ever comes my way.watch them mirrors and get the fvck outta dodge.Glad to hear you and ya ride are fine. :wink:
  6. Full points for watching him ... But why have your front brakes on ?
    Not criticising, but perhaps better to be in gear with clutch at friction point ready to get out of the way. I know, its easy to say when you sit here with all the time in the world, another thing to be out there and have seconds to re-act.
    Thankfully You were not hurt.
    Good One !!
  7. I thought only Hyosungs dissolved in water! :eek: CBRs too?!
  8. :LOL: The WIND!!! :p
    ...Trees blown down, power out, debri over the road... wild weather here in Melb today. I was afraid my poor bike would blow over if I had to park in out in the elements (which I have to at work).
  9. CBRs werentmeant to cope with 100kLM/Hr winds.

    Only the might gullwing or the CT110 can take on the elements and be all venerable.
  10. Bugger Josh. Glad you're ok mate. Your first love tap :LOL:

    Hey, you're getting some good advice here... what are you going to do differently next time??

    By the way were you at lights or just stopped in bumper to bumper traffic?
  11. 4wd + driver in lala land, say it ain't so

    i bet it wasn't during 8.30am-9.30am, where phone stuck to ear is a common thing
  12. A 4wd up your cake and your bike wasn't damaged? talk about lucky.
  13. You think having ya brakes on hard is going to stop a moving
    1+ tonne object from displacing or damaging a smaller & much
    lighter object at standstill? :?

    Hand shouldve been winding back on the throttle dude :)

    I never understand how some people think.. Anyways, it turned out ok
    so its all good!
  14. Also, there's no hyphen in "front brake" :)
  15. At the lights on Dudley Street, getting out... Took me an hour 45 to get home last night. I can do the same trip in 10 minutes at midnight on a weekend (without speeding... much). :LOL:

    Two problems:
    - My 'threshold' before deciding that escape is necessary may be too high
    - I stopped watching the threat

    I had picked an 'exit' gap before I stopped and stopped close to it. The bike was in gear and I could have moved.

    As for the front brake, if it wasn't applied firmly I may have tipped or rolled straight into the car in front.

    So I believe I did some things right. Apparently I was too tired and/or too inexperienced to avoid it completely. Next time eh ? :wink: