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First time rear-ended by a car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by firefling, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Actually was a taxi to be precise. Sitting in traffic for a minute already waiting for lights to go red. Cars in front and back.

    All the sudden felt this nudge. :shock: Looked in mirror and the taxi driver's waving his hand to say sorry. Kicked it into neutral, hop off and look over the bike. No damage except for a big scrape of paint on my rear wheel. Looked up, waving my arms and yelled "WTF do you think you were doing?"

    Driver's still waving apologetically so considering that no damage done to my bike and his bumper is missing paint, shake my head and hop back on the bike. I mean fair enough to be rear ended while you're coming to a stop but FFS, we were sitting in traffic for a minute!! :roll:

    Blasted taxis!!
  2. You shoulda got off and showed him how angry you were remembr it could have been your life!!
  3. You should of got his rego number and insurance ect ,"just in case".
  4. Good to hear you're o.k. Minna
    I had a lady in a 4wd come up behind me today and sit a foot away.
    I inched the bike forward to give me some space, and low and behold she crept forward too.
    I turned around and :twisted: at her and she pooped on the front seat.
    I moved my bike forward some more and she stayed put.
    Didn't have to say a word.

    Don't toucha da bike, ever.
    Don't even breathe on it.

    Keep smilin'
  5. Minna - did you get his number ? You never know what has happened to the bike. I'd have it looked over just to be sure.
  6. Yikes Minna .. you had me worried just reading the title!
    Glad to hear it was just a tap.
  7. Still shoulda got his insurance details, what if by nudging the tyre it has pushed it hard enough to bend the frame in some sort of way? I am sure you dont want to pay for that.
  8. Come on! Nudging a tyre bend a frame? The loads pale in comparison to engine torque.....do you ride over gutters????
    It was a taxi, probably the brake pedal went to the floor due to lack of maintenence and he had no choice! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Geez............... it was a nudge, didn't dislodge the rider or anything.

    Maybe you should sue them for a neck complaint.................

    about $8million should do it :roll:

    Glad you're OK :wink: :grin:
  10. Taxi drivers – I’m still waiting for the day its legal to hunt these bastards :evil:
  11. At least you and the bike are ok ;-)
  12. I'll second that! :LOL:

    By the sounds of it, at worst it may have just damaged the tyre. Good to hear it was nothing more and the driver wasn't a total rat bastard and try to blame you.
  13. Glad you're okay, Minna (and so is that pretty bike, apparently!).

    The taxi driver had probably been on the road for 18 hours straight, and his No-Doze had worn off... :roll:
  14. Ya can't blame the cabbie, she does have a sexy arse :cool:
  15. Minna you gotta realise that this is your Annual rear ender, just a day earlier this year :rofl:
    At least you know no-one will be running up the back of you at the ToyRun today ;)
  16. Umm I did get off, check the back for any damages before screaming at him anyway.

    As to those who reckon I should've gotten his rego etc etc, this nudge was the equivalent of a bike stalling, I've had people "nudge" me on the rear tyre before (some playfully, once by accident).

    Debs, I hope you're right :grin:

    Must've been checking out my bike, I've already had a few head turners including a retard of another taxi driver in a van who actually stopped in middle of the traffic and jam people up behind him. He thought I was waving to him friendly like before I popped my visor up and yelled "Will ya move ya ass forward a bit more and let us turn right??!!!"
  17. I would have nugded his head with my fist... :twisted: Geez i hate taxi drivers...
  18. Gosh! you must be just *so* tough and confident!
  19. While popping the taxi driver in the moosh give satisfaction in the short term, a much more satisfying revenge (and one less likely to lead to an assault charge) is to get the rego number of the taxi and the driver certificate number off the card on the dash. And then report the f#%k to the taxi directorate and / or the taxi association. Enough complaints will result in the withdrawal of his / her licence. One less wombat on the road.:grin:

    Disclaimer: May only work in Victoria, check your state regs.

    P.S. If your bike is damaged, or you're injured always report it to the cops.
  20. Methnks rear-ending Minna would be like hanging onto the back of a Tassie Devil.

    Mmmmm. Still thinking about it.