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First time racing supermoto!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, May 25, 2014.

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    In fact it's really my first time really riding a supermoto, so racing might seem like a big jump but the opportunity was too good to miss. Me and my mate are both D grade road racers and we hang out with a few Motard racers so we decided to tard out our dirt bikes and enter this event at the last minute.

    The event was NSW SMR round 1 at port Macquarie go kart track with a proper dirt leg with berms and small jumps. It was a two day event and they run the track in reverse on the second day!

    The class we entered was the "come and try" class which was for people who have never raced motards before. They offered free entry for the weekend for the class. That's why it was too good to miss.

    The first day I tried riding traditional Motard foot out style and the second day I tried road race style which I took to very quickly since it's what I'm used to.

    The first day started with 6 entries in come and try and by the end of the second day it had dropped down to just me and my mate.

    I ended up winning the class for the weekend. (Arguably by default by I'll take what I can get )

    Here's a video from the Sunday riding road race style. I'll upload another video from the sat later with the track going the other way. Th riding will be a lot rougher in that one though lol.

    Disclaimer: this bike is a bog stock '04 450 exc (enduro), springs/valving completely wrong, leaking front fork seals, blown rear shock, gearing is wrong, geometry is wrong. I did however put a brand new pair of proper Motard slicks on it and ran warmers.

    Here's a few pics of the conversion and at the track






    If anyone is keen at having a go at this they are running the same format in September. Google nswsmr
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  2. That looks like a fun weekend mate. I take it there were less write offs than at your typical track day?
  3. There's a lot more breakdowns but zero write offs. Most people just pick the bike up and finish he race. A couple of people got hurt but the ambo didn't move all day afaik.
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  4. fcuk and thats a go cart track? wouldnt mind having a crack on the go carts, would be tops
  5. Long time no see old timer! Yep it's an international grade karting track like Eastern creek