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First Time Purchasing Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Eyy guys...

    purchased my first bike yesterday. 2007 Hyosung GT250R. Really wanted a ninja but found the 250's to be a bit small. Im about 6'3 and found the Hyosung was the only 250 which didnt make me look like a praying mantus.

    Last thing i guess is to purchase some gear which i have no idea about. Found this website here which seems to have gear at fairly reasonable prices.


    just woundering where everone got their gear from, how much they paid and what they got for their money. Looking to pay between 1 and 1.5 grand is this enough?
  2. The subject of gear has been covered about 3 times this week alone, run a search and you'll get a billion pages answering your questions.

    FYI for me:
    300 helmet
    300 jacket
    200 draggin jeans
    200 boots
    120 gloves

    Buy everything together if you can, you can get good discounts (I got about 15% off when I got helmet jacket and gloves together)
  3. Ey mate
    Thanks for the quick response
    yeh i did some searches but couldnt find much what i was looking for. where did you get your gear from?
  4. If you are buying a bike from a shop you may get a discount, spend a few bucks and join Netrider and get discounts at various places, MCAS are pretty good.

    BIGGEST tip is to buy last years design of jackets etc, they are often on run out specials.

    OH and get Goretex lined boots and two pairs of draggins.
  5. Depends how much you want to spend, $1500 is a good amount.

    Are you going to be riding in all weather (rain hail or shine?)

    Personally I paid:

    350 - helmet
    600 - leather jacket
    200 - draggin jeans
    300 - goretex lined boots
    130 - gloves

    Buy gear thats going to last you 2 years or more. I still use my Alpinestars leather jacket, draggins and Alpinestars goretex/leather boots which are over 3 years old.
    As matti-san said, try and find last years designs they are usually on special.
  6. for me

    Helmet - $700
    Jacket leather - $200
    jacket Winter - $300
    Gloves - $60
    Boots - $400
    Draggins - $180

    but all these were bought in a period of 2 years. Did a lot of trying out and comparing prices and made sure that they will last a very long time.
    Gears are expensive so pick wisely. Look out for runout deals and specials.
  7. Ninja03. It might help if u put a Suburb down so that people can tell u of a good store. No point telling u about a store in Victoria if u live in Sydney.
  8. hey ninja03 if u happen to live near melbourne try AMX (all motorcycle x-cessories this is where i got my gear from they had friendly staff and a big varity of jackets, gloves, helmets, pants and that type of stuff... they have a couple shops one is at (31 Keilor Park Drive Keilor park Vic 3042 phone number 03 9331 5050 email amxkeilor@netspace.net.au)

    The second one is (5/477 Dorset Road Bayswater Vic 3153 phone 03 9729 8000 email amx@netspace.net.au)

    600 jacket
    100 gloves
    180 boots

    Hope this helps i got my gear from keilor and am happy wit wat i got... any way good luck hunting.