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First time poster, long time reader

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CausalityOne, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hi all!

    Just subscribed, as I thought I spend enough time here reading all your very handy and informative advice!

    First bike was a 1980 Kawasaki Z250 "clapper". This baby had one cylinder, one valve and did 0-100 in 22 minutes. But was a great bike to learn on. Thanks to a lovely old lady who turned into me, my Kazza is now in the bike graveyard.

    Just took ownership of a VTR250, and all I can say is, Wow!!!!! The VTR is a 2000 model, with 30K on the ticker. I know she isn't the fastest around, but she's my baby now and I think I'm in love.

    Hope to catch up with y'all and participate in some rides sometime.

    In Sydney, 30yrs, male....P plater. (sounds like an internet dating advert)
  2. Welcome, you won't be a casualty in here, I assure you :LOL:
  3. Welcome mate....one valve eh...just curious about which one went walkabout, inlet or exhaust?
  4. probably the steam valve!
  5. Heh...ok you got me. Just checked and yea, two valves. Or in fact, maybe that's the reason it had such great performance!! Yarr!!!

    Mechanically I have no clue. Driven cars up till now. Give me a car, should be able to fix it (might not know what I am doing but I'll give it a go). Give me a bike, I stand there gawking thinking, "Wow, nice bike..., where's the front?"
  6. I'm sure many people have the same view cause! Would prefer to ride rather than worry about how it works.

    Welcome to the bunch of unusual suspects :D

    PS: I think my version of reality needs updating - i'm still on the beta!
  7. Hi Cause, nice choice of bike, welcome dude. :)
  8. Welcome - Interesting name.
  9. Welome!!!!!!!! enjoy! and read alot there is a great amount of info here... and utter bollocks as well... :p

    BETA??/ you got beta?? mine is unsuported "aphaware" at best... damn glitchy like the world is running on windows millenium... or Mac OS...
  10. I'm sure cause has more hardware upgrades than me if he's running v2.2 - problems of being an old rider I guess.
  11. We don't like you :LOL: haha just kidding... Welcome welcome. Well I would love to go on a ride with you... But where would our meeting point be... Broken Hill? :p
    Enjoy your stay and stay safe.
  12. Hi and welcome.

    If you see any ride date come along ,or come to the HBB next wednesday night ,see nsw events.

    See you around .

  13. Hi and Welcome.

    I'm a :newb: as well.

    This site is extremely interesting and is sure to cover whatever topic anyone can think of.

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. Yep, v1.1 didn't gel with me. Something about running 32bit software on a 2bit o/s. :p . They told me it had nothing to do with hardware age, just the crappy o/s that came with it :shock:
  15. welcome . . .

    btw, nice bike ! :grin:
  16. Over & over again so do like all good newbies should & become really good friends with the search function!
  17. the search function is kinda broken...
  18. No it's the operator who is knda broken I just typed in tyres to test it & got 56 matches!