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First time peg scrape = almost brown trouser moment.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. For 3 years I’ve been dreaming of this moment that happened at about 4:05pm today about 2mins from my destination (have a lovely sweeping and then sharpish left hander just near where I was headed). Thanks to some quality Noob Basic 101 to 104 threads posted in New Riders/Riding Tips with some persistent practice and envelope pushing (nothing to exciting just my own annoying comfort zones) I finally arrived at Everest foot peg scrape Base Camp.

    When getting home I leant the bike over till the peg was contacting with the ground to get some context... woo hoo!! How the hell did I manage that?? You must be kidding me!! Unfortunately the excitement was short lived by the reality of how it almost went pear shaped.

    When the corner started to sharpen all I did different to normal was A> lead with my chin up (when cornering I tend to tuck my chin - damn preliminary SR) and B> Star the bajeezus at the Vanishing Point (usually thanks to the dodgy chin action my eyes tend to wander away from the VP and I back out of the power on and out phase).... For a mili second I had this realisation my line, position, speed etc were all feeling awesome and I just new this was something different. I didn’t lean off the bike at all, just kept the outside knee pushed into the tank and elbows low. Oh, and for the first time I attempted a deliberate 'tip in'. It felt weird and I dont even know if I did it right, but ran much closer to the middle line than usual and then just tipped it over so to speak when I had a better view round the corner. Countersteer? couldn’t tell you If I did?..was more like I leaned my body weight over first and then imputed steering? Damn, wish I had of paid more attention now, but there was allot going on much faster than I’m usually used too.. anyhoot.. Was just about to start celebrating with a further twist of the throttle when the peg hit ground zero...

    What I should have done....(correct me if I’m wrong here btw)

    * yell out 'woo hoo - fark yeah baby!!'
    * stick to that vanishing point like glue
    * change nothing except perhaps lighten the weight on the peg scrapping foot to allow for continued contact
    * continue with the power on and out through the corner
    * do a U turn, go back and do it again anticipating the scrape to get used to the feeling

    What actually happened....
    * yelled out 'shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit' like a 12 y/o girl
    * Before that had even finished I had lost the Vanishing Point and was looking right in front of me.
    * I kind of got stuck in a time vacuum... Time elapsed but my brain didnt respond.
    * As I started to drift towards the middle line I had the awareness that my throttle was coasting and diminishing but didn’t do anything, just rolled and coasted a bit.
    * Then thanked the universe that I didnt chopped the throttle all the way. It was more a drop to half but held it there whilst I figured out what the hell to do
    * When safely around the corner got angry at myself for freaking out and running wide.

    I cant handle that kind of freak out baggage every time this happens. God help me when I upgrade one day and my rear wheel steps out and I give myself a tank slapper!

    Is that normal or do I just need to harden the fark up?
    Does it get easier each scrape?
    How can you practice without going through all the above?
    Is there any mental strategy or technical approach to work on?

    etc etc etc, now Im doing my own head in......thanks in advance for the indulgence
  2. I believe its all about pushing through that 'wall' of things your body will naturally do but be bad for you. So i also believe that it will be different approaches/variations for different people but i'll just let the pro's do the talking for now. Im still newb :)
  3. Congrats first off. I'm assuming you ride a GPX? They are a light bike from what i've heard and are great in the corners. If they are anything like the ninja, the pegs are a good challenge to grind.

    You've done it once, you know what it feels like, it gets easier. I was grinding foot pegs left, right and centre on my old scooter. Not quite the same thing, but I almost shat myself the first time I ground the pegs. Next time round that corner my thoughts were "here comes the grind time".

    I remembered at what stage the pegs ground though and was expecting it. I also knew not to push it further.
  4. Get in an empty carpark and give the peg feelers a gentle tickle.

    Scraped my peg on my third or fourth ride out, didn't really phase me. Getting my foot stuck UNDER the shifter on a left hand turn however... :busting:
  5. Don't worry Kermit, you DID countersteer. You can't turn a bike without it. You just have to raise your conscious awareness of it, so you are always in control of when and how much.

    Shame you couldn't have kept you eye on the prize, but for the first time, you did well enough, mate :)). A bit more practice and you'll be less easily distracted by the unexpected, and will be able to stay focussed.

    I'd hit that corner another 20-30 times, and become familiar with lean angle, speed, and visual cues. You'll then be able to transfer that to other corners, provided you can maintain your focus.

    Good to see your progress, mate. :)

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    Good link, but id hardly classify a gpx as a sport bike
  8. thanks everyone for you replies.., awesome. I have tried to get back to the same corner but with a combination of being sick, too much traffic and still feeling a bit timid (need to get to that empty car park I think) I havent been able to re live the magic of that first scrape! No worries, Rome wasnt built in a day so will just keep trying to progress at a reasonable and safe level. I think a track day would be invaluable. If I could just have a controlled environment to scrape over and over and slide/wobble the back or front out a bit under the hammer a few times and get used to those feelings I would be wrapt.

    Cant justify putting my only means of transport and commute on the track uninsured just yet.

    stay tuned for the next scrape installment, even if it is at 10km/h around a makeshift witches hat somewhere : )
  9. Mate i'm glad that your enjoying your bike and enjoying riding but scraping your peg is not a good thing. It means you're lean angle is quite excessive. If scraping your peg is what you want to do, then goal achieved but keep in mind that your body position is incorrect.
  10. Now that you've scraped your peg, you know not to do it again.
    Lean over instead. Get that knee off the tank and move the body over as well. Do this properly and you'll go much faster without having to worry about wearing down your hero blobs.
  11. I did this in my learners course. It scared the crap out of me. I asked the instructor what that meant and he told me that I just leaned the bike as far as it would go. He seemed pretty excited about it, I'm guessing it doesn't happen on too many peoples first day of riding. Of course I went on to get a scooter which makes this a little impossible to achieve until I get a bike.
  12. Just don't dig it in, the stains are hard to remove. Closest i have ever been to a highside...

    Yarra boulevard has 2 good corners at either end that you can get full over on at fairly close to the limit, i say fairly as i haven't checked the speedo, too many other things to concern myself with(exit lines, body positioning etc)
  13. seems to be a pro and against argument for the scrape? Some think its sexy and cool and others unnecessary and dangerous.... appreciating both points of view at the moment...

    I ride for enjoyment as most do and when I scrape or try even (because I think its sexy and cool) this = terrifying non enjoyment moments. Im kind of wondering whether or not to pursue it or move onto conquering the next technique like a 'knee down' .......(joking)
  14. Getting your pegs to scrape is good for wearing down the chicken strips. It's not good for going around corners fast.
    Getting your knee down isn't neccesarily good for going fast round corners. I've managed to get my knee down at 10k but not at 70.
    Leaning over is good for going round corners fast.

    Depends why you're riding. If you prefer to look cool to the people behind you as you go round with bits scraping and magnesium in your sliders sparking...
    Or if you want to be so far ahead they'll catch up as you finish filling up...
  15. Hi Kermit. With reference to the cool or not question.
    It IS a sign that you're getting into the groove of cornering a little more, so it is time now to flatten off the cornering learning curve, and consolidate your skill at this level before you move on.

    Give yourself time to acclimatize, and allow your current abiltiies to set.

    The downside is that you may go reaching for more- a bit of " if I can do that, then maybe I can do THIS to" :)
    It's normal to think that way, so nothin wrong with it, but be catious of over-reaching.

    Time to focus on body position, mate!
    That'll keep you busy for a while :)

  16. HTFU!


    I reckon Vando and a couple of the others are right personally; it may feel like you're cornering faster - and I know you want to break the mental blockage about it but do you want faster, smoother riding or to know where your bikes limits are? Having ridden with you I know your posture is far better than you realise - you're psyching yourself out mate. Stick $190 into the Stay Upright intermediate course imo. OR, let's tee up a ride in the next two weeks ;)
  17. Since you've ridden with Kermit, and know his posture is pretty good already, then it sounds like he's going to start hanging off or slow a bit and work on other aspects of cornering then. Glad he'll have someones guidance.
  18. yep, gradual improvement/skills aquisition in stages with sensible benchmarks. Thanks Raven your last comment is spot on actually. The peg scrape and real awareness of this envelope pushing did come really quickly and was very unsettling (yet exciting). Just so happens that over the last week I have really dropped my velocity around selected fave spots to concentrate on position, positive self talk on the corner (VP, chin up, no white knuckles please etc) and to enjoy the moments it feels good. Thanks again for your genuine interest and advice.

    yes Cheebs, Im draggin my heels badly for a ride.. Its been months, jeez... Baby is being born on 22nd Nov, so Cassman looking to plan a pre 'Dad' blatt on the 20th or 21st maybe. Will let you know or Andrew will send the usual group email. Appreciate the positive mojo. Less time worrying more time doing as you say : )

    cheers all, Greg
  19. Good on u mate I reckon it's part of the learning process. Some people don't see the point in getting off the side, but now you know where the
    limit of your bike is now you can see the need for getting off it. You can either burn it into your memory as the max lean angle or start hanging off and increase your speed (or do the same speed at a much safer angle). When your hanging off properly and still dragging parts that's about where the real limit is. On my gf's old cbr250rr I managed to scrape peg when going for knee down, it gave me a fright when the wrong thing hit.