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First Time - Peak Hour - Freeway Driving

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomo201070, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. A bit of personal history for you, I won a contract of work to assist a large water authority whose head office is based in Sunshine, Victoria. The project involved me having to work at their offices.

    I live in Berwick, which is a bl**dy long way from Sunshine.

    In order for me to get to the offices and miss early morning traffic, I normally leave home in my truck at stupid o'clock and get there for 7am, ready to do a days work and then head off home about 3ish to miss the traffic back. It's a ball ache!

    I passed my learners back in October '06 and have been riding a second-hand Yamaha XV250 since the end of Nov, gaining experience on the road. Talking of experience I had yet to take it on the Freeway!!

    This morning I decided to have a lie in and then ride the bike to Sunshine, during peak hour traffic and see how i got on.


    All the cars were sat not going anywhere, and there I was taking it nice and steady between the second and third lanes. It was great and I'm going home about 4:30 to see what the traffic is going to be like on the way back.

    I just wish I could take the bike all the time, and once I've got my fulls and done the requisite 12 months and got a bigger bike, I will.

    I've booked in for the test on 21st Feb at MTA in Dandenong. No wucking forries!! (Jeez I sound like an excited kid, not a 36yr old married father of 3) :p
  2. :woot: Have a great ride home. Take it easy. And good luck with the P's test...I'm yet to book in for mine.
  3. Yep It's pretty cool filtering through traffic alright, don't know how all those people in cages do it, moving along at snails pace, bumper to bumper, yuk!

    Just watch out for the stupid people who will merge without indicating or looking.
  4. I know exactly what you mean - Since I got my bike two weeks ago I've been riding up the south eastern side of Perth (Orrong road/Farmer fwy) to get to college and work in the city. It's not much fun, and the lanes are too narrow to split, and there's roadworks and cars crossing the road pulling into service stations and stuff. It was about as quick as taking the scooter directly into the city, which was small enough to squeeze into tight spots, but really gutless and not fun when you want to get in front of someone quickly.

    Yesterday and today I tried something different and went out of my way to the south west and up the Kwinana freeway. The lanes are nice and wide and all but one driver saw me coming and moved over to let me split past. I left 10 minutes late this morning and still got there 15 minutes early. I'd always known Roe/Kwinana was the quicker way (despite being longer) when there's no traffic, but I didn't realise how little the traffic matters when you're on a bike.
  5. Can anyone tell me the basics of filtering through traffic? I thought lane splitting was a no no?
  6. filtering isnt exactly splitting its picking a gap thats just big enough getting hard on the throttle and continuosly repeating it, why just because we can
  7. I;ve also started commuting to work in the city :grin: (via full length of eastern freeway in melb). the thing that I learnt the first day of riding through heavy traffic: when lane filtering through traffic u need constant awareness/attention :shock: & dont divert your attention from whats going on in front of you for too long at all... i'm talking only fractions of a second.

    since my first day of commuting (6 weeks ago), i've been adjusting my lane postion (when in transit lanes cars will often pull in with out looking if the can get a clean break for a bit; reving a bit when filtering through slow traffic so people can hear i'm there (but dont rely on it).

    QUESTION :?: - many posts ago info was giving on 10 pointers for filtering/splitting. It was official advise given to (i think british) police bike riders. Anyone have a url link to this? had some good info in it. tried a search...but no luck.
  8. Lane splitting is great, Its even better when your going 120km/h while lane splitting in extremely heavy rain while your rear wheel is spinning out all over the place and your just thinking DAMN its great to be alive. :LOL:

    This lane splitting stuff is easy, just take it easy and slow at first, keep an eye out for things about to happen eg door opening or someone stepping out.

    As for splitting while people are moving make sure someone isn't on a phone or anything know where your mirrors and handle bars are and just casually go through asif they were stationary. Oh yeah remember its safe to split moving cars while there is another one next to them so you know they aren't going to merge over you.