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First time out!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Farab, May 14, 2007.

  1. Went out for the first time (proper spin) ever on the road this weekend. I was worried about this whole counter steer thing - but it basically came naturally. Just look where you want to go and lean into the corner. I was "automatically" pushing with the same side that I wanted to go (pushing right to go right). Just caught myself leaning the bike only at times - the road was wet (raining)- so I was a little nervous to really lean and go for it. Any tips/advice to really get into the corners?

  2. Relaxing helps with cornering and all aspects of riding, so keep your body unstressed and everything becomes easier. When you're new to riding it wont help to think about counter steering, you don't need to think about it for a while, its just going to confuse you a bit right now.

    As you're doing, look through the corner, don't fixate sight on right in front of you or an object you're trying to avoid, just look straight through it. Shifting your weight forward and lower also dramatically helps, kind of like driving with your shoulder.

    And take your time, don't pressure yourself. Skill will come in time and you've got the right attitude.
  3. Congrats on getting out there.

    Take it slowly at first. No need to try and corner like Rossi (you can't, and neither can your bike). I'm sure I still corner like a complete noob :LOL:

    When I hit the twisties, I try to concentrate on the basics:

    1. Setup - select your gear and complete your braking
    2. Line - choose your line (noting, of course, any road hazards)
    3. Form - look through the corner, and drop the elbow in.
    4. Throttle - maintain throttle control and ride as smoothly as possible

    I think about, and try to execute, these steps every time. It gets better, your confidence builds a little, and you'll start to feel more relaxed on the bike.

    Just take it easy and be safe out there. :cool:
  4. Thanks! Yes, I need to relax. I find my arms straight and stiff, then telling myself to relax my body. Now I can totally relate - you have to be aware of what's happening around you every second, 360 degrees and expect the worst/antisipate some idiot to turn in front of you, etc. I chucked myself into the deep end this weekend. Been out in bad traffic + rain. Also miscalculated the time (too excited too go riding) and ended up riding back after sunset + another shower = wet roads!!! Still a good experience.

    I find I sometimes "miss" the gear lever ( riding with boots) Also need to sort out braking - using proper brake (back, front or both)
  5. in the same boat here. Just stating out and trying to get the skill up to use the bike every day. So far only around 4-6 hours on the bike.

    I think before going on in the real world one should learn starting from still so you can do it 100%, don't want to stall when you trying to make a right turn in traffic. Stopping normally without loosing balance. And emergency braking - can not stress that one enough. If anything goes wrong out there this is the only thing that will save you! At least i feel that way.

    Trying to ride at least for 40 min every night and then I’ll be taking the bike to work and anywhere else I go, which should build the skills faster and get me more confident and relaxed.

    Be safe and think with your head!

  6. it takes time to get use to the bike. apart from people giving you advise and tips that is a great help certin things like not panicing will sooner or later fade away and become second nature. most people in here should agree that with me.
    best thing to do is to take small steps. mabye find a large inclosed area like a truck yard and practise your stuff there.
  7. You got that right, lots of great advice in these here forums - esp just looking at the posts in this thread already!

    My first time in traffic this weekend just past as well and there were times i probably shoulda worn brown pants, but what might help is to take a more experienced and level headed friend along with you.

    Arranged to go for a "cruise" on Sunday morning, it was a great idea. We started out early with almost no traffic and it eventually felt more natural to have more cars around - apart from a sudden left turn where I almost hit the median strip (made the mistake of looking at the cars around me instead of where i wanted to go) and a car suddenly cutting into my lane, things were very smooth and your confidence grows with each km. Gear changes are smoother - i no longer miss the gear lever (yes - not being used to the boots!). Discussing different aspects of the ride at each stop really helped as well. Next thing we knew we'd been riding for over 4 hours! We only went home because of mother's day.

    It also feels good to see new people on the forum like yourself thinking exactly the same thing. I cracked up when Farab wrote how he ended up coming back after sunset cos he was so excited and nodded my head in agreement with TPs comment about being aware of what's around you and the emergency braking - i know for sure that saved me from a nasty 70km/h crash. Some people see the L's course as a chore but the things I learnt there sure as heck applied on the road. Im very excited about the increase in skills and confidence as a rider - if im enjoying it this much now, imagine how good it gets when it becomes 2nd nature and you're no longer overthinking about operating the bike!
  8. Thanks for the advice phizog, tried it tonight, went pretty good, thanks! Any advice on riding in rain - regarding visors?
  9. Congratulations on getting out there. This past weekend was my first time on the road too and I loved every minute of it. The difference in perspective compared to being in a car is quite amazing.

    I'm already planning my next weekend ride, I look forward to hearing about yours.
  10. Simple exercise to 'play' with counter steering. As you ride along keep your hands light on the bars and push lightly :grin: away from you with your left hand = bike goes left, push with right hand = bike goes right...WOW. This can also assist you if you need to dodge something quickly.
    You'll be surprised how much of an affect counter steering has when you corner. When you feel confident, dip into a corner with slightly less lean than normal and lightly push away with the leading hand (hand that is going with the corner), you'll find the bike leans in by itself.

    Happy counter steering :grin:
  11. hey Gummi, glad you are enjoying your GPX. Ride safely mate :)
  12. Heya Technik,

    The bike's great - the last owner really took care of her! ;) And im doing the same - using all my meguiars stuff on her too! Let us know when you get your replacement bike! Be really interested to see what you go do get. I'm sure Scotty would be up for a cruise some time too :grin:

    Yeah some advice on rain gear would be great too - it can all just go over your regular stuff right?
  13. Thanks for all the good advice, will keep you posted.
  14. Nice to hear that you are taking care of it. Actually I've already bought another bike, been riding my new ZX-636 since last week, it is bloody awesome! :cool:
  15. farab,

    I'm lloking forward to my first time - just need to find that bike (or let the bike find me...)!
  16. Old EmmGee, I am very happy with my VTR 250 - just love the V twin!