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First Time on the Spurs - Almost

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by trinity, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Wow what a day, perfect weather, gorgeous roads & 2 wheels to ride :grin:

    Did the Spurs for the first time, ok ok so I've ridden the Black Spur once before but that was a nasty experience that was fraught with nerves & not good I’ve deleted it from my memory! Yes I’ve also done Reefton numerous times in the past but only as a pillion. So this is the first time!

    I headed off with rabbit & power addict up through the Dandenongs with a stop in Olinda for lunch then out through Mt Evelyn to Healesville & ............ the Black Spur. So we did get stuck behind a car towing a boat halfway through, power addict having the R1 blatted past in a second whilst us gals on our little GPX 250's were stuck, but it was a great day so we cruised through enjoying the scenery. Got to Rays & decided we'd keep going & do Reefton! Was a little apprehensive but been having a good day so....

    We hit Reefton and off went power addict, rabbit & I doing our thing & just cruising along...no hang on...we're not :shock: we're zipping along, left right left right we're swooping round bends and power addict is only a couple of corners ahead of us...WOO HOO! Then we hit the other side...oh no...downhill twisties :eek:hno: after a few minutes we're swooping again. Not one big fast bike going our way & flying past us, no cars, a couple of each & a truck going the opposite way that was it. It was awesome the grin is still on my face. Stopped at Warburton for much needed icy poles. Then off again took the road to Gembrook, more twisties went straight through at Gembrook so took the long way to Cockatoo, Emerald & then back down through Belgrave to home. After the Spurs us gals were cornering so well the roads we know were a piece of cake, the bikes were cranked over more than we've ever had them, checked my chicken strips when I got home they're only 5mm a few weeks ago they were more like 5cm!!!! Even a bit of a rear end slip on some gravel didn't freak me out like it has before.

    It was just the best day, I really had the feel of my baby & the corners were going by so fast but felt so easy, effortless, the bike was just awesome. Home for a swim, a cold beer & a bbq what more could you want? I'm a happy woman :grin:

    Raven & Pinkxie everything you showed me is falling into place. Scumbag, Quik Blat, Cejay, Mrs Scumbag, Russell & anyone else from Tuesday coffee that I have driven crazy with questions it’s all coming together, thank you.

    I know there is still so much to learn & experience but.......I lurve this shit!!!!!
  2. :woot: Love to hear a rider coming back from a ride with a big smile on their face!

    The Launching place to Gembrook road is one of my faves for variety and scenery :)
  3. :grin: good to hear!
    you'll be giving me a run for my money soon! :shock:
  4. wow.
    im so excited i clicked twice :grin: :p
  5. I do love to excite you :p . Pity I can't tell if you're blushing :LOL:

    I've done that one quite a few times & it's rapidly becoming a fave, with the exception of one day I've never had traffic on that road.