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First time I've even dragged my knee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wideone3, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. So today while up at the old pacific highway I accidently dragged my knee. I wasn't purposely trying but I just turned into a corner going just a tad over the speed limit (white lie) and thought "**** thats the ground" as I scraped it. Luckily I was wearing my leather pants so just scraped the pucks.
    In no way am I boasting, it just felt like an achievement and started laughing to myself after cause I'm weird like that.
    I know you could take a corner perfectly fine without dragging the knee but it felt so much more confident inspiring.
    Anyone else have the same feeling first time?

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  2. Photo or it didn't happen ;) hahaha

    Nah, nice one mate, though I'll never do it (preservation gene kicks in) I like to live vicariously through others *grin*
  3. Guess you will have to wait till Jindabyne to see my pucks get worn to the ground
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  4. Thats how it always starts
    Toe scrapers
    Knee sliders
    Elbow sliders and then
    Azz sliders usually followed by visor slides and so forth:hungry::ROFLMAO:
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  5. Elbow down is the new knee down.


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  6. Objection!!!

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  7. He doesn't actually look that comfortable with his elbow down - or out and down - must be a newbie.

    Whereas Marquez, or even our own Aiden Wagner look very much at home.

    wideone3wideone3 - track days for you now Mate.
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  8. Mate. I've never dragged my knee, and am probably unlikely to ever do so... but from what I understand it sounds like you've done it the perfect way... by accident. Not by making a deliberate effort, but by naturally riding better. I think that's a huge achievement in itself - far more than just dragging the knee, but doing it so naturally it was unexpected. And that I find - is impressive. Well done mate!
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  9. Never dragged my knee but during a track day on Phillip island with the Stay Upright people about 25 years ago, we were learning counter steering and I was gradually practising more boldly around corners until I surprised myself by bouncing off the rocker cover (bmw ls650), after I got over the initial shock I thought 'hey I'm Wayne Gardner in disguise and proceeded to gradually grind the sharp edges off both rocker covers during the course of the afternoon. Then I was told the tale of the someone's mate who ground right through and had oil pissing out.
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  10. I've hit up old pacific highway quite a lot recently. And each time im getting more confident. Although I must say going down the other night with HillsyHillsy at midnight definitely made me realise how little I know the road. But yeah each time I've been getting faster and obviously with more speed comes more lean angle. Hoping next time itll be more expected and ill know how to hold it out.
    Cheers tho man. Means a lot :)
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  11. Not trying to teach you suck eggs or piss on your fireworks............. but that is a very dangerous road when you, or someone else, loses it - from personal experience. Best way speeding fine $200/250/300:
    Track day, $280.00 all day - $230 during the week, no-one coming the other way and knee down every corner for 8 laps for 6 sessions if you want!
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  12. I want to be able to ride like this dude one day. Doing the sharp turns, not necessarily that fast though...

    Is there such a thing called frame slider dragging?

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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I remember the first time I touched knee - it was on a gutter and I was wearing jeans. Would not recommend.
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  15. Yeah I've never felt confident going on a track until now. I'm definitely now looking at track days. Only difference, if I stack on the road I've got insurance there where as usually insurance doesn't cover track days. But I guess it's not much of a pay off if it means I survive the slide instead of crashing into a rock wall on the road.
    Any suggestions for insurance for track?
  16. #16 Lionz, Mar 1, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016
    Have a quick search - there's a few i've noticed pretty recently. Or get a track bike.

    The first couple of track days getting used to it should ensure you stay on two wheels. There's a group of us going of different levels on 02nd April. There's still spaces available in the white group currently:
    Book now | Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days

    Thread here:
    [NSW] - SMSP 02nd April
  17. No other feeling like it on a sports bike mate.
  18. I'm surprised no one has come up with the idea of having a little attachment knee pad like a mini skateboard or inline skate with a small row of wheels, then you could lean it further and maybe even get both the bike wheels off the ground, that would look pretty cool. You could throw the bike around while sliding down the straight on your knee like those Olympic figure skaters.
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  19. Barman! I'll have a pint of whatever Mr Owl PhD is drinking.
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  20. Scraping hard bike bits was why the hanging off style first started happening, it was pretty easy to scrap hard parts in the 70s, even bikes you wouldn't expect to like SS Bevel Ducatis. BMWs were especially vulnerable and those riders really hung off. Not so easy to scrap on modern bikes. Its bloody surprising what happens when you relax in a corner and just let it happen, helps if your behind someone and trying hard. Getting to relaxed and the consequences can get ugly. Especially up there. A while back I lowered my pegs 30mm to get a better leg bend, didn't have it touching down much till I was following a young lady with long red hair on a GSXR Suzuki up the PITS hill, I think I have meet her,she had quite a racing history, yep my pegs touched down a few times on that ride.