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First time in 15 years

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ibast, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Got booked yesterday for the first time in 15 years.

    Overtaking on the inside. (Beware the black commodore in Eatwood, in Syd)

    Bit annoyed, because he didn't book the 20 cars that I overtook, for not keeping left in their lane.

    But I can't complain too much, because it is the calculated risk I take in using the service lanes on the motorways.

    Still it doesn't exactly encourage people to ride bikes, does it?
  2. I wasn't aware there was a law regarding this.
    Only to keep left on a two lane road.

    Do you expect them to keep left in their lane so you can split past them on the right? If the right lane does the same then its the exact same distance between cars as if they are all centred in their lanes.
  3. Yeah there's a law requiring vehicles to "keep as far left as practicable" in their lane. It's only vaguely legal to lanesplit to the right of a vehicle (between it and the white line), passing on the left is illegal and can be dangerous if a car suddenly decides to turn into a sidestreet/driveway etc. Really frustrating when cars don't keep left - especially some of the roads I ride where you could easily fit another one or two cars between the vehicle in front and the left hand side of the road, but legally I can't pass them.
  4. It does not say "in their lane". The RTA clearly says that it does not apply to multilane roads. It's obviously for suburban streets where lanes are not defined (I can link to the RTA if you need further convincing).

    They have not made a rule so you can split past cars more easily. They're not that considerate to motorcyclists.
  5. the problem is they don't all stay in the centre. Some go left and others go right. The result is you often get bottle necks.

    It really is an achaic law, but so is the overtaking on the left law, with regards to bikes. It's just disappointing they decide to enforce one and not the other.
  6. I know it would be nice if they lined up neatly along the outer edges of the lane so we can ride up the middle but lifes not supposed to be fair, especially when you're taking advantage of a grey area in the road rules.

    Although I do split, I still believe there is a time and a place. You do it when its safe to do so.
  7. Sorry Ibast i'm confused, was this were there were no lanes marked, or were you lane spliting? Or just the fac that you overtook in the left hand lane?

    Where abouts was this in Eastwood?
  8. He spotted me in two place. On Rutledge Rd on the left of cars turning right. If he had of booked me for this I would have taken it to court.

    Then on the left of cars queed up on Brush road. Here I was on the other side of an unbroken line. Definatley in the wrong here, though I think the ticket should read differently. Still If I were to take it to court, that charge would be thrown out and they would just slap me with "crossing unbroken line" or similar.
  9. No you're right - just checked the vicroads website and they say the same thing (doesn't apply to multilane roads). Interestingly though it is an offence (at least in Victoria) to "unreasonably obstruct another driver" - wonder if that one applies to cars that deliberately block motorcycles trying to lane split (does apply to vehicles travelling "abnormally slow" unless they have a valid reason).
  10. Send them a letter, there is a fairly well known "unoffical" rule that if you have a clear record for ten years then you normally get off and the clock starts ticking again from this offence.

    Let us know how it all goes
  11. I always shoot up the left on Brush Rd. THat sucks there is a tonne of road there, you could even fit another cage down there. How much was the fine?
  12. That's weird, you can in Victoria - though I have had cars abuse me for doing so :roll:. It's the car you're passing that's breaking the law (failure to keep left). To quote Vicroads:
    "A driver (except the rider of a bicycle) must not overtake a vehicle to the left of the vehicle unless — the driver is driving on a multi-lane road and the vehicle can be safely overtaken in a marked lane to the left of the vehicle".
    Edit: I thought all states were now using the same road rules - so that should be true for NSW as well.
  13. Hi ibast,
    Sorry to here about the additional revanue collected by the sorry excuse of the officer of the law!
    I guess he hadn't completed his Quota yet and probably didn't get any the previous night!

    I say its all legal until you get caught.

    What is the damage $$$ and how many points?

    Hope you have a good one!

  14. Yeah I was only doint about 10-15 km/hr too. I think he just couldn't get past the fact that he was stuck in the traffic and I wasn't.

    $128. I don't know about points.

    I have noticed quite a police presence in Eastwood. I think the station must be overmanned.


    I got off a speeding fine, in the car about 4 years ago and I have an oficial warning on my records, so the letter probably won't be fruitfull. Thank anyway
  15. Joel is right, although the law has a $77 fine for failure to keep left in laned traffic when travelling over 80 kph, it is illegal to overtake a drone sitting in the said right lane.

    That said, mate, you were a bit stiff, and I agree that he had to make up his quota; a hundred times a day he's see that same scenario, especially at low speed, and turn a blind eye..
  16. When that happens ask him if you were a bicycle would he have booked you?

    If he says no then ask him what the difference is as far as safety goes and why you were unsafe and a bicycle isn't :LOL:

    If he is forced to acknowledge that you weren't being unsafe then you just might persuade him to let you off. :roll:
  17. If you were on a bicycle, you could sod off through a park with no number plate for them to track you.
    Just because we pay rego, we can get screwed over.

    If a cop flashed lights at you or siren, just keep riding as if you didn't see/hear them.
    If they manage to catch up, say you didn't hear them because of helmet & road-noise/thought it wasn't you/impossible to pull over/etc.

    If they don't catch up, there's a chance they won't go to the trouble of taking down licence plate and sending a fine in the post... unless you did something serious.
  18. Okay, checked the RTA website and it lists the same road rules as Vicroads which clearly states that it IS legal to pass someone using the left lane - I can find absolutely no mention of this not applying to 80kph+ roads. The regs can be found here if anyone can point out to me where it says passing in the left lane is illegal :? . If it is then what happens if a car in the right lane brakes or slows down? Unless the car(s) in the left lane do the same then they'd be illegally (and involuntarily) passing on the left. This is something the Police could (and probably would) use to raise revenue, since if there's heavy traffic then the cop car wouldn't be breaking any laws itself.
  19. Hmmm, we all need to know the road rules a little better I suspect. Me also.

    However, these ones we should all know:

    Of course you can overtake someone on a two lane (in your direction of travel) road in the left lane, with them in the right lane. That is what marked lanes are for!

    No, you cannot overtake someone on the left when they are in the left lane of any road, unless they have their right indicator on, and it is safe to do so. This IS for your safety. Someone travelling in the left lane is not expecting a vehicle on their left side, and shouldn't have to. I learned this the hard way, as a cage decided to turn left from the left lane without indicating, many years ago. I was passing him on the left at the time, and bounced off his rear door. The law is there because it is not safe, no matter how much room is there. I would never do this again.

    Yes, bicycles do it, but they don't have a safer alternative. Besides, it's not often you see a bicycle pass a moving vehicle on its left side. The passed vehicle is usually stopped at lights or something, or maybe travelling very slowly in traffic. When they do pass you on the left while you are moving along at anything above 10Kph, don't you cringe at the risk they are taking? I do. You wont win the comparison argument with any cop I have met.

    Splitting between two lanes of traffic is a different issue, as all road users expect to have traffic to their right and left respectively, even if they don't expect it between the lanes.

    Of course you have to stay as far left as possible on a road with no centre line marked, otherwise you will have a head on collision with on coming traffic! Not to mention that in suburbian streets people will be backing out of driveways, onto their half of the road.

    For different reasons, you can't use the emergency or access lanes on the left to pass other vehicle. Think about it. If you did it, everyone would do it, and the emergency lane would just become another traffic lane. So when you are lying on the road, all cruched and broken up, do you want the ambulance to have to crawl through traffic to get to you? No, you don't. You want that morphine fast.