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First Time front wheel of the ground

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Okay so last night I got the front wheel of the ground on my R1 for the first time ever on a bike.

    Interesting feeling with the steering going all light etc - I didnt panic at all - I understood what was happening

    sure it may have only been an inch or two of the ground - but first time out can be daunting and feel like 3 feet of the ground.

    No clutch popping at all just absolutely wrung its neck in second gear and considering I usually never go over 6000 rpm it was a surprise to feel how much power came in at about 8000 rpm ( estimate )

    And I am pleased because I am a big heavy guy and the R1 had enough ooomppf to do it.

    So advice to other novices and rookies - just dont panic when it happens.

  2. Have you gotten the rear off the ground yet?
  3. =D>
    Someone give him his badge.

    I am yet to do it, and probably won't for a while.
    I guess it is an inevitable step if you ride a bike for long enough.
  4. Yeah, the first time it happened to me was not quite so calm. Ask MV about it :rofl:

    Was on a ride stuck behind a slow driver (60-odd km/h) and went to make a pass in a safe, legal area… I thought I was piddling around in 6th gear, and snapped down 4 gears to make the pass. Nope, I was in 5th! Front end came up like I rode over an IED, and I just about soiled my shorts.
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  5. To be fair, it looked exactly like you meant it Grue, mad props.

    Nice work Takamii, keep at it, the world needs more whoolies, you'll be doing Stand Up's & High Chairs in no time.
  6. more like falling on my ass all the time LOL

    its okay though - I know this dude that makes and imports great protective gear at a good price so i am literally covered :)
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  7. Congratulations Tak, welcome to the world of real bikes. :beer:

    Although unless I've misunderstood, I'm surprised the Yamaha motard didnt spend more time on one wheel than 2. And if this is the first wheelie, you are a much more sensible rider than I've ever been.. and I'm not saying that like its a bad thing..
  8. I am envious but congrats :)
    Mind you I am still crapping myself leaning a bike as back on after a stack for a bit over a month. But one day, I will like to just lift the front up a tad to say 'I did it' on a hornet 900, I believe it is possible, one step at a time though. first grow some balls to lean and enjoy :)
  9. Motard didnt have the power for my size

    the R1 has nealry 6 times the horsepower
  10. I actually had it happen on a 250. Super short first gear plus dumping the clutch off the line and the front popped up. Was quite funny. Only had it go light once on a 600. Heard its a lot easier on a thou
  11. I had it happen on the second day I had my 848. Coming out of a turn, bang on the throttle and weeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    I can control them now and remember to ALWAYS cover the rear brake :)

  12. Wheelie's are a combination of technique and power. The more of one means the less you need of the other.
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  13. My first time was on a 2fiddy as well. In fact, I had both wheels come off the ground at the same time - public road. Didn't work out what happened until after. Only time I've ever got the front wheel airborn on the 400 with it's super tall first gear was at about 12k rpm going over a sharp crest.
  14. Not true.

    I can wheelie an old 1979 XR185, a crf250x, my old '96 gixxer 750, and my '09 gixxer thou. Honestly out of all of those bikes the CRF250x is the easiest to wheelie.

    If you are relying on power you are doohan it wrong, torque and technique is what you need to wheelie a motasickle.
  15. R1 FTW!

    I remember when I lifted my front wheel for the first time...1st gear coming onto a freeway. No clutch, just rolling on the throttle.

    "ohhh...steering's gone all light. woot"
  16. Keeping it on the ground is the hard part once you start.
  17. Okay but am 110kg and was on a 30hp WR250X

    now I am on a 170hp R1
  18. *Achievement Unlocked*
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  19. Still, the wr would be easier to wheelie than the R1, your lard arse would only make it EASIER.
  20. Cheers Chef

    now to get a bit higher

    what i really want to achieve is the skill to drift a bike