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First time Customer 60 Degrees

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Jeffco, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Just thought Id share my experiences.

    I rang up on10am Monday Morning spoke to Luke asked if I could get my chain tightened (no I don't know how and don't have any tools).

    As were chatting he said if I could drop by they could have it done on the spot.

    So off I went once there I introduced myself to Luke (top bloke) he checked the chain and advised that he could just tighten it and happy too but it would really be best for it to be replaced ( it is the original ) he then went on to explain why and that it would be best if I also then replaced the sprockets.

    Back inside parts sourced and priced appointment made, chain was also tightened.

    Back today for the replacement and met Kat who I must say was fantastic and easy to chat too also.

    Bike taken in a short time later Kat me advised that the job was going to take an extra 45mins to 1hr longer owing to the fact that the exhaust had to be removed.

    She asked if that would be ok or would I need to reschedule I said no problems go ahead.

    When it came to the bill Kat advised me that the price was the same as the original quote I said I would be happy to pay the extra time but she said no that's fine you were quoted a price and for us we aim too look after our customers.

    I thanked her and said that I would be returning in the future.

    Just want to say from my albeit limited bike experience that Luke and Kat are operating a top business that really seems geared to customer service and building customer relationships and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a place to have their bikes serviced

    Thanks again to the team 60 degrees.

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  2. Thanks for the post! Good to know they're around & seem to be a good business. :)
  3. Have had all my servicing / mods done at 60D
    Great service and advice done by helpful and friendly folk.

    Good to hear your experience was a winner !
  4. Wish they were on the central coast. El250's a great little bike too
  5. They understand customer service and live their passion. Recommend them to any newb
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  6. Thanks guys and gals was super impressed with both Luke and Kat and thought others especially noobs like me should know of a place that provides great service and advice to the less knowledgeable :)

  7. I do Love my EL :)
  8. 60D is the place to be...

    I have always had great service from Kat & Luke and excellent advice when sought after.

    They are always super friendly and more than happy for a chat.
  9. 60 Degrees is the most passionate, personable and professional workshop that I have ever experienced in 18 years of riding. I wouldn't have my bike serviced anywhere else. Kudos to Luke and Kat (y)
  10. Just wanted to update and say as promised in my original post I returned to 60 Degrees today and had a intermediate service done on my bike , in case anyone is interested, it consisted of this,


    the brighter headlight globe was a H4 extreme vision globe and its makes a farken big difference.

    Once again it was it was a great customer experience. The head light was an after thought ( I keep remembering when im riding at night but forget during the day :whistle: ) and needed to be sourced but Luke and Kat did it, it may not sound like much but it certainly promotes customer service and building customer relationships, and once again I came in under original estimate quote :).

    If you are looking for a service centre, give them a go.

    Thanks once again to the team 60 degrees.
  11. So continuing my love affair for all things 60 degrees just had the major service done on my Mighty EL 250.

    I was given an estimate of approximately $650 for the major service so booked it in, and on the way over I had a little accident :facepalm: that resulted in a broken clutch lever and bent gear selector, which of course was added to the list of things to do.

    Got a call from them a couple of days later & advised that the cam cover gaskets were leaking & needed replacing. I was told that it wasn't bad and I could continue riding until they did get worse & need replacing but it would be easier now as it wouldn't need to be stripped again. Price was a no brainer $70 so I said go ahead.

    So I picked up my bike today and when it came to paying the bill got another nice little surprise, they run a loyalty program and I have now qualified for a 5% discount so that was applied.

    Katt went over everything with me, I paid the bill and when they wheeled it out they'd given it bloody good clean as well something else they do when you get a major service done.

    Once again great service and pricing from Katt, Luke & the team at 60 Degrees. I Highly recommend them if your looking for somewhere to have your bike looked after.


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  12. Good new stories are always appreciated.
  13. Thanks BitSarBitSar They provide great service so I like to spread the word :)
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  14. Yeah gotta love those guys.
  15. With all the assholes around - its good to hear there are still nice and competent people out there as well. Its good to spread the word on this rare breed.