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First time chain tensioning.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by xLobsterx, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    going to tighten the chain on my bike tomorrow and i'll like to know how accurate are the marks on the swingarm.

  2. That would depend on how accurately they were initially installed. On most bikes they are generally close enough, but that's not always the case 100% of the time and no one here would be able to guarantee that your bikes marks are accurate.
    Why do you ask this particular question? I wouldn't gave picked it as the first one to ask if you have never done this before unless you already suspect there is am issue.
  3. asking because all the vid's i've seen online tell me to go by the marks but the markers on the 300 doesn't look like its fixed and just held up by the axle nut so im thinking it would have some movement when its loose giving a false reading.
  4. An easy check is to measure from the swingarm pivot to the wheel centre each side,hope the exhaust isn't in the way.I use a couple of bits of 25mm x 50mm bolted at one end with a nail in the other,used like a big compass.Once its set up I use each amounts of bolt turns to keep the adjust meant.Takes a bit of effort to get the wheel aligned with the adjuster bolts snugly keeping rearward tension,not floating and the correct chain tension,thats with you sitting on the bike,it will be loose without load on the seat.Important,looser is better than tighter.Tighter puts side load on the countershalf sprocket,limits suspension travel and stresses the chain.Expect it to take you a few attempts to get it right.Lucky you didn't ask about string lining it,thats even more fun.
  5. asked the mechanic that works on my bike about this a while ago and he said on modern bikes the marks are about right.