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First time chain replacement

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Disco_Dave, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I am going to have a crack at replacing the chain on my suzuki gs500 for the first time. It has the factory chain on it.

    I will also be replacing the front sprocket while im at it.

    I just wanted to know what is involved in actually installing the new chain?
    i have read some guides on how to get the sprockets off so taking the old one off shouldnt be an issue but from what i can see i think i need a tool to put the new chain on?

    The chains i have seen are rivet type chains and my manual says to only use an endless link chain, are these the same?

    If i need a special tool where can i pick one up from? and how much do they go for?
  2. Get a good chain breaker/ joiner. its an easy job.

    Also you really should replace both sprockets and the chain at the same time, otherwise the worn old part will prematurely wear out the new ones.

  3. ah cool, where can i get one of those tools from? and how much do they go for (roughly)?
    are there different sizes? (i dont want to buy the wrong one)

  4. You can just use a clip link for the chain rather than a rivet, bikes with a lot more power than yours run them just fine.

    You can buy a chain to suit with a clip link or you can pick one up for about $12, just make sure it's the same brand & model as your chain.

    +1 for replacing the rear sprocket at the same time.
  5. Ludley, if you dont mind travelling to frankston, PM Streetmaster, ask what he'll charge and he'll take you thru the process, has all the equipment, does a great job and will explain things as he does it so you can do it all next time, also you can 'ask as you go along' about anything else. He did my chain, installed my heated grips, prices are GOOD and he's not bad fella either :)
  6. It is a pretty simple job and as mentioned before, should replace both sprockets with chain so they wear out more evenly. I just recently did mine for the first time on the Across...however I did not have the chain link breaker/joiner. I used an angle grinder to remove the head of the pins to one set of links of the endless link chain type...wasn't hard at all and should be easier with an actual link breaker.

    By the way, change the sprockets first before you remove the chain. Once the new sprockets are on, put the old chain back on the sprockets, break the chain at the rear sprocket and remove the link, then link the end of your new chain to the end of the old one temporarily. When you start pulling on the old chain, the new chain will follow through so you don't have to feed it manually later. Also make sure that the tension setting on the swing arms are set all the way forward or at least 3/4 of the way (to make the chain really loose) before you link the new chain together.

    Hope that helps a little.
  7. On the GStwins Wiki it mentions this but it says the front sprocket wears quicker then the rear. Personally I don't know as I've never changed one [yet] but just pointing it out.

  8. thanks for the help guys. i spoke to some people and apparently the clip style of chains are ok on the GS500F. I am going to buy both sprockets and chain and a have a crack on the weekend :) Ill let you know how i go.

    Thanks for the help
  9. Fair enough, I'm not exactly familiar with the GS500, but most bikes would be the same really, depending on gearing the front sprocket will turn 2.5 times to the rears 1 turn.

    I'd still splash out the extra ~$60 for peace of mind.
  10. splash out the extra 60 for what?
  11. Peace of mind? ](*,)
  12. For the rear sprocket.
  13. decided in the end i was going to get both of them :)
  14. good idea.

    Careful with putting the "clip" on the chain, if its not done correctly it can cause BIG DAMAGE!
    I still recommend a chain breaker/ joiner for this job, it will ensure that the joining link is pushed fully through the chain and make it easier to fit the clip.
    Also make sure that the open clip end is facing the rear of the direction of travel.
  15. With 'some' of the chainbreakers you buy, trying to push the pin through the chain will destroy the pin in the chainbreaker, I always grind the head off the chain pin before trying to use the chainbreaker. Make sure the clip is properly fitted and seated into the groove's on the link pins.
    I've used a clip link on every bike I've owned and cant remember one ever failing..
  16. Thanks for all the advice guys.
    I just did both sprockets and the chain today. All in all a pretty straight forward job.
    Greased up axle/bearings etc. and I must say it feels like a compeltely different bike and feels new.
    I used to have some wierd noises coming from the rear and they are now no more :)

    Although to anyone trying to attempt this i think it is worth investing (or borrowing if possible) in the correct tools (chain breaker etc.) as using the improv tools was probably to most time consuming and frustrating part of the whole procedure. (i let out some very colourful words haha)

    Ride safe all
  17. Hey Ludey, I'm thinking of doing this myself on my VTR250.

    What chain breaker did you get? How much did it cost?
  18. didnt get a chain breaker, i just used a dremel and a screwdriver. I ground off the pin and then wedged a flathead screwdriver in between the plates and they popped off really easy.

    that being said i think i will invest in one of those all in one chain tools kits (with breaker, riveter and joiner) as its probably worth every cent in the time and frustration it saves you with improvised tools.
  19. If it's the GS500 and not the GS500F, why would you need a chain breaker to remove the old chain? Can't you just loosen the chain tensioners, take the front sprocket cover off and pull the chain off the sprockets?
  20. it was a gs500f, and you need to break the chain as it goes around the swingarm. either that or take the swingarm off.