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First time bike rider checking in

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GreatBigSimon, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thanks to some of the fantastic tips I received in my "LAMS suggestion for a very tall rider" thread I'm now the proud owner of the Kawasaki KLR650 shown below. While to most normal sized people this would be a very tall bike, so me it fits like a glove. Just the right size to be able to flat foot both legs comfortably, with enough power to feel like it'll haul my fat arse around without breaking a sweat.

    Yesterday I clocked up around 100km riding around my local area (Central Coast NSW) and learnt quite a bit about what it's all about. Lessons such as:

    * Make bloody sure you've kicked the gears down to first before punching across a roundabout, being in neutral will let your panic/embarassment kick in quick smart.

    * Don't trust that the little bit of fuel in the tank is enough, if in doubt fill it up. I ran out of fuel and had the engine die on me at around 30kph, luckily it was a quiet backstreet and I pulled the clutch in before it died so I was able to just coast down to a nice stop - even luckier was the 7-11 less than 1km away.

    * Following on from running out of fuel, thinking you've switched the fuel lever to reserve when you've switched it to off will make you scratch your head as to why you can't start the bike again.

    * It's ok if the engine sounds like a gate to hell is about to open up, this isn't a car. 6000rpm is a regular day at the office for this thing.

    * The bike isn't a bucking bronco that wants to see you on the ground, ride sensibly and you'll learn that riding this thing isn't an impossible task.

    I'm looking forward to get out on this thing again, hoping for a few sunny days this week so I can ride to work, in the mean time I'll be soaking in all the knowledge I can from you guys and what I can find on Youtube.

    Thanks again!

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  2. Good analysis..
  3. Nice work GreatBigSimonGreatBigSimon

    I've ridden a couple of these and found them to be an honest worker.
    Chose the Wee-Strom instead, but it was a close run race to the finish.

    Enjoy it, my friend. These are sometimes referred to as the 'Litmus Test' of bikes.
    A flexible all-rounder which will allow you to experience all different kinds of riding. You'll find out where you like to go and buy the next one to pursue that direction. Road, trail, sports-touring, adv-touring, touring or track days...

    All the best, getting to know her.
  4. Congrats on the bike purchase. I hope you have many more enjoyable and trouble free trips on her.
  5. Have done the run out of petrol thing on my DR, after a few tanks you'll get to know how many K's you can do. Good solid bike and a good choice :D
  6. Welcome and enjoy the tractor! Just don't let the oil level get low and those things will run for years.
    There's plenty of info available on those bikes, including how to find a few free hp hidden in there without much effort, if you do a little digging and reading. Enjoy!
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  7. Good work, mate. Welcome to netrider.

    Edit: Nice looking bike, BTW.
  8. Congrats on the new bike :) hope she brings you much joy :)
  9. Welcome mate. I'd need a stepladder to ride that! Reset the trip meter each time you fill up, and then you can use it as a rough fuel gauge.
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  10. Nice one mate. I ride on the coast. If u ever hear a see a loud flash fly past u, it's probably me.
  11. gday GreatBigSimonGreatBigSimon and welcome to NR - the learnings never stop, makes it part of the fun
  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  13. Aloha GreatBigSimonGreatBigSimon & congrats on the new beastie! :)
    Had to giggle at your learnings - and there will be many - it will keep going as long as you do on the bike!
    Much fun & games to be had...!