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First Time at MOTOGP Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by fightingtiger, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just after some advice from experienced MotoGP attendees.

    My son and I are booked for camping for the event, not sure what the drill is.

    Is there some sort of organised ride down there every year, recommendations on what to take and what not to take.

    I am assuming warm clothes and money are two pre reqs.

    Small tents and sleeping bags are also on the list.

    Any other advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. If you are camping onsite, the earliest you can plan to arrive is best.

    Probably only leftover sites available by saturday?

    Choose a site carefully, as down the bottom of the hill is impassable by sunday night if it is wet, and mud can be 500 mm thick, almost impossible to enjoy by then.

    The onsite grounds are usually well provided for with toilets and wash facilities, and the 'stores' are open for booze and some food. Plenty of pre prepared food available onsite, but of the junk food variety usually.

    Take as least of everything as possible, soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy yourself. Dont forget a puck for the sidestand!

    A few pkts of 2 minute noodles, some coffee, and some booze sees many people thru the weekend. A small stove, a pot, and a chair of some description will see you well served, as is a sturdy tent, the winds can be strong.

    Warm dry and well fed is the rule. Cleanup can wait for the homecoming. You would find it hard to be worst dressed at this event.
  3. Thanks for your advice Mate.

    We are planning to get there thursday morning so should get a good spot. My bike has a centre stand so I am planning to take a suitable base for it.

    Really looking forward to it. This year it all worked out well because I always go to Bathurst and in previous years the MotoGP has been directly after but not this year :)

    Once again thanks as we wil take your advice.

    Catch ya

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    Should have mentioned that the organised rides are usually Saturday, so not much use if you get there early.
    Be aware of the usual over the top police presence on highways leading to venue. Best to behave! And the roundabouts on bass highway have caught many riders out. Geometry is way off for bikes. You DO need to slow down for them!

  5. If you have time and want an experience as an incoming ride then the Barry Sheene Ride starts in Bairnsdale on Thursday morning. You would need to get down there by Wed night to make it for the next morning 9:30 start.

    Are you at the Trackside or Highside camp ground?
  6. we will be at the trackside camp. unfortunately not enough time to do the Barry Sheen ride but I am sure we will see them come in on thursday - should be a great site.

    Questions though do you park the bikes beside the tents or in a separate area ??
    cATCH YA

  7. up to you. most park their bikes close by, for obvious reasons.
  8. Its been a while but I would be taking a spray jacket with a hood,seen some rain on occasion
  9. Earplugs if you want some sleep at night.

    I'm predicting sunny and 25 degrees this year so you can leave the thermals at home..... ;)
  10. Awesome I will park the Duke next to my tent.

    As for earplugs, I can sleep like the dead anywhere - should be ok :)

    Thanks fr the info guys and I am gathering some chickens to sacrifice for good weather.
  11. So roast chook dinner in your tent? :D

    The weather can come in quickly over the island, best to be prepared for totally cr@p weather.
  12. Hi Guys

    Went along and had a ball.

    Due to work commitments (in the UK) I could only make the sunday. Jumped off the flight back from Manchester, grabbed the son and drove down (in the Rav4) - figured it was crazy to ride after an all night flight.

    Found a good camp spot, lugged our gear for miles, drank some beers saw some bikes, talked some sh%t about bikes, and banged head all night to an AC/DC cover band - an awesome day.

    Could not get over how fast rhe bikes go and accelerate - it really is one of those things you just have to see to believe :)

    Making plans for Superbikes - so begs the question - which is the better event MotoGP or Superbikes ?

    CAtch ya