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first time and i think the last time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, May 11, 2007.

  1. well i was at work and we had a golf day on monday, so i left my sticks at work and got talked into playing tomorrow with some mates... only problem was my clubs were left with me at work. The house is only a few k's away and me being lazy couldnt be half assed riding home and driving the car back so i thought bugger it and took them home on the bike.

    How you ask? well my clubs are in one of those bags that have shoulder straps. The hardest part wasnt riding with them but getting onto the bike. OMG almost fell off the bike cause it got stuck on the rear foot pegs.

    Riding home i got some laughs and funny looks... damn i would be pissing myself laughing if i saw that myself.
  2. THAT conjurs up a REALLY funny picture!!! :LOL:.
  3. I thought netrider was the only club you needed when you went riding?
  4. Touché!
  5. [​IMG]

    HELLO! look to the left of the boobies! that's right, you too can carry your golf clubs with the caddy bag. hot chick not included.
  6. larger and higher res plz

    k thanx bye
  7. Cant see the golf clubs - oh yeah there they are!
  8. all i see is golf balls....
  9. I took my son pillion and a few clubs to pitch and putt one time....

    The clubs were strapped vertically on the ventura rack on my ZX6R. I had to restrap them on once I figured out that I couldn't make it under the garage door.

  10. before some friends donated me a washing machine, i used to get my washing and wrap it in a sheet then sit it on my fueltank and ride down to the laundromat. once it opened and i dropped half my load in the street. yeah i used to get a few stares.
  11. lol, did not notice the clubs in that pic until peter-reebok's comment.

    +1 for a larger high res version
  12. Lol imagine trying to lane split with the clubs sideways across your back!
  13. I had a CB200 and played golf every week. Stand bag on rear peg and ocky strap to shocks - mono rear suspenison only has so many advantages :p