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First thread, need some advice please (Hyosung GV250)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Daz52, May 12, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    First thread here. After reading these forums over the past few days I decided to join as there seems to be a lot of knowledgable people here and I would like some advice.

    Im 21 and got my L's a month ago and have been looking for a bike ever since. I was originally interested in sports bikes but since then have decided on a cruiser due to its low seat height and looks.

    I have looked online and at a few dealers and have come across a bike/deal that I would like you guys on here to give me some advice on.

    The bike is the 2010 model Hyosung GV250. Excite Motor Sports at Penrith have the bike for sale for $5490. Click here for a link

    From what I can gather reading these forums the Hyosung brand does not seem to have the greatest reputation. There also seems to be a train of thought that Hyosung has improved over the past few years. If anyone has anything to add about Hyosung or specifically this model in particular I'd love to here it. (Anyone here own or ridden the GV250?) Good or bad I'm just starting out so am trying to learn as much as possible about everything motorcycles.

    Other bikes I'm looking at are the Suzuki Intruder VL250 and if not a cruiser the Honda CBR250.

    Thanks alot for taking the time to read.
  2. The 2010 are better than earlier models.

    I would still buy the new cbr for the same money.
  3. The train of thought that they have improved is only by people who haw recently bought theirs and are trying to justify it. The faults are still there. Plenty of info on korider.com

    Don't buy a Hyoflung. You WILL regret it.
  4. Heather had a 2009 model, 250 GV Aquila.
    She bought it with 4,800 Kays and sold it with 13,500 kays on it, It never missed a beat,

    Before she bought it, I got onto the International site for Hyosungs and asked them if any one had ridden one for more than 30,000 Kays,

    One bloke replied that he had 36,000 miles up on it and It had a tendency to stretch clutch cables,
    After replacing 3, he had an after market one made for him, and had no more problems with the bike what so ever,
    No one else canned the 250 Aquila at all,

    She actually loved it, But her coxyc sat right on the seat and hurt her back, She now has a Naked 750 so she can sit upright on it,

    Hyosung sports bikes, Now they are a totally different kettle of fish,

    I have heard of them breaking a crankshaft coming out of the shop, Brand new,

    But if they didnt correct these problems by now, They would be out of business,
    I just dont know about the sports bikes, Iffy,
  5. Hyo = NO

    Honda = Yes

    this is only my opinion.

    Remeber, YOU are the owner of your bike , YOU have to like it not me or anyone else, but also it is YOU that pays for manitenance or breakdowns!!
    Nobody here is trying to sell yu a bike, then again, have you looked at the bikes that are for sale on here?
    No? then go on, have a peek and good luck with what ever you buy.
  6. I had an 06 GV250 for about 12 months and 14000 km, never missed a beat.

    Only heard bad reports about their sports bikes, but there's some food reports as well.

    Would I buy the same bike again? Yep

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  7. I haven't really heard too many good stories about any hyosungs.. at the end of the day its up to you to decide, go test ride a few different bikes and decide on your own feel and opinion on the bike.

    if it feels right, does what you want and need it to do.. buy it.
    if it doesn't don't buy it.

    If you buy it and ride it around for awhile and it IS shit.. there's a thread on here where you can post, have you ever bought the wrong bike.
  8. The warranty on a new hyo is pretty dam good.. I've had my hyo 25000 k couple of minor issues( which you can get from any manufacturer) fixed immediatly under warranty. Don't listen to the straight out shit canning of the hyo, or any bike for that matter. Do your research, get the good, the bad and the ugly, find what your comfortable with... And enjoy your ride.
  9. I'll straight out shit can them. The warranty is great. Part supply is not. 6 months in the shop over a year is unacceptable for a brand new bike.

    Big end bearing catastrophic failure - rebuilt.
    Big end bearing catastrophic failure - rebuilt AGAIN
    Rear shock failure - replaced
    Headlight rattle - replaced
    Cracked mirror - replaced
    Clutch cable snapped - replaced
    Bars snapped in half from stationary drop. Unacceptable, replaced.
    Dash failure - replaced
    Rust in fuel tank
    Sidestand switch - replaced
    Headlight globes - useless - replaced

    I can't remember the rest. But completely unacceptable for a new bike regardless of warranty offered.
  10. Was this bike the Aquila or a Hyo sport bike,
  11. F&&@ ok dougz that's bad.

    The shop I bought from that covered the warranty, this is only the last 12 months... Warranty approved within 24 hours, parts all availible, never waited for parts longer than a couple of days Completely different experiences, riders I know that have bought since 2008 haven't had anything worse that what mine did.
  12. 250 Sports bike, but from memory the 650 aquila has the same engjne as the 650 sports which has similar issues
  13. Sorry, I meant 250 sports has same engine as 250 cruiser
  14. Hyosung - Code for "lets have a bonfire"
  15. Thanks alot for the replies guys. I spoke to a friend today who said his mate used to have a Hyosung 650 and had no issues. I'll keep looking around at this bike and others and will let you guys know when I have made my mind up. Anyone else who has anything helpful please feel free to add. Thanks again.
  16. Hi, do not know your circumstances but you can finance about $11,000 over 5 years with the bike being totally paid for for around $290 per month. So $66 per week.

    Might open you options up a bit more if you can cover the payments. As long as you buy from a dealer the finance company will usually cover the invoice amount so you can say spend $9,000 on the bike and have a couple of grand for gear and your cash still in your pocket.

    Not for everyone I admit but worth thinking about.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. The GV is an order of magnitude more reliable than the GT.

    That said they are cheap for a reason. Parts unless you source them from overseas are largely unobtainable an over priced.

    That said its up to up to you. I love my GT unfortunately it was unrequited as discussed elsewhere.
  18. Easy to leave yourself upside down like that.
  19. Thanks for the info. I am checking out a 2010 Intruder 250 in a few days and depending on how that goes I'll have a closer look at the Hyosung. I'll be sure to update you guys when I have a ride!
  20. The intruder is pretty gutless...

    But good luck on your search for a bike.