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First thoughts Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mik84, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. After having the new bike for a week now i thought id write a short review to share with everyone. Its only a first impression as despite having it a week ive only done a couple of hundred k's due to work and the weather.

    Firstly id like to thank everyone here for the advice offered and taking the time to answer all of my questions. Especially dan who was very helpful with info on the bike itself due to owning one himself.

    Now first of all im still only very new to riding. I have been riding just over a year and have only done about 10,000ks on my zzr250(alot of that on the highway). So my riding experience is obviously quite limited. When i decided that i was going to purchase a new 600cc bike alot of people told me it wasnt a good idea saying that they were far too powerful for a rider of my calibur and i should maybe buy an older 600.
    In the end i decided to buy one anyway and im very glad i did!!

    After waiting a week for it to arrive i picked it up from the dealer last saturday, more nervous than i can remember being in years!. Getting off the little zzr the first thing i again noticed was the difference in seat hight. Its not alot but the R6 is just that little bit higher and not being that tall i cant put both my feet flat on the ground but who cares!. Starting it for the first time was fantastic, straight to idle.. no fiddly choke thank god! Whilst letting it warm up i fiddled with all the controls and then tried to get a feel for the clutch which has quite alot of travel before it bites.

    When i was happy with evrything i very slowly rode off, a little jerky at first because the throttle is unbelievebly light and sensitive but you get used to it quite quickly. As i went up through the gear box it was very positive and then the same back down as i approached the first right turn. The steering is fantastic, it just turned in perfectly. The roads were still wet from rain the night before and on brand new tires i took things very easy. Back up through the gears and a little firmer on the throttle this time, only changing at a mere 5-6k revs you still realise this thing is capable of being damn quick if you want it to be.

    The rest of the way back i start to think a little about comfort which people seem say isnt suitable for commuting. Yes its a little more crouched than the zzr but its not bad at all. In fact i would say i feel much more comfortable in the new position.

    In conclusion id like to mention how damn easy this bike is to ride. I feel there is alot of misconception regarding the bikes power and that people newer to riding cant handle it. Down low in the rev range the bike has power but its easily handled, its far from exessive and will actually bog down easily if your lazy with your changes. As long as you respect it its fine. Also on the seating position, i have yet to do a long ride but as i mentioned earlier i think its actually very comfortable.

    Anyway these are my first initial thoughts, when i get some real time on the bike ill write a detailed review...
  2. Enjoy the early days, Mick, and just feel out the experience.
    When you start hitting double your present 5000 revs you'll find it needs a lot more concentration, but if you "wotk your way into it" you will have a ball!
  3. Yeah thats it... just taking it a little at a time :)
  4. Good to hear your having fun Mick, these bikes are magic. With any 'big' bike, your worst enemy is your own right hand, so keep that under control until your abilty catches up with your ambition (or keep your ambitions low :LOL:), and all is sweet.
  5. awesome bike :)
  6. Awesome work Mik. Glad to hear your taking it easy. Don't want you to get that new R6 all scratched up. Keep it up.


    P.S. Check your PM's
  7. From the sounds of it you bought the bike without riding it first, is that correct?

    *I have about 3 days until I can pick mine up. It's very exciting.*
  8. Congrats! Welcome to the world of the R6! They're a great bike!
  9. Congratulations Dave!!! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: \:D/ \:D/
    Now you can repay the taunting back to me as you're zooming past :LOL: