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First thoughts on my recently acquired RGV250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RGVroomDaddy, May 15, 2006.

  1. I posted a while ago that the zxr250 was swiped and turned up torched so I have since bought SpongeSam’s brother’s 1993 aus delivery RGV250 for $4000 so thought I would post some initial comments.

    So far I haven’t looked back … I know that the 2-strokes get a bit of a bad rap but to everyone who says 250’s are slow I say go ride one of these first!

    Having only been riding a bit under 6 months I haven’t ridden that many bikes, a CB250 at the learners and license tests, a couple of GPX250s, my zxr250A and now the RGV250.

    I think all of these bikes are in different categories and the RGV is definately a step beyond the ZXR in terms of performance although the handling characteristics, riding position etc. are pretty similar.

    So here are my initial observations.

    1) I agree you really wouldn’t want to ride one of these on L’s … it really boogies in power band (about 9-12000RPM) and when you launch it either bogs down if not given enough throttle otherwise has a tendency to go into wheelie mode so I really have to lean forward and keep the weight forward to keep the wheel not too far of the ground (it still comes up on a full throttle launch).

    2) The front brakes are REALLY grabby. On the zxr I was never happy with the brakes until I machined the discs, and put on EBC Kevlar pads and braided lines. The RGV however has 4 pot calipers on the big slotted (but not cross drilled) front twin discs and requires a touch that Don Juan would be proud of when braking at low speed! One thing I have noticed is that it makes rev matching on down shifting a bit clunky because the throttle is pretty stiff and so I always get a bit of a brake bounce when I give it the blip … maybe a bit of lube on the throttle cable will fix this.

    3) It really does sound pretty shit, especially compared to the 19,000RPM formula 1 whine of the zxr but I am more than happy with the tradeoff to get the extra power.

    4) It does smell like a lawn mower when I pull up at the lights.

    5) Having to kick start the f%cker is a bit annoying first thing when it is cold but once warmed up is no biggie.

    6) When I got it the tyres were fairly worn Bt92’s which not only had bugger all grip but didn’t turn in very well. Got some GPR70’s on it today and it is really nice. Haven’t been up to the spur yet but can tell it will be really nimble.

    7) It is even more uncomfortable in terms of riding position than the zxr but being 75kg, 5’ 10” I am not too big so not really a prob.

    That’s about all I can think of for now, apart from the fact it is one of the blue/white ones so has the classic Suzuki sports look.

    Oh yeah, does anybody know what the significance of the ‘T’ looking symbol under the RGV decal … what is that all about?

    So in summary, I think this is a really cool bike and clearly has a racing heritage to it. And I kind of like the idea of a small, light screamer so it pretty much does everything I hoped for!

    P.S I have put in a request to change my name from NinjaBabyHimbo to RGVroomDaddy (daddy as in love daddy or daddy-o, not the paternal variety) so as staying with the tradition of a suitably stupid himbo like name.


    The netrider soon to be formerly known as NinjaBabyHimbo
  2. A few tricks/ideas fwiw (and forgive me if you already know these things):

    * The suzuki kick start is pretty crap. Push starting is very easy (one step is enough momentum to start) and the common practice among many riders. The kick start is likely to rattle like mad - a rubber band works wonders to quiet it down.
    * The smell is directly related to the type and brand of two stroke oil you use. Motul highly recommended!
    * Dont run the engine below 7000rpm as the oil pump doesnt function this low - important for freeway use. There is almost no power down below here so no real drama.

    Have fun!
  3. Congrats on the new purchase :)
    I think it's actually a picture of a racetrack (Im not sure which one)

    :rofl: I worry about you sometimes casper
  4. Congrats on the new bike. The "T" symobl is actually an uppercase "Gamma" - the name of the bike (RGV250 is the model code).
  5. Yeah okay professor \:D/
  6. Congrats dude - I've always been interested in the RGV and came very close to purchasing one - Gotta love those stock blue decals, a tad retro but love it it!!!!

    Enjoy and ride safely - wacth out for those semi's - you will really have to lean forward.

    p.s: come down and say hi at the sunday preston nite - NORTHLAND.

    :)) RR
  7. Yep will do soon ... have been to a few a while ago :)
  8. Congrats on the new bike sounds like a beauty!

    You will for ever be known as NinjaBabyHimbo, :p :p
  9. not bad on the purchase...
    i still got to sit my ass on a two stroke lol
    :grin: :grin:
  10. a little extra 2smoker grunt...

    for when you've outgrown the 250cc...RG500 Gamma square 4cyl ~100HP 155kg (stock)

  11. Always been a fan of the rgv's, i remember looking through the bike trader and stuff as a kid and always wanting one. Funny, to me the little logo on the side always looked a bit like a handgun, a bit non pc i guess lol
  12. I just came off my black/purple RGV last week. Speed, sand and roundabouts don't mix. Now i'm looking for front indicators, mirrors and a front faring. Does anyone know if they are repairable and if so who?
  13. What's your thoughts of the RGV now that you have had it for a few months?

  14. still a fan of the 2 strokers
    love the smell and the noise
  15. Added geek moment: the 'gamma' is the Greek letter 'g', but the uppercase one also likes a bit like an English lowercase 'r'... so 'gamma' was a perfect symbol for the RG (and later RGV).
  16. Here is the big geek moment

    what does the gamma actually stand for ????????

    I Know but does any body else know

  17. Gamma is often used to denote a variable in mathematics and physics. In certain areas it has a specific meaning, such as representing gamma waves.

  18. RGVroomDaddy,

    Good work on getting a RGV, I tossed up between getting a RGV & NSR250 about 5years a go. I ended up with a repsol replica NSR.

    The 250 2-stokes are a weapon of a bike, I would love to get another one, one day.

    Here's a tip: Use Motul 2stroke racing oil, it smells sweet as, and is a great oil too.. I know it sounds wierd, but honestly once you smell it you'll love it..
  19. Yeah i use motul and have never looked back(motul 710 i think)
    2 strokes are very underrated bikes by some.
    hope your enjoying it.