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First Test on my rain / winter gears

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by norm79, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Sydney has had p'ssing rains from mid night last night. This morning I decided to give it a test to my rain / winter gears, which include the following:

    Ixor three layer jacky, all layers are on, first time.
    Rjays rain pant, do not remenber the model, it costs me about $40
    Dririder winter glove (water proof), about $90.
    Dririder boot, water proof, about $170

    After 20key into CBD (about 45minutes ride), I got:

    Wet on my right sleeve, water was dropping. I think this may be the cause that I did check if the glove was wear'd properly or not before I rode. Otherwise, the gloves and jacky are handling well.
    Water leak with the Rjays rain pant, cool and wet around my bum. Luckily I got changes at work. I bought this one two months ago and this is the first time I used it. :evil: I will try if I can get a refund, or exchange with other brands.
    A bit wet on the toes on my both feet. It is bearable but still un-happy as the boots are labled with "Water Proof".

    In general, I would not recommend new riders ride on heavy rains. You need to go extreamly slow and carefull when turning. Also fogs on visor is a problem. I am thinking of buying another full face helmet and hope the new one (spening $500+) can handle the situation better.
  2. Nolan N 61 helmets have an excellent anti fog system, and aren't too expensive.
    As for your wet weather gear, it's very hard to make seams 100% waterproof, try putting some seam sealer or other waterproofing agent on teh seams.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Thanks Andrew. I took the Rjays pant to MCA and exchanged it for a new one. No issues and quite happy with their services.

    On the way back, same rain, same gears. This time I made sure the gloves covered the sleeves and tried to keep the elbows down while driving. Got home warm and dry except for the feet. The problem worsen comparing to this morning. The boots are clearly marked as "Water Proof" so I did not expect the situation was that bad.

    I will check the N 61 Helmet as you suggested.

  4. i said this in another post , we have a anti fog seal you put on your visor cheap as chips and you can buy it at aitkens in moorebank
  5. I've heard an old wives' tale that if you smear detergent on the inside of your visor (I guess with a cotton ball or tissue) keeps the fogging down. I've never tried it though!
  6. Jeez, tell me about that rain. I knew it was pretty heavy when I left this morning but it just didn't stop! I have some Rivet 'Waterproof' winter gloves and same brand waterproof trousers and jacket. Whacked that ontop of my draggins and DriRider Dri-Mesh jacked (quilted liner in, naturally :wink: ) and some standard Falco boots.

    Feet were wet in 2 big splotches. I did anticipate that and took spare socks but....they got wet in my bag too... :mad: The gloves gave in to the relentless water about 30 minutes in to the commute (total was 1 hour), got them drying at work. But the waterproof jacket and trousers did a sublime job and my hands and feet were the only bits that suffered.

    Still raining now, doesn't look like it's gonna stop by tomorrow either...Oh, and watch out for those reflective studs in the lane markers...
  7. RainX on your visor,have it just cracked open a little helps with heavy breath fogging.Personally I love riding in the rain,when I am well geared up.Wool scarf helps with drips and streams down your neck top.But it seems like you got most of it covered.As said before,keep your gear well waxed or oiled especially the seams.The number one dislike for me,gear that leaks,always goes the same area or wears the wax or oil coating first.Your crotch,pay particular attention to this area when inspecting seams or water proofing,you wear it out from sitting and that water streams straight off the tank,down your body as well,up your legs and it all ends up in your crotch,totally uncomfortable
  8. As for the gloves when it rains you put the sleeves of the jacket over the cuff of the glove to prevent water seeping into the glove.
  9. works a treat.
    Just make sure you polish it off as much as possible afterwards.