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First taste of Sydney roads (and taxi drivers), OUCH!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NOT4US, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Last night, after only a month back on a bike, I had my first taste of the Sydney roads (in the whole sense of the word) thanks to a Taxi driver that couldn't be bothered doing a head check.
    I was giving my wife a lift out of the CBD, riding through Goulburn St on an empty right lane when the stationary taxi on the left lane decides to turn into my lane while I was in it.
    I tried to avoid the idiot but couldn't so his front wheel snapped of my gear lever and sent me and my wife flying and the bike on it's right side.
    Thankfully everyone stopped around us and we got plenty of support from bystanders and the taxi driver was very apologetic and admitted it was his fault and that he never looked.
    Police arrived within 2 minutes and got statements from both of us after checking that me and my wife were fine.
    We didn't get seriously hurt but my wife's left leg, arm and body are bruised and my shins and knees are bruised as well.
    My new Rossi boots took most of the hit for me -the toe area is mostly gone- as did my jeans (standard jeans, no dragging ones, haven't come around to buy them now). The leather jacket got a bit of a scuff on the arm and the DriRider Assen gloves surprisingly only got a bit scratched.
    The poor Zed was scratched all over on both sides and with no gear lever so I had to had it towed.
    Now to call the insurance company and get it all fixed. Luckily I'm on leave the whole of next week so won't need the bike to get to work but I'm dreading how long is going to take to get it fixed.

    I'm going to try and get new boots and jeans from the driver's insurance company, but since I've never had to make a claim like this before, do you guys know if I'll have any problems?
    Here's a sad pic of the bike:
  2. mate, get him for everything that got damaged, thats how it works
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  3. Unlucky man, Goulbourn street is particularly bad for cars leaving the kerb. Good you are both ok.
    As for the claim, I went through Compass Claims (long story - short version - not at fault, claimed car through comp ins, compass claims provided a rental from other parties insurance). They have been good to deal with, and seem focused on making sure the not at fault party is not left worst off. www.compassclaims.com.au - if your insurance wont come to the party for your gear, they might?
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  4. Thanks for the tips.
    So, should I claim for the jacket, helmet and gloves as well, even though damage is minimal?

    And my wife's helmet also got scratched against the Taxi.
    Pics here:
    Gloves palm (check stitching gone and decoloration).

    Jacket arm (the black marks look terrible on the white leather).

    The arm stitching also got damaged a bit.

    Boots came out worst.

    Wife's helmet scratched in the back.
  5. Welcome to Sydney roads mate! Taxis are the bane of everyone's existence here.

    One positive to take away is that if you were to receive a harsh lesson in riding around the CBD, at least this was it (a relatively minor one). I have seen a motorcycle stuck under a truck before in the CBD.

    Glad you and the missus are ok. Hopefully it doesn't dampen her spirit in riding. And you can claim damage on EVERYTHING.

    As for riding especially in the city streets (i do it daily), buffer, buffer, buffer. In general you should never be beside a car OR in its blind spot - if you're going to pass make sure its done relative quick - with still enough room from the car in front of you.

    In the CBD this is much worse as lane changes without looking is RAMPANT. Add to the fact that its so chaotic an environment; cagers already lack foresight on empty surruban streets, their much more blind in the city.

    Try and watch their tires as that is the first thing to move when a car decides to. Its a harsh lesson but at least you got to walk away. Best of luck with it all!
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  6. get both helmets replaced.
    dont bother risking re-using it. even thought he exterior is only a little scratched the lining may have taken a shock... and this is what protects you. the exterior is made to be hard remain intact, the insides arent
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  7. Was thinking about that and I will do that.
    I'll even claim on my Diesel Jeans and try to get draggins instead.

    One thing I'm definitely doing after this is changing the exhaust for a noisier one to make myself heard in traffic. Pity the stock one didn't get damaged...
  8. definitely to both.
    go through the bastard like a cheap vindaloo
    get him for both your gear. all of it. helmets, jackets, pants, boots, gloves. hell get new undies too, after all you both probably shit yourselves mid-flight.

    and don't "fix" anything on the bike. replace it all
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  9. Glad to hear that the injuries were minor and would be interested to hear how the claim process pans out for you. Fingers crossed its as smooth as possible for you.
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  10. I hope the claim process goes smooth.
    I'm insured with Swann (comprehensive) and the Taxi driver, being a "casual" driver (in every sense of the word) didn't have the insurance details with him and he is making the claim on MOnday.
    I got the police report where he admits it was his fault, all his details (photos of driver licenses, number plates, mobile number) and he has been calling me today so he is definitely doling the right thing.
    Now my worry is whether my insurer (Swann) will do all the work for me or whether I'll have to chase the taxi's insurer myself, specially for the gear.
    After all the comments I'm definitely gonna get them to replace all the gear, even my wife's jacket (only a minor scratch on it) to "compensate".
    I'll be making the claim tomorrow once I get the taxi's claim number and will keep you all posted on the progress. Thank you all for your comments and support.
  11. pretty sure you give all the info to your insurance, they fix your bike, replace your gear etc then they go stomp his head. that's what happened with my prang
  12. I thought that would be the case.
    Haven't call my insurance yet, waiting to get the other guys insurance details and claim and see how we go.
  13. I'd make the claim ASAP, dont stress about finding out who he's insurance is with. Put in your claim, and your insurance company does the work, thats why we get full comprehensive policies. Get everything replaced, get all your gear replaced, and a little extra if needed.

    Good to hear you are ok. Got to watch those cars on the kerb.
  14. ^^WHS^^

    Call your insurance company NOW and let them off the leash. Do not wait for the other guys to do anything for you - afterall, why would they rush to help you out? THEY'RE the ones going to have to pay out.

    Call your insurance company and get them on to it - this is what you pay them for!

    Good luck,


    Edit - you do not need the other guys insurance details either - just rego, name etc. Your insurance company will track him down.
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  15. Took your advice and just submitted a claim to Swann online (couldn't reach them by phone, but will try another number now).
    I omitted the other party's insurance information but at least I got the process started...
  16. Good you got the ball rolling ASAP, you might be waiting a long time if you rely on the other party to ring you with his details. Ring them NOW and let them know you made an online claim over the weekend. With the helmets, Swann limit you to a maximum of $500 (unless you take out additional cover for helmets), I don't know how you get on when two helmets (carrying a pillion) are involved... $1000? Conversely, as the police report has the other party admitting fault, you might not be capped by the $500 limit which also applies to any single item such as jacket, pants, boots etc.

    As others have lamented, the CBD is notorious for "near misses" and in your case, an "incident". Glad that nobody was seriously hurt and everything seems to be going your way (at least now). The other thing to watch out for are pedestrians hailing a cab (when the cab is travelling the opposite way). Had that happen to me a couple of years ago and the taxi simply pulled a Starsky & Hutch move right in front of me on Druitt St. If you see a pedestrian's arm twitch, COVER! I lived in the city (The Rocks) for 6 months and you soon learn to be ready for anything and everything if you want to stay upright.
  17. Glad you and your wife are ok! Crazy taxi drivers.

    I would want everything that got damaged replaced, especially when it is his fault. Why should you be out of pocket for anything!

    If the insurance is capped at $500 per helmet that is BS especially the amount of money we pay for insurance to begin with. Same for jackets or boots. Think I should check my policy for what it covers. If it is $500 per item that is still not right when jackets can cost more than that same for helmets and boots.

    I hope you are not out of pocket for anything and get everything replaced and your bike back on the road.

    Checked my current policy -
    "We will cover motorcycle apparel when it is accidentally
    damaged or stolen as a result of an incident under Section 1.
    We will cover both the main rider and pillion rider up to a total
    amount of $4,000 any one incident with an individual item limit of
  18. In regards to yours and your wife's gear, go to a bike shop and get a written quote for replacement costs on everything that was damaged, do not be concerned about your insurance company's capping of gear as it is a no fault claim of yours and the insurance company will retrieve the money from the taxi driver on your behalf. Kev.(y)
  19. If the other party is at fault, it doesn't matter what your insurance covers. For example, a semi ran into the back of one of our buses (fortunately only the driver was on the bus). We had to hire another bus to cover that vehicle for the months that it took to get ours repaired. That cost wasn't covered by our insurance, however our insurance company on our behalf recovered the entire cost for us. They didn't have to chase it - they did it out of goodwill (shock, horror - from an insurance company?!).

    Now, your company might not recover the additional cost for you, but you can still pursue the taxi driver for other costs that are not covered by your insurance.
  20. An update.
    Called Swann this morning and was told that they'll pay for the gear (and then claim it to the other party's insurance) except fro the helmets as I'm not covered for it (weird) and will have to claim that myself (will contact them as soon as I get their details of the cabbie).
    Just needed to get the gear to the bike shop (Flywheels) to have it assessed along with the bike.
    They say I'm covered for up to $1500 per item to a total of $3000, which is more than enough for the gear both my and my wife were wearing.

    Went to the towing yard to get the bike to Flywheels and was told that they don't deal with Swann and I'd have to pay for the towing myself to get the bike out of the yard to the sum of $400!
    After calling Swann a couple of times and them calling the towing company Swann is organizing a transport person to pick up the bike form the yard, pay the tow, and take it to Flywheels (2 blocks away!).
    All along, the cabbie hasn't contacted me yet and Swann tells me that they will be charging me the excess until they either contact the cabbie or get the police report and then they'll waive the excess so no worries there.

    The nice guys at Flywheels explained how the claiming for gear works and basically they'll send Swann a quote for all the gear that got damaged and Swann will send me a cheque.

    The bike is still at the towing yard and the worst part is that Flywheels advice parts are going to take some time as Kawasaki HQ is still having delivery issues after the earthquake in Japan and parts are coming slowly (they just had a big shipment, boxes everywhere, that was ordered over a month ago), so looks like I may be out of the bike for a few weeks :-(

    As I'm writing this got an SMS from the cabbie telling me that the owner of the taxi is calling me tomorrow with his insurance details and claim number. Worrying that is taking them this long but at least I've got the ball rolling with Swann and making full use of the comprehensive insurance (never had to in the past).

    Thanks to everyone that has added to this post as your support, help and advice has been great!