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first taste of international bike community (long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. well, at first i was excited because when i first said i was coming to the UK a few people here gave me names and numbers of others who would be going to the Isle of Man and i was able to contact them regarding their arrangements that helped me make mine. with any kinda luck i may even meet up with them when i get there.

    now however, i'm even more excited because jaqhama put me onto a UK site very similar to Netrider called Visordown, or affectionately, VD for short. i got a week's worth of family functions out of the way before i really had time to consider posting anything. then i stuck a tentative toe in the water by posting a newbie, 'hello, i'm in town and looking for a ride' type message. at first i got a lot of crap (note to self - don't give newcomers stuff they don't need). mostly people ordering drinks from me - it's apparently a UK tradition, the newcomer buys the round (a worthy tradition potentially worth introducing to NR?!?!).

    Jaqhama came to the rescue and put up a post saying something fairly blunt along the lines of 'can we keep a bit of focus here guys - the girl's after a lift', then i got a couple of offers. so last night, my first night family-free, a fella called kyot picked me up on a Triumph Tiger from Warren St in the city, and took me out to Box Hill, the regular wednesday night and sunday coffee spot.

    the ride was cold (english summer = melbourne winter temperatures), the london traffic was freaky, lanesplitting here means riding down the centre line into oncoming traffic, but kyot lent me a jacket'n'lid, kept the ride smooth, gave her some power once we hit the motorway and gave me a bit of a guided tour as we went.

    Box Hill has one fairly ordinary takeaway cafe spot set in a beautiful park and the bikers order tea (how very english) and drink it under a canape of greenery (sp? sorry, no access to a dictionary). there's a huge carpark taken over by bikes (haven't figured out how to download pics yet - will have to wait til i'm back), a big contingent of which were naked which i found surprising given the weather, lots of triumphs and a fair smattering of CBRs and Fireblades and of course a few harleys. oh, and gaffa tape seems the order of the day in london for patching up rough spots on the bike!

    the group's welcome and warmth made up for the weather's coldness, we had the usual laughs and swapping of bike stories, a few of us went on after to a south american eatery near waterloo station to meet up with the London Bikers Club eating tapas and drinking mint tea (with fresh mint - vey big in london it appears right now), i took some photos and made sure for old times sake, there was a photo taken of my arse in my draggins (my ambition is to have similar photos posted on every bike forum internationally - i like to have big dreams :)) and there was an offer for a ride to a similar get-together on saturday at the renowned Ace Cafe.

    Meanwhile, Movin has put me on to a friend of his who i'm catching up with saturday night to go and pump some psy-trance into my veins so finally i'm starting to get some stuff in for me and it's turning into a real holiday.

    thanks to all for referrals and hints on the london bike scene. this network has spread wider and impacted my life more vastly than i could ever have imagined. will no doubt be posting with news from the IOM once i get there. hope all's well downunder, lotsaluv, c x
  2. Carri you are having way too much fun, enjoy girl!!!!
  3. CooooOOOOOllll!

    I do like this "nnewbie buys a round" thing.

    Especially since I'm no longer a newbie.
  4. thats great carri, i missed all the bike stuff in Uk, when i go back im looking to hire out 2 bikes for Lil and i and take her around europe via Scotland first.
    There is only 1 place in Uk that hires out bikes and it goes on age rather than experience.
    I can get any bike I want but lil has to do with a 600cc.....shame.

    Glad your having fun, I hate London though....Yuk. But Im used to hills and glens and Haggis running freely through streams of single malt.......Arrrrgggghhh
  5. Me blunt?

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Glad to hear you're having a good time Carri.

    You will love the Ace.

    Re: naked bikes...Streetfighters are "in" all over the UK and Europe.

    Lots of people buy smashed sports bikes from the wreckers and make naked bikes out of them.

    I like the Fighter look myself, it's the modern version of custom bikes.
  6. BAWL :(

    I still can't believe you're going to IOM.

    Jealous, I am, mmmm
  7. Outstanding... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Carri, you are dead-set classic, what a report, and WHAT a classic canape of greenery... I know you meant canopy, but that is just fabulous anyway :LOL: :LOL: I love green canapes myself.......

    Have a wonderful time, and tell those English bikers thay had better look after 'our' carri......
  9. Excellent posture, Mr G?
  10. Hey Don, welcome to our down-under forum, you join a correspondent in Finland, an occasional French young man, and a couple of Americans in giving Netrider a real international flavour. Send us some pics of English biking; the roundabout races there aren't real are they??? :LOL:
  11. oi! Jaqhama!

    why didn't you say that Carries slogan was
    "if i can't do it naked, it's not worth doing."?

    If I'd known, I'd'v made sure the weather was warmer.
  12. I didn't want to distract you from your riding mate. :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider...it's winter here, you'll think it's high summer. :LOL:

    For the Netriders: On the Visordown forum I wrote this under the pic of Carri's bum.

    Nice pic of Down Under there Carri...wheres the pic of Tasmania? :LOL: :LOL:

    Get Carri to explain the Tasmania joke to you Kyot. :LOL:

    If you're ever in Oz I'm sure some of us can sort you a ride and a tour around Melbourne or Sydney mate.
  13. Absolutely.
  14. You mean he's only French sometimes Paul... :LOL:
    What is he the rest of the time? :p
  15. With that photo I think eswin has a challenger, ding ding round one :LOL:
  16. Carri you seem to be having a great time over in the UK. Can't wait to see the pics :grin:
  17. Carri,

    I stayed in Waterloo for a while, I'm curious as to where you went. Was it in Waterloo Rd or perhaps the Cut?

    Looks like you're having a wonderful time.


  18. been busy and hadn't seen the most recent posts here :) i realised today as i was again on the back of Kyot's Tiger (back off - i meant that literally, not metaphorically) that 'canopy' was what i meant (i should have trusted you to correct me hornet600 you cheeky bugger), and yes, thank you jaq, he asked me about the tassie thing which i answered with a blush and a smile.

    so as you gathered i was out again today. what a fkg glorious day. 23 degrees, stunning, still, warm day and moorcheba on the mp3. the definition of bliss. kyot picked me up and we headed to the Ace Cafe in the morning, a dedicated bike cafe with rock'n'roll gigs in the evenings and classic greasy food during the day. we had the typical big english brekkie and checked out a batch of bikes as well as some suped-up beech buggies - they have days dedicated to different bikes and cars each weekend.

    we moved on to camden lock to hang out with some fellow hippies as well as the usual smattering of punks, goths, tourists and trendoids and to buy a coupla quick pressies for folks back home, and finally back to the Ace to watch some fkg fantastic stunt riders mucking about on the street outside the cafe.

    i now have about 5 photos of family and half a million photos of bikes :LOL: :LOL:

    anyway, it's been a blast. got a couple more family committments next couple of days then i've got a ride with movin's friend on i can't remember what (transalp??) to the ferry for the IOM.

    all the best, happy travels and safe riding, c x
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