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First taste of a tank slapper.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bretto, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Just went for a ride with my mate who got a new R6 the other day out the back roads of Geelong (Ceres). Havin fun on the twisties and got to a straight stretch of road. Mate opened the taps a little and I followsed suite to keep up (On my little RVF400) as I was openin the taps was comin up a hill and hit a series of about 6 bumps & the front wheel came off the ground and didnt land the front end straight and started a little tank slapper. Tightened the old back pocket up pretty haha.

    Anyway I guess next time I should learn the road a bit better before bein abit silly. Rode the same road a few times but only in the other direction.

    Anyone else had any tank slapper scares?

  2. I haven't had any really big, high speed 'slappers although my former tendency to ride worn out rubbish, way too fast on bumpy, twisty roads resulted in a few headshakes now and again.

    The worst experience was when I hit a depressed manhole cover when accelerating hard on Razorback, my evil old combo. The bars went from lock to lock so hard I thought they'd broken both my thumbs :shock:. It was three days before I regained any strength of grip.
  3. I was hittin bout 140 and if I didnt keep accelerating out of it I sware I would have ended up in a padock haha. I hit a dipressed manhole cover while braking coming up to lights the other day bit of a scare. Weirdly im becoming abit more comfident and comfortable with every scare. Especialy down the great ocean road. So many ringtwitters haha.

    Howd your thumbs fair after the manhole cover experiance?
  4. I had one aaaaaages ago before I changed the suspension on the SR.

    Absolutely terrifying and I wish I could say that I laid on the gas or rode it out or something really clever like that, but my thumbs were smashed against the tank in the first two second and my hands were off. Survived!

    Since drastically changing the suspension I haven't had anything remotely like a slapper or a headshake since. Phew.
  5. Wasnt as such cleverness on my part just a good choice haha. I definatly need to change my rear suspension though way too much play in the rear, cant feel what the rear wheel is doin, specialy down the coast.
  6. I've only had one, at 100kph just south of Singleton on a near-new Kawasaki 500; four ripples in the road and before I knew it I was skating up the tar with a camera in my left jacket pocket playing tunes on my ribs!!!
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    Guess im a lucky one. Ive seen a fair few tank slappers on their & also a few amazing saves like this one.. [media=youtube]gG1guqmko3k[/media]

    Wish I had skills like that guy haha.
  8. $1.80-$2.00. It probably lasted two seconds, but it felt like a lifetime, I had my feet off the pegs, shut off the throttle... (no-nos, but SRs kicked in big time).
  9. had one on my hyosung at 140kmh, hit and bump i think.

    had a unsettling jerk after i rapidly accelerated up a hill over some dodgy road on the GOR with the zx-6r, about it.
  10. Ive had so many close calls on GOR. Too fast into corners, potholes, rocks and clay on the road and people parking to take a photo of the F%$#ING koalas and walking on the road.
  11. did you visit bells yesterday (saturday) bretto? saw an rvf400 up there i think
  12. Nah not yesterday. Probably saw my mate's RVF. What bike you ride?
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    Firstly, how did I know you would post that video.

    Secondly, would you really call that a tank slapper...
  14. What front tyre you running?
  15. That's not how you make porridge. And not a tank slapper either. I would call that a well controlled highside. Thee bike never really gets the hippy shakes going.
    Definately says something about trying to ride it till the end, Your going to hit the ground anyway...well maybe. Why not give it a big go to stay on.
    05/06 ZX10's were great slappers. Went through two steering dampers in one year.
  16. I've never had a slapper but had plenty of headshake. I find that >$1.70 must be the limit for the factory damper
  17. Coming back from a hard, fast ride in a place that will remain unnamed, my sense of speed was distorted in exceedingly light traffic. I was riding with one hand nice and relaxed around the ninety cent mark on a theoretical road with 4 lanes going each way. Was entering an intersection when my eye noticed the speed camera, thought "AW****" and grabbed a handful of brake before I got my left hand on the other bar. Bike went BERSERK, bars slapping back and forth. As I passed the camera I saw "72" on the speedo and knew I was safe from a speeding ticket, but I was veering towards the median and didn't have full control. Remembering with the 1% of my brain that WASN'T screaming in horror that I needed to get the weight off the front wheel, I snapped the throttle open and the bike stabilized. I can't say the same for my heart rate until several kms later, and my wrists hurt like hell for a while.
  18. Roarin - Im runnin a 120 Dunlop GPR-100's.
    Grue - Haha that's hectic. Yeah I think the only thing that saved me is I stayed on the power and sat up abit which pushed be to the back of the seat.

    P.S: Yes it's a highside but still the same feeling of a close call with similar feelings
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  20. ^ Ha! Awesome.

    Riding a more or less bone stock '84 GSX-1100EF at 200km/h. Felt a bit of a shudder through the bars as I was going over some crappy surface and backed off. Only lasted a second but geez was it ever disconcerting. It used to slap quite badly every time I passed 70km/h with the old front tyre (shagged Shinko) but the new Metzeler is good as gold.

    Also have speed wobbles for 5 seconds or so at a time when riding the XR600R at freeway speeds into a headwind. You can actually kind of sit back and appreciate it. Its more a function of the 21" front wheel, long front forks and inadequate rear preload than anything else.

    Cheers - boingk