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First Sydney CBD ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HiWil, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. So I've had my bike for about 2 weeks now, and have been trying to ride as often as possible to get some practice in before I have to start commuting from Sydney CBD to northern beaches on the 5th (1 more week!). I've been commuting from the CBD to eastern suburbs for my job, but decided I need some practice with it being busy (normally I only have to ride on the outskirts of the city) and decided to try the CBD at peak hour (well that and an excuse for a trip to MCAS to get a better back armor insert).

    Three things
    1. F**k people on their phones, I seriously had no idea it would be that many people, at least put it down before changing lanes onto me!
    2. Being able to filter will be great, I got stuck in temporary road closure zone and was just watching bikes filter down beside me
    3. I need to work on strong gear changes between 1st and 2nd, got to be careful not to get stuck in neutral and not go anywhere (that and looking like an idiot-_-)

    Got a long way to go to bring my skills up but its definitely more fun then on 4 wheels!
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  2. HiWilHiWil welcome to the forums and the world of bike riding.

    1. This is common place, just be aware and give your self time and space to move should you see someone come into your lane etc..
    2. I'm from the land of no filtering, Melbourne. Whilst i wouldn't do it at 1000kms an hour, i can see how it would benefit you in a traffice jam or moving slowly up to the lights to get a clean getaway.
    3. This will come with time.. I used to go from 1st to neutral quite a lot.. but now it feel natural.. Another gem is taking off from the lights in 2nd and stalling your bike.. that's a fun one ;-)
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  3. Changing from 1st to 2nd try keeping upward pressure on the gear lever with your foot until the clutch is fully released. That way even if you initially accidentally select neutral the upward pressure will slide into 2nd.
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  4. I recently bought new boots and had a bugger of a time with going from first to neutral!
    Spent a good two hours adjusting the gear level to accom the new boits as they are higher than my old racing style connies style shoe things.

    Being on red p's I know the frustration of not 'legally' being able to filter.....
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  5. Will mate, as a "cager" i used to drive from western sydney to zetland/rosebery near the city in a big loud silver v8 turbo land cruiser... i still get idiots trying to merge onto me, I just hold my ground...they soon realize whats there hahaha. In your case mate, as a suggestion, you might already have read the "riding tips" section, "Ride invisible or like your invisible" and just have that floating around in your head next time your anywhere near the CBD and dont take any chances when it comes to "caggers", Im sure alot of other riders will agree with the stupidity of drivers in the CBD and try to be on your game.

    or carry a chain and mad max it up! < I like this option hahaha.

    all the best :)
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I used to filter when filtering was illegal,
    Now I'm back on my L's and it's legal to filter for unrestricted licenses I'm not really sure what I should do...
  8. Mate from the CBD to the Northern Beaches is a cruise in the morning - against the traffic.
  9. I've got my bike for about a month now and I'm still not confident enough to go into the CBD. It's probably not any worse than riding to work from Maroubra to Bondi in the morning, with 4 school zones in-between!
  10. Practice will get you there, maybe ask someone netrider to shadow your first few times or a few mates to ride with
    is that the new cbr in your profile pic Artupic ?
  11. Yes it is! And I had my first go in going into CBD today, during peak hour as well, wasn't as bad as I thought, guess it's all just in my head. *confidence boost*
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  12. I find the subarban streets with the 4wd private school mothers and off-leash terriers more treacherous than the city!
  13. Nice bike! ride safe now...but have funnnnN!!!
  14. Here is my list of vehicles that I give extra attention to.
    1. Any of Them
    2. Any BMW SUV. Especially that woman from Wednesday afternoon.
    3. Taxi's..
    4. P plater.