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First supermotard bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bubblebeat, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I am in the process of buying my first bike.
    I’ll be mainly using it to go to work (40kms return/day) and also for longer trips around Sydney (200kms) the week-ends when the weather is nice. A rough estimate would be 10,000 km/year.
    I am a big fan of ‘dual/supermotard’ bikes. I like their style and the fact you can use it occasionally on “dirt roads†(I am not planning to any sort of crazy stuff in the bush with it though!).
    I was looking at 250cc and 400cc bikes at their sizes and power seem a good match.
    I would also like the possibility to carry a pillion when needed. My budget is around $5k-6k.
    What bike would you recommend? Something like the Aprilia Pegaso or Honda XR400M would be great. Also, do you know where I could find a good 2nd hand dealer near Sydney?

    Thanks for your help! :)

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  2. Ha. I was gonna say DRZ400E with supermotard wheels, didnt realise that would be called DRZ400SM although that does make sense.
  3. There are differences. Carby, forks. Both good bikes for what they are though, SM would just be cheaper than building a bike.
  4. Hi,

    Thx for the suggestion so far. The DRZ400SM is on my shopping list ;)
    It seems to be quite hard to find a 2nd hand one. Any suggestions?
  5. A small amount of patience, they pop up all the time. ebay, usual bike sales sites, and check on supermotoaus.com
  6. I am very interested in this thread. I am also interested in doing some dirt road riding occasionally but nothing mad. Would something like the Hypermotard be fine?
  7. As in Ducati :? So long as your "nothing mad" is very smooth often graded roads, with some patience - should be OK

    There are much better bikes to hit fire trails on though :wink:
  8. Yes Ducati, and yes fire trails is exactly what I am refering to. What is a good bike for that and still be good on the bitumen with enough power to keep me entertained? I am just a bit Ducati crazy of late lol. I am assuming Ducati isn't suitable because it's power delivery is too lumpy or what is the reason?
  9. The hypermotard is a thinly disguised road bike.
  10. Fair enough. So what sort of bike would you recommend to someone who wants to do the occasional trail riding? Say 30% of the time. I will still have a street bike. I am just dreaming at the moment...
  11. hursky 610SM
    KTM 640
    Honda xr650
  12. And the Yami XT - not sure if it's 600 or 660.

    If you were willing to do a little more work, you could have 2 sets of wheels and tyres and switch them for the weekend...