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First successful roundabout!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LizzyM, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. I am so chuffed at managing my first roundabout this evening... was a bit anxious, but I took it just fine. GreyBM was behind me and after said that I did just fine. Then took it up a notch and went down an 80k road.. Woohoo! \:D/

  2. LOL, but congrats :p

    Some tips at very low speed turning/cornering is to counterweight, ie. if you're turning right you stay upright / even lean body to the left a little, and let the bike angle to the right.

    Pretty much only for low speed carpark and sidestreet speeds though.
  3. She did well and looked pretty good.

    But she left out the most important bit. We stopped at the beer shop and bought beer!!!!!!
  4. good on ya :)

    nothing more intimidating than those wee little roundabouts.
  5. Are you on your L's? Practice makes perfect!
  6. Well Done Lizzy !!! The first of many more to come

    You were watching her riding technique right .. :p
  7. Tee hee, well done. :p i remember my first (it was before I got my Ls), and I thought I was going to crash. :?

    Did you do the roundabout in first or second gear?
  8. I went around in second gear...no wobbles either! :grin:
  9. <rant>
    Hate to be a pain in the ass but the licensing system is a joke.

    Nothing against anyone personally but if you can't confidently ride through a roundabout you probably should not be on the road yet.
  10. Yesirree.. have been practicing going around a block near my place for the last week...doing both right hand and left hand turns.. GreyBM advising when I have not taken a good line too..

  11. Congrats Lizzy, small but important step that one.

    Freddy, you're right, 'tis the system.
  12. now you have the roundabouts out of the way, go try a hill start :LOL:

    When I first got my L's, I was great in traffic, nothing bothered me, except hill starts. I was commuting to work, and had to get onto the ring rd, but I had a set of lights to stop at for the right hand entrance, and it was on an overpass, so each day I went past the ring rd, then did a Ueey, and came back to get on :LOL:
    Then I spent an afternoon on a local quite street that was on a steepish hill, only took me a few practices to master :wink:
  13. agreed.. I reckon a roundabout should be part of the learners practical test..
  14. Practical test????? That pathetic one day "course" teaches you to pass the test. Almost nothing I was told on my course prepared me for the road. Chatting to the other learners there did more good. Also having wobbly moments in the quiet back streets teach you more very quickly.
  15. mmm... obviously not a good "school" then ...
  16. I do find the licensing system in Victoria to be very strange... when I got my license back in WA it was the same as getting a car license. I had a number of 1 on 1 lessons with an instructor, then did a practical road exam that lasted about an hour. Because I already had my Car license I didn't have to go onto Ps, but as an "L" plate rider in WA I could only ride if I had an experienced licensed rider riding pillion or on another bike
  17. Interesting, I would have thought the logistics of having to know someone, and to have them available when you wanted to ride, would make that too impractical. I would have thought it would stop most people getting any practice before they got their P's infact.